Ever wondered how rappers like Nas, Tupac, JayZ and many others made it big in the hip hop world? Rap, just like any other music comes with a culture, style and attitude. The music has many enthusiasts and it’s not uncommon seeing people of all ages trying to drop lines the same way these superstars do. Rap music is not all about a head bobbing beat fused with a great rhythm. It is also about soul and poetry hence the name – Rhythm and Poetry (RAP). Becoming a great rapper is a journey that begins with one mile just like any other. Here are a few tips on how to rap hip hop songs if you have the passion to become a great rapper. Work with these tips and who knows, sooner or later, we shall be publishing your name among the top hip hop rappers.

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1. Get the attitude right!

Hip hop music comes with an attitude that has formed a culture. This is the reason it has taken the white culture a very long time to get a hang of it. It is not all about the ghetto either. You need to develop an attitude for the poetry to make sense. The music is about everything; right from pain, love, politics and other expressions. The attitude is seen in the movement of the body, the flow of the words as well as the videos created. Taking time to watch what they do on the videos will give you good ideas on how to create the right attitude for the song you want to do. The culture of hip hop has for the longest time been associated with violence and drugs. This has changed over time with rappers using the same style to speak about anything. The attitude however remains intact at the end of the day.

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2. Style up!

The culture of rapping has literally changed fashion for the rappers. The fashion has also evolved with time right from the sagging jeans, long t-shirts to slim jeans and shirts. There are more styles that have been used including hoods, caps, shorts, sneakers and boots. Styling up will definitely put you in the right mood. Rapping in a sweater and some khaki pants puts you right out-of-place. Your wardrobe will need some makeover. Some of the fashion models in the rap world include JayZ, Lil Wayne, Drake and Kanye West among many others. With the diversity in fashion today, there is a huge divide between old school hip hop fashion and the new one. Pick a style and stick to it.

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3. Choose the rap style

Every rapper has a signature. Coming up with your own signature makes you unique. This ranges from dressing to the style of rap you use. You will definitely know a song by a certain artist before you hear the voice. This may not be so obvious and does not mean that you should use the same beat. Rap has been invaded by auto tune which is still controversial to this day. This has not stopped Lil Wayne and Drake among many others from charting the high ranks. The old school hip hop style is a basic and all about the poetry. The new age hip hop has become more fun and playful including jumbling words that simply rhyme. Picking a style and the level of poetry will determine what signature you have.

4. Freestyle for fluidity

Taking time to listen to a number of beat styles will help you gauge your level of prowess. Challenging yourself also determines how fast you become fluid with your wording. Most of the big names in Rap and Hip hop were champions in free styling at some point. You have to be able to flow with words, rhyming and at the same time making sense. Most of these rap battles determined who was king. They still exist in backyards and clubs proving that you have a very good chance of putting yourself out in the market. You will however need time to practice rapping off head about anything and at the same time making sense. Losing the flow and clever wording amounts to losing in these battles.

Free Style

One more tip on how to rap hip hop:

5. Poetry Classes!

Amazingly enough, rap is one of the deepest forms of music in the world today. Some of the best rappers are known for their poetry other than profanity. Taking time to learn some poetry and getting deeper with your music makes it stronger. People will love to listen to hip hop and rap for more than dancing. The lyrics are their god which means the better they are the higher in the ranking you will be. Taking time to write meaningful poetry other than words that simply rhyme at the end is very crucial to rap music.

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