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Rand Paul is the son of the Ron Paul the pioneer of the Tea Party Movement and one-time U.S representative for the 22nd District of Texas. Rand like his father is a physician – an ophthalmologist to be precise, who veered off into politics and he has equally followed in his father’s footsteps.

The politician has shown his support to the Tea Party publicly as he even has a book written on them. He is currently representing Kentucky along with Mitch McConnell, a Republican Party member. Rand assumed office on 5th January 2011 after he defeated Jack Conway at the polls in November 2010. Here is an account of his life and political journey so far including his family life and net worth.

Rand Paul’s Biography

The junior American Senator was born on the 7th of January, 1963 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He is a doctor as well as a politician representing Kentucky at the Senate. He grew up in Lake Jackson, Texas alongside his four siblings. Rand got interested in politics as a teenager and read widely on the subject matter. He also worked as an intern in his father’s congressional firm during his holidays, gradually building up his leadership capacity and political intellect.

The US Senator had his high school education at Brazoswood High School, Texas, where he demonstrated his skills as a swimmer and also played in the school’s football team in the defensive position. He went on to attend Baylor University and from there proceeded to the Medical College of Duke University School of Medicine, where he studied medicine, completing his residency in 1993.

A year later, he set up the grassroots organization Kentucky Taxpayers United to checkmates taxation and expenditure in the state. Though the organization was disbanded in 2000. By 1995, he had founded the non-profit outfit, the Southern Kentucky Eye Clinic, where he performed free eye examinations and surgeries.

He got his very first job with the John Downing of Downing McPeak Vision Center, in Bowling Green, where he worked for 5 solid years before he sought for better opportunities with the Graves Gilbert Clinic, putting in 10 years in the practice with the Clinic, which coincidentally was also located in Bowling Green.

After about 15 years working for others, Rand Paul, decidedly set up his own practice in December 2007 where he worked actively, till 5th of August, 2010. He then declared his interest to run for the Senate seat of Kentucky under the platform of The Republican Party.

The ardent liberal and conservative supporter in early 2009 found favor with his father’s supporters who found him a worthy candidate to replace or run against the Republican Senator Jim Bunning. This opinion was highly discussed in local and national tabloids where his achievements in his father’s political campaigns in the past years right from his university days spoke for him.

He got the endorsement of a majority of the Tea party and Conservatives to run for the same position formerly held by Jim Bunning as their representative in the big assembly after Jim stated he would not carry on in his third quest. Rand gave his acceptance speech on 15th April 2009 in  Bowling Green, Kentucky and vigorously with his supporters, he raised funds to support his campaigns in primaries and general elections.

He went up against the Republican favorite Trey Grayson in July 2009 during the primaries and won him by 23% clinching the party’s ticket to the general elections where he also emerged victorious against the Democratic top shot Jack Conway by a good margin of 56% despite the controversies his statements generated during the campaigns. He became the new Senator representing Kentucky and was sworn on January 2011 simultaneously with his father Rand Paul Snr. who was serving in the House of Representatives.

In December 2015, he filed for re-election as the United States Senator to represent Kentucky and had as his contender Jim Gary the Mayor of Lexington. He defeated Jim who polled 42.7% with his 57.3% and was subsequently sworn in.

Senator Rand has been nominated into several committees in the Senate such as the energy, natural resources, health, education and labor and pension committees to mention but a few.

Whilst at the Senate, Rand has delivered the state of the union address as presented by the Tea Party Movement to the former American President, Barrack Obama and spoke extensively for close to 13 hours in a filibuster; a delay tactics to prevent the confirmation appointment votes on John Brennan, the CIA nominee.

Rand Paul, unlike his other Republican counterparts, has one of the lowest votes counts for bills being enacted or co-sponsored with about 3.3% from 2011 to 2018 of no votes and he has no record of bills he primarily sponsored by himself on the floor of Congress. Though he has been said to have co-sponsored about 75 bills which have been legislated on and he is a sitting committee member in some committees like the Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions, Committee on State Department and USAID Management, International Operations, and Bilateral International Development. He also lent his voice advocating the Privacy Reform, Balanced Budget Amendment, and political term limit for office holders.

Net worth

Senator Rand Paul has a few other sources of income apart from his clinic and earnings as a politician. They include; real estates, stakes in security/insurance, and energy. He is ranked as the 66th richest senator with an estimated net worth of about $2 million. Although, he enjoyed individual financial donations and contributions at his 2016 presidential race campaigns accumulating over $3.4 million.

Family Life – Parents 

Rand Paul
The Paul’s Family at His Swearing: image source

Paul was born to Ron Paul; a  physician who specialized as an Obstetrician and a Gynecologist and later a house of a United States House of Representative member. Ron ventured into getting the presidential mandate thrice but failed. His wife Carlyn has authored and published cookbooks whose proceeds she used to support her husband.

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The couple is blessed with 5 wonderful kids; Ronald aka Ronnie, Paul Jr., Lori Paul Pyeatt, Robert Paul, and Joy Paul-LeBlanc. The Senators siblings are all faring well in their respective careers.

Who is His Wife?

The ambitious politician Rand Paul is happily married to his heartthrob Kelley Ashby, he met her during his days at Duke University School of Medicine in 1988. She is a writer born into a predominantly military family on 3rd September 1963 in Russellville but grew up in Turkey and other places as her father was frequently transferred.

She was a student of Russellville High School and also attended the Rhode College where she obtained a degree in English and Communication.

Their union has produced 3 sons, William (born 1992), Duncan (born 1997) and Robert (born 2000). They are devoted Christians and were members of the Baptist but later joined the Presbyterian church.

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