Nigeria Mistakenly Bombs IDP Camp; Over 100 killed And Many Injured

The sad incident took place at Rann camp, Kala Balge, Borno State.

Report says that a Nigerian fighter jet accidentally dropped a bomb on internally displaced persons who lived in the camp while aiming for Boko Haram members who were operating in the area.

No steady figures of dead and injured victims have been obtained from the Nigerian government but the aftermath has been rated as one of the most disastrous bombings in the area.

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The Medecines Sans Frontieres (MSF), which means Doctors Without Borders, said that at least 52 people were killed including 6 Red Cross officials; and another 120 people injured from the incident.

Some other reports say over 100 persons have been killed.

MSF puts the Rann Camp deaths as one of the highest in the state in recent times from a single incident.

Jean-Clément Cabrol, MSF’s Director of Operations, said:

“This large-scale attack on vulnerable people who have already fled from extreme violence is shocking and unacceptable.”

“The safety of civilians must be respected. We are urgently calling on all parties to ensure the facilitation of medical evacuations by air or road for survivors who are in need of emergency care.”

Taking responsibility for the accidental bombing, Nigerian forces have expressed their sadness and regret over the incident.

Major General, Lucky Irabor, Theatre Commander, was quoted to have said:

“This morning today, we received reports about gathering of Boko Haram terrorists somewhere in Kala Balge Local Government area of Borno State. We got a coordinate and I directed that the air should go to address the problem.”

“Unfortunately the strike was conducted but it turned out that the locals somewhere in Rann were affected.”

“We are yet to get the details of the casualties. But we have some civilians that have been killed, others are wounded and we also have two of our soldiers that were also wounded. Among some that are wounded are local staffs of the Medicine Sans Frontiers as well as ICRC.”

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President Buhari has addressed the Rann Camp Bombing; calling it a “regrettable operational mistake”.

He condoled with the families of the dead, prayed and wished the wounded full recovery and pledged the support of the federal government for the state and the affected families.

Unreserved efforts are being made to convey the injured victims to various hospitals by an International Red Cross, ICRC, helicopter.