Ramatu Tijjani

Just in time for Christmas… Hajiya Ramatu Tijjani has reportedly donated several bags of rice and other food stuff to about 50 widowed Christian women.

Christmas has always been the season where we make a little space for each other. Nothing makes the season worth the while if not the dwelling together of loved ones and even strangers; accommodating ourselves in love.

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The message for charity during this yuletide season is not reserved for Christians alone. However it is always a striking gesture when people of different faith join in the happy tradition.

Considering the fact that Muslim extremists classify Christians as “infidels”, Hajiya Ramatu Tijjani’s bogus charity says more than words could ever explain.

While Muslims themselves believe in charity, giving in honor of Christmas is somewhat new.

Ramatu Tijjani made the donation to the widows at the Christ Evangelical Church Ministry in the Sabon Tasha area of Kaduna.

The generous Muslim woman says she was inspired to do so by the charitable works of the church leader, Pastor Yohanna Buru. She thanked him for equally showing kind gestures and concern to displaced persons and prison inmates who were of the Muslim faith.

“He was always serving cooked foods and drinks to widows and orphans during sallah celebration.”

She says the pastor’s act of kindness in-kindled the thought to reach out as well to Christians in need during the Christmas season.

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Beyond the returning-the-favor factor, Ramatu Tijjani says that regardless of what was happening around the world, that Islam is a peaceful religion.

As such, she hopes to foster unity among people of different faiths within the country, by carrying out charitable works and helping those in need.

Being a woman herself, she says she understands the plight of most widows and wanted to reach out to them at this time of celebration.

While she urged Nigerians to be each other’s help; she also requested the government to take steps that will foster understanding among the different faiths in the country.