Raquelina Langa: The Mozambican Girl Who Was UN’s SG For A Day Is Dead

In 2013, Raquelina Langa, a Mozambican young girl and a 10th grader dared to dream big. On a visit to Africa in that year, Raquelina asked Ban Ki-Moon, United Nation’s Secretary General, the likelihood of being in his position. In 2014 she got a practical answer. She traveled to the United States to finally be UN’s Secretary General for a day.

The young lady passed away on Friday, 25 March, 2016. In respect of her notable one day in office, The UN has registered their condolence:

While her life was short, her legacy will be long. Raquelina was more than a teenager from Mozambique; she was the embodiment of why the world needs to invest in the health, well-being and future of young women everywhere. With her passionate drive and expansive heart, she achieved a depth of character that most people, no matter their age, may never attain.”- Ban Ki-Moon

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Raquelina Langa

Raquelina Langa was a student of Matheus Samsão Muthemba School in Polana Caniço, Maputo, Mozambique. It was during a visit of the UN sec. Gen to her school, that her vision-lead curiosity made her ask what it would take for “a girl like me” to become the UN’s Secretary General someday. A question born out of the vision to be a better and well placed individual in the future landed her to her dream even if it lasted for a day.

Impressed or rather charmed by the personality of this bright and brilliant young Mozambican, Ban Ki-moon invited her over to the UN Headquaters the next year to literally see for herself that it was possible for “a girl like her” to be one. She replaced Ban Ki-Moon as UN’s Sec. Gen. on 12 August 2014, marking the international youth day.

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Raquelina Langa had the vision of education for the girl child and a violent-free society. She believed in empowering humanity and the women in particular. After her demise, the UN Women Representative in Mozambique, Florence Raes, says

“We will continue to honour her memory by pursuing her dream…”

Raqueline Langa3

As short as she lived, Raqueline Fernando Langa has made an inspirational story and will be a model for teens of the present time and those to come… May Her Soul Rest In Peace.