Ramtin Abdo – Bio, Net Worth, Age, Facts About Kate Abdo’s Husband

Ramtin Abdo is a wealthy businessman and real estate, mogul. He is from Germany. He is the husband of Kate Abdo. Kate is a famous British Sports Presenter known for her in-depth knowledge of sports. She has traveled vastly bringing to fore international sporting stories. Some of her places of assignments are France, Germany, and Spain.

Ramtin Abdo became a famous personality after he wedded Kate Abdo, it is worthy of note that he was not, a nobody prior to his union. He is an established business tycoon and has various companies credited to his name. He instituted companies like SMAP and Ina Ventures GmbH and saw to their eventual successfully establishment.

Ramtin Abdo – Bio, Age

Ramtin Abdo was born in Berlin, Germany. The exact date he was born is not publicly known. However, it is a well-known fact that his wife, Kate Abdo, celebrates her birthday on every 8th of September, as she was born on 8th of September, 1981.

Owing to the fact that he attracted the attention of the media after his marriage to Kate, Mr. Ramtin Abdo’s early background is still not common knowledge.

Ramtin Abdo is a very wealthy business tycoon. He has already carved out a niche in the business world – real estate. Moreso, he has also solely founded some companies while partnering with people to establish others. He is the CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of Ina Ventures GmBH and founder of SMAP.

Net Worth

The business tycoon is indeed one of the millionaires around town. As a boss and business owner and partner in reputable companies; Ramtin Abdo’s net worth should be appreciable. His numbers are estimated to be over $15 million. This is in contrast to his wife’s, which is pegged at $1.5 million. From those digits, the couple is living quite the life of luxe.

Facts About Kate Abdo’s Husband

His Marriage With Kate Abdo

Ramtin Abdo
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Ramtin Abdo got married to his wife, Kate Abdo, in 2010. Even though we can not categorically say when their relationship began, it is certain that they dated a few years before walking down the aisle.

The millionaire couple has been man and wife for close to ten years now, however, the union has not produced any known offspring yet. It isn’t clear to the media the reason for the couple’s lack of a child. Regardless, their childlessness has no way affected their marital bliss as the pair seem so happy together, always making out time for each other despite their very busy schedule.

He Speaks Many Languages

Ramtin Abdo is multi-lingual. He converses fluently in Persian, French, English and his local dialect, German. His wife is too. Kate Abdo is not exempted as she is fluent in English, French Spanish, and German little wonder why they share an obvious strong bond.

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He Is Dedicated To His Wife And Helps The Needy

The celebrated husband of the news anchor is no doubt rich and dashingly handsome, two qualities that often turn men into womanizers, but the real estate mogul begs to differ. He has since his marriage remained a faithful man with no news of scandal whatsoever. Additionally, he has also shown himself to be a selfless man as seen in his many charitable causes.

Facts About His wife, Giles

Kate Giles is a well-traveled distinguished news broadcaster who has mined her trade with various international media houses such as CNN, Sky Sports and Fox Station as a sports reporter and analyst. Speak of heavyweights in the media industry and the name Kate Giles Abdo is bound to come up. Some of her career highlights include coverage of the FIFA 2010 and FIFA 2018 World Cup tournaments held in South Africa and Russia respectively. The beautiful Manchester born also earned the role of hosting two Ballon d’Or ceremonies back to back in 2014 and 2015. She has also covered the UEFA and Europa Championships.

Social Media Presence

The real estate mogul and silent achiever is definitely media shy as he has little or no online presence. He does not operate any known social media account, unlike his famous wife who has a strong Twitter presence with over 156 k faithful followers, her Instagram page has racked up over 61.1 k fans.


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