Rare Igbo Names for Boys with their Meanings

Every name given to a child during pregnancy or after birth has a link, affiliation, or history behind it. In Africa, the Igbo culture, in particular, names for boys and girls are not given out of the blues; they are more than just a tag or badge. Each name signifies a child’s identity and as such, it should be given with so much thought, hope, and admiration for the child.

For example, Igbo names for boys often tell a history of where they are coming from and or the circumstances surrounding their birth, and there is even more. Here, we presented some common and rare Igbo names for boys and their cultural meanings.

Some Factors Likely to Determine an Igbo Boy’s Name Include

  • Condition of parents at the time of birth
  • Condition surrounding his birth
  • Location of birth
  • Position of the child amongst siblings
  • Happenings around birth
  • Day and period of birth

In Igboland, there are so many beliefs, myths, and traditions used as a yardstick for naming a boy child, especially as a boy child is accounted as a scepter in every home and if you do not have a male child, the family is empty. Here, let’s discuss rare Igbo names for boys.

Boy Igbo Names, Their Meanings, and Significance

1. Chiemelie

  • Meaning: God has won
  • Significance: Thankful

2. Chiemena

  • Meaning: God has done well
  • Significance: Hope

3. Chidebenam

  • Meaning: God has kept
  • Significance: Thanksgiving

4. Chidera

  • Meaning: Once God has written
  • Significance: Assurance

5. Chibundu

  • Meaning: God is Life
  • Significance: Nothingness of man

6. Cherechi

  • Meaning: Wait on God
  • Significance: Hope

7. Ozioma

  • Meaning: Goodnews
  • Significance: Gospel

8. Osinachi

  • Meaning: Gift from God
  • Significance: Desire

9. Somadinna

  • Meaning: Let me not be alone
  • Significance: Trust

10. Tochukwu

  • Meaning: Praise God
  • Significance: Appreciation

11. Tobenna

  • Meaning: Praise the father
  • Significance: Appreciation

12. Tonna

  • Meaning: Praise the father
  • Significance: Thanksgiving

11. Somtochukwu

  • Meaning: Follow me and praise the Lord
  • Significance: Thankful

12. Ozobia

  • Meaning: Let another come
  • Significance: Being hopeful

13. Uchenna

  • Meaning: The will of the father
  • Significance: Dream

14. Uchechukwu

  • Meaning: The will of God
  • Significance: His mind, His will, His thought

15. Ekene

  • Meaning: Thanks
  • Significance: Appreciation

16. Eze

  • Meaning: King
  • Significance: Royalty

17. Eberechukwu

  • Meaning: God’s mercy
  • Significance: After a long-awaited birth, He finally shone his face upon us

18. Eberendu

  • Meaning: Life’s story
  • Significance: Hopeful

19. Chima

  • Meaning: God knows
  • Significance: The thought of man differs from God’s

20. Chimaobi

  • Meaning: God knows the heart
  • Significance: Hope

21. Chimdindu

  • Meaning: My God is alive
  • Significance: Hope

22. Chimebuka

  • Meaning: My God is big
  • Significance: Able God

23. Chimezie

  • Meaning: May God restore
  • Significance: Restorer

24. Agunwa

  • Meaning: A Child with a lion’s heart
  • Significance: Leadership

25. Chimuanya

  • Meaning: God is awake
  • Significance: God’s guidance

26. Chidiebere

  • Meaning: God is merciful
  • Significance: Mercy

27. Chinemere

  • Meaning: God does for him
  • Significance: Faithfulness

28. Chigaemezu

  • Meaning: God will fulfil
  • Significance: Divinity

29. Chigozie

  • Meaning: God bless
  • Significance: Abundance

30. Chigozirim

  • Meaning: God blessed me
  • Significance: Blessings

31. Chiguyerem

  • Meaning: God counted me in
  • Significance: Sufficiency

32. Chidindu

  • Meaning: God has life
  • Significance: God is aware to see you through

33. Chijioke

  • Meaning: God has my share
  • Significance: God meeting you at the point of your need

34. Chikaodinaka

  • Meaning: It’s in God’s hand
  • Significance: Hopeful

35. Chikelum

  • Meaning: God made me
  • Significance: Reverence

36. Chike

  • Meaning: Strong God
  • Significance: Strength

37. Chikezie

  • Meaning: God created well
  • Significance: The beauty of God’s creation

38. Chikwado

  • Meaning: God’s backing
  • Significance: Fearless

39. Nwachukwu

  • Meaning: God’s child
  • Significance:  Gift to mankind

40. Nzubechukwu

  • Meaning: Will of God
  • Significance: Totality of God’s creation

41. Obumneme

  • Meaning: It’s him that does it
  • Significance: Reverence

42. Okechukwu

  • Meaning: Share from God
  • Significance: A gift from God

43. Ikechukwu

  • Meaning; Strength from God
  • Significance: God’s stronghold

44. Elochukwu

  • Meaning: God’s thought
  • Significance: His Ambience

45. Okwuchukwu

  • Meaning; God’s word
  • Significance: Faith

46. Chimdunme

  • Meaning: God is my strength
  • Significance: Fearless of all things

47. Kosisochukwu

  • Meaning: As the Lord wills
  • Significance: God’s willingness to Glory

48. Chimwuba

  • Meaning: God has the wealth
  • Significance: Wealth from God

49. Chizuo

  • Meaning: God trains
  • Significance: Hope

50. Onyekachi

  • Meaning: Who is greater than God
  • Significance: Faithfulness

51. Ucheoma

  • Meaning: Goodwill
  • Significance: praiseworthy

52. Udochukwu

  • Meaning: Peace of God
  • Significance: Peace

53. Udoka

  • Meaning: Peace is greater
  • Significance: harmony

54. Ulonna

  • Meaning: Father’s house
  • Significance: Name for an only son

55. Ugochukwu

  • Meaning: The glory of God
  • Significance: Radiance in God’s presence

55. Ugochinyere

  • Meaning: The Glory God gave unto me
  • Significance: Radiance

56. Ugonna

  • Meaning: The glory of the father
  • Significance: The light of a home

57. Uzochi

  • Meaning: God’s way
  • Significance: Light of a home

58. Uzodinma

  • Meaning: When the path is good
  • Significance: The Glory and beauty of a child

59. Uzoma

  • Meaning: Good path
  • Significance: The Glory and beauty of a child

60. Ibekwe

  • Meaning: If the mates agree
  • Significance: Agreement

61. Ifeanyichukwu

  • Meaning: Nothing is too big for God to do
  • Significance: There is nothing hard for God

62. Ifesinachi

  • Meaning: Things are from God
  • Significance: Light

63. Chimfurumnaya

  • Meaning: God loves me
  • Significance: Totality of Love

64. Jachike

  • Meaning: Praise God
  • Significance: Joyous

65. Jigidemaka

  • Meaning: Hold unto me
  • Significance: Can’t get it wrong with God, Hold on to me Lord

66. Chikwado

  • Meaning: God’s backing
  • Significance: Preparedness of God

67. Ahizechukwu

  • Meaning: By the grace of God
  • Significance: Hopeful, grateful

68. Arinzechukwu

  • Meaning: By the grace of God
  • Significance: At the point, we are giving up, you came (hope)

69. Azubuike

  • Meaning: My back is my strength
  • Significance: Even the little is still strong

70. Chikosoro

  • Meaning: It all concerns God
  • Significance: Wholeness to God nothing to a man

71. Makuochukwu

  • Meaning: Embrace God
  • Significance: Giving all to God, thankful

72. Chukwuebuka

  • Meaning: God is the greatest
  • Significance: Grateful

73. Chibuzor

  • Meaning: God is first
  • Significance; Leadership

74. Chukwudumebi

  • Meaning: God lives with me
  • Significance: Wholeness of man to God

75. Chinedu

  • Meaning: God guides
  • Significance: Leadership

76. Amaechi

  • Meaning: Who knows tomorrow
  • Significance: A child whose hope is totally on God

77. Anyanwu

  • Meaning: Eyes of the sun
  • Significance: A beautiful and peaceful child

78. Chijioke

  • Meaning: God has my share
  • Significance: Abundance

79. Chikodiri

  • Meaning: It’s God’s decision
  • Significance: Having faith in God to take a total decision

80. Chinecherem

  • Meaning: God’s thoughts for me
  • Significance: Peaceful

81. Chizubelum

  • Meaning: God met with me
  • Significance: A child that cane at the right time

82. Chukwuneke

  • Meaning: God creates
  • Significance: Total reverence to God

83. Chetachi

  • Meaning: Remember God
  • Significance: Revealing the nothingness of man

84. Chinekwu

  • Meaning: God speaks
  • Significance: God’s directives

85. Kobimkenechi

  • Meaning: Let my heart thank God
  • Significance: Thankful

86. Nnamdi

  • Meaning: My father is alive
  • Significance: Leadership

87. Nwachimereze

  • Meaning: A child who God crowned king
  • Significance: A child born into wealth

88. Naetochukwu

  • Meaning: Keep praising God
  • Significance: Happiness, gratitude

89. Muochukwudebem

  • Meaning: May the spirit of God preserve me
  • Significance: Perseverance

90. Kambili

  • Meaning: Let me live
  • Significance: Desperation for life

91. Kamgolibe

  • Meaning: Let me rejoice
  • Significance: A state of laughter and content

92. Maduchukwu

  • Meaning: People are worth more than riches
  • Significance: Life should be cherished compared to vanity

93. Munachimso

  • Meaning: Walking with the Lord
  • Significance: Depicts the emptiness of man without God

94. Obimdinachi

  • Meaning: My heart belongs to God
  • Significance: Dependence on God

95. Ndukaku

  • Meaning: Life is more important than wealth
  • Significance: Cherished

96. Dumkenechukwu

  • Meaning: Praise God with me
  • Significance: A succeeded battle

97. Ugosinachi

  • Meaning: Prestige comes from God
  • Significance: Honour

98. Chidiebube

  • Meaning: Glorious God
  • Significance: Reverence to God

99. Chidiuto

  • Meaning: Sweet God
  • Significance: Admiration for God

100. Somfechukwu

  • Meaning: Worship God with me
  • Significance: Reverence to God

Igbo Names For Twin Boys and Their Meanings

1. Akachi and Ukachi

  • Meaning; The hand of God, The word of God
  • Significance: Confidence

2. Arinzechukwu and Ekenedilichukwu

  • Meaning; If not for God, thanks be to God
  • Significance: Grateful

3. Ifeabata and Akuabata

  • Meaning; Light has come, Wealth has come
  • Significance: Joyous

4. Chibudom and Chibundum

  • Meaning; God is my peace, God is my resting place
  • Significance: Peace

5. Akunchinyere and Ugochinyere

  • Meaning; Wealth from God, honor from God
  • Significance: Wealth, prestige

6. Chiemeka and Chialuka

  • Meaning; God did a great work {same meaning}
  • Significance: Creation well crafted, grateful

7. Chiemezugo and Chiemerigo

  • Meaning: God has completed his work, God has won
  • Significance: Satisfaction

8. Chiedozie and Chiekezie

  • Meaning; God has fixed him well, God has created him well
  • Significance: Thankful

9. Chidumeje and Chisomaga

  • Meaning; God walks with me {same meaning}
  • Significance: Confidence

10. Chichebem and Chijidem

  • Meaning: May God protect me{Same meaning}
  • Significance: Safety

11. Beluolisa and Berechi

  • Meaning; If not for the sake of God {same meaning}
  • Significance: Indebted to God

12. Chetachi and Chetanna

  •  Meaning; Remember your God [same meaning}
  • Significance: Favoured

13. Chibunna and Chibueze

  • Meaning: God is the father, God is my peace
  • Significance: Kingship

14. Akusinachi and Ifesinachi

  • Meaning; Wealth from God, Something from God
  • Significance: Blessings

15. Akunwa and Akuchi

  • Meaning; Wealth from God,  God’s wealth
  • Significance: Appriasal

16. Chimnonso and Chimsom

  • Meaning; God is near, God is with me
  • Significance: Fearless

17. Chukwuemeka and Chialuka

  • Meaning; God did a great work {same meaning}
  • Significance: Gratitude

18. Chiemezugo and Chiemerigo

  • Meaning; God has completed his work, God has won
  • Significance: Victorious

19. Chijioke and Chiwoke

  • Meaning; God is the custodian of blessings {same meaning}
  • Significance: Reverence

20. Chikamso and Chizaram

  • Meaning; I am walking with God, God answered
  • Significance: Desire

21. Echezonnana and Lotanna

  • Meaning; Remember your father
  • Significance: Paternity

22. Chimdirim and Chimdiukwu

  • Meaning: My God is on my side, My God is great
  • Significance: Shield

23. Chimdiogo and Chimdiuto

  • Meaning; My God is kind, My God is sweet
  • Significance: Kindness

24. Chinenye and Chininye

  • Meaning; God gives, God be with me
  • Significance: God Giveth

25. Chinweotito and Chikwesiliotito

  • Meaning; All praise belongs to God {same meaning}
  • Significance: Thanksgiving

26. Enyichi and Oyichi

  • Meaning: God’s friend {same meaning}
  • Significance: Friendship

27. Chimdindu and Chidire

  • Meaning; God is alive, God is powerful
  • Significance: Powerful

28. Ezinna and Ezichi

  • Meaning; Good God {same meaning}
  • Significance: Blessed

29. Gosioranachimdike and Gosifechukwu

  • Meaning: Show the world that my God is strong,  Show the world the light of God
  • Significance: Light

30. Jachike and Jamalumchike

  • Meaning; Praise God for his power
  • Significance: Appraisal

31. Ifeanyichukwu and Ifeadikachukwu

  • Meaning; Nothing is greater than God, Nothing is like God
  • Significance: Fellowship

32. Ifeyolunna and Kamsiyonna

  • Meaning; What I asked of the Lord, as I asked the Lord
  • Significance: Answered prayers

33. Ikemefuna and Afamefuna

  • Meaning; My strength shall not be lost, my name shall not be lost
  • Significance: Only hope

34. Jachimma and Jachike

  • Meaning; Praise God for his power {same meaning}
  • Significance: Reverence

35. Kaefechukwu and kamfeechukwu

  • Meaning: Let God be worshiped, Let me worship God
  • Significance: Appraisal

36. Jidenna and Jideofor

  • Meaning: Hold on to your father, Hold on to your truth
  • Significance: Leadership

37. Ihechimere and Iheomachimere

  • Meaning; What God has done, The good God has done
  • Significance: Grateful

38. Zimuzo and Zimife

  • Meaning: Show me the way, show me the light
  • Significance: Lightening up the way

39. Yagazie and Yobachi

  • Meaning: It shall be well, Pray to God
  • Significance: Faithful to God

40. Ogadinma and Yagazie

  • Meaning: It shall be well
  • Significance: The lookout for hope

41. Ugochukwu and Ebubechukwu

  • Meaning: The pride of God, The glory of God
  • Significance: Prestige

42. Nosikenachi and Kwesikenachi

  • Meaning: Hold on to God
  • Significance: A need to be hopeful

43. Kaitochukwu and Kaitobenna

  • Meaning: Praise God
  • Significance: Rejoicing

44. Osinobichukwu and Odinobichukwu

  • Meaning: From the heart of God
  • Significance: God’s own

45. Oyirinna and Afunwalotanna

  • Meaning: Father’s look alike
  • Significance: Birthed at the death of a father

46. Nwabueze and Nwabugo

  • Meaning: A child is a king
  • Significance: Born to rule

47. Somadinna and Somayina

  • Meaning: May I not be alone
  • Significance: A need for siblings

48. Kosisonna and Kosisochukwu

  • Meaning: As it pleases God
  • Significance: Perfection of God

49. Onyekachi and Onyedikachi

  • Meaning: Who is like the Lord
  • Significance: Testimony

50. Kobichimdi and Kobichimra

  • Meaning: How the heart of God is
  • Significance: For the thought of God is not of man

51. Osinachi and Isinachi

  • Meaning: Gift from God
  • Significance: Cherished

52. Omezika and Okezika

  • Meaning: Perfection from God
  • Significance: Overwhelmed

53. Chiweike and Chibuike

  • Meaning: God”s strength
  • Significance: Dignity

54. Otito and Chidito

  • Meaning: God is to be praised
  • Significance: Praise

55. Emernini and Emeregini

  • Meaning: What have I done
  • Significance: Ridiculed

56. Chisimdi and Chizaram

  • Meaning: He answered and He kept me
  • Significance: Thanksgiving

57. Eberechukwu and Chidiebere

  • Meaning: Merciful God
  • Significance: Hope and Appraisal

58. ChukwuDumebi and Chidumeje

  • Meaning: God leads over me
  • Significance: Leadership of God

59. Kamto and Kaineto

  • Meaning: Let’s praise God
  • Significance: Answered prayers

60. Busonmachukwu and Bunkechukwu

  • Meaning: Be God’s own
  • Significance: Fully presented

61. Kobichukwume and Kodichukwume

  • Meaning: Let the will of God be done
  • Significance: Looking up to God

62. Akubata and Akubunna

  • Meaning: Wealth is here, wealth is the father
  • Significance: Eulogy of a father

63. Chimaobi and Chimankpa

  • Meaning: God knows my need
  • Significance: Hopeful

64. Chiemerigo and Chiemezugo

  • Meaning: God has completed his work
  • Significance: Winner

65. Chimdindu and Chidire

  • Meaning: God is powerful, God is alive
  • Significance:  Showing the Lord’s doings

66. Kenenna and Keneolisa

  • Meaning: Thank God
  • Significance: Joy

67. Chimdiukwu and Chimdirim

  • Meaning: Big God
  • Significance: Safe place

68. Chinweotito and Chikwesiriotito

  • Meaning: All praise be given to God
  • Significance: Completion of God’s fragrance

69. Ifechidere and Ifechiluru

  • Meaning: What God has done
  • Significance: Praised

70. Ihechimere and Ihechiluru

  • Meaning: God’s in-depth work
  • Significance: Love

71. Anayochi and Anyalebechi

  • Meaning: Looking up to God
  • Significance: Hopeful to God for a child

72. Chibueze and Chibuisi

  • Meaning: God is head
  • Significance: Reverence

73. Chidebe and Chidebere

  • Meaning: God keeps
  • Significance: Above all, he kept me

74. Chidi and Chidiadi

  • Meaning: God really is
  • Significance: Alpha, overwhelming

75. Chidolue and Chidozie

  • Meaning: God keeps and restores
  • Significance: Restored

76. Ositadinma and Osinachi

  • Meaning: it is well, a Gift from God
  • Significance: Hopeful

77. Sochika and Sochikadibia

  • Meaning: God is greater
  • Significance: Greatness

78. Chikelum and Chikezie

  • Meaning: God created me well
  • Significance: Assurance of God’s handiwork

79. Chinaka and Chilaka

  • Meaning: God Decrees
  • Significance: If God be for you

80. Chimuanya and Chifurumanya

  • Meaning: Gods love
  • Significance: Undeserving love

81. Chinekwu and Chinedu

  • Meaning: God speaks and leads
  • Significance: God orders

82. Chineme and Chinemere

  • Meaning: God does it all
  • Significance: Nothingness of man

83. Chiweike and Chiwuba

  • Meaning: God has strength and wealth
  • Significance: Winner

84. Chukwuka and Chukwuma

  • Meaning: God is the highest
  • Significance; God above all

85. Eberendu and Eberechi

  • Meaning: God’s Mercy
  • Significance: Merciful

86. Ekelemchi and Ekene

  • Meaning: Thanks to God
  • Significance: Thankful

87. Eziakachi and Eziamaka

  • Meaning: No king is greater than God, Home is blessed
  • Significance: Adoring creation

88. Ihunna and Ihuoma

  • Meaning: Blessed fortune, Face of the father
  • Significance: Fortune

89. Ikenna and Ikeobi

  • Meaning: Strength of the home
  • Significance: The child being looked upon to rule

90. Isioma and Isiawele

  • Meaning: Good head
  • Significance: Fortune

91. Jidenna and Jideofor

  • Meaning: Hold on to the father, keeping the hands clean
  • Significance: Authority

92. Kanyinelechi and Kelechi

  • Meaning: Looking unto the Lord
  • Significance: Reverence

93. Kosaluchi and Kosisochi

  • Meaning: As it pleases God, Talk to God
  • Significance: Nothingness of man

94. Marachi and Munachimso

  • Meaning: Knowing God and walking with God
  • Significance: Faith

95. Ndubueze and Ndubuisi

  • Meaning: Life is king, Life is first
  • Significance: Cherished

96. Nnadozie and Nnamdi

  • Meaning: Father repairs
  • Significance: Father’s prestige

97. Okechukwu And Okezie

  • Meaning: Share from God, God created well
  • Significance: Creation well sorted

98. Onyemachi and Onyemaechi

  • Meaning: Who knows God, Who knows tomorrow
  • Significance: Trust

99. Chiemena and Chimerie

  • Meaning: God has done it
  • Significance: Adoration

100. Ucheoma and Uchenna

  • Meaning: Goodwill, Will of the father
  • Significance: Will of God

Old Igbo Names For Boys and Their Meanings

1. Adimchimkpa

  • Meaning: I am important to my God
  • Significance: Importance, relevance

2. Amobi

  • Meaning: Who knows the heart of man?
  • Significance: No one knows the heart of man except God, because it’s deeper than what is seen

3. Anozie

  • Meaning: We are well-positioned or we are now settled
  • Significance: Place of rest, peace of mind

4. Abaeze

  • Meaning: Branch of the kings
  • Significance: Leadership qualities. Boys with this name act in such a way that they command respect, and accolades because of their leadership qualities.

5. Achebe

  • Meaning: One who is protected by the goddess
  • Significance: Protection

6. Afamefuna

  • Meaning: My name will not be lost; My name will never be forgotten; My name won’t be miss
  • Significance: A male child with this name is quick-minded, enthusiastic, versatile, adapts to the situation easily, and creative.

7. Akunna

  • Meaning: Father’s wealth
  • Significance: Full of love, emotional harmony

8. Amaechi

  • Meaning: Who knows tomorrow?
  • Significance:  The road is not closed

9. Azuka

  • Meaning: The back is greater; confidence built from past glory; family support is more important than money
  • Significance: Support is paramount

10. Chinyeaka

  • Meaning: May God help
  • Significance: Enthusiast and seeking unconventional methods of approaching life

11. Azubuike

  • Meaning: Strength gained from past experience; Your back is your strength
  • Significance: History or experience as a source of strength

12. Anyalewechi

  • Meaning: Let your eyes look unto God
  • Significance: Relies on intuition in decision making

13. Ahaoma

  • Meaning: Good name
  • Significance: Pleasantness

14. Amandianaze/Amandi

  • Meaning: Does one know whom to avoid; Trust no one
  • Significance: Independence, accountable to no one

15. Anayochi

  • Meaning: We are pleading with God; requesting from God
  • Significance: Dependance on God, trust

16. Akubuzo

  • Meaning: Wealth is the way
  • Significance: Affluence, riches  

17. Anelechi

  • Meaning: Looking unto God
  • Significance: Reliance on God

18. Anazodo

  • Meaning: standing upright
  • Significance: Sincerity, disciplined, reliable

19. Ayorochukwu

  • Meaning: We asked from God; We prayed to God for this
  • Significance: Answer to prayer

20. Bunkechi

  • Meaning: The one who belongs to God
  • Significance: God’s property

21. Bugarachukwuekene

  • Meaning: Take all thanks to God; Carry all thanks to God
  • Significance: Giving God all the glory

22. Chikezie

  • Meaning: Well-made by God; God’s will is supreme
  • Significance: Supremacy, perfection

23. Chijundu

  • Meaning: God holds life
  • Significance: The name signifies life and it’s given when a child escapes death at birth, or if a child’s birth coincides with the death of a close relation. 

24. Chikadibia

  • Meaning: God is greater than man; the Gift of God is greater than herbalist man
  • Significance: God is greater than everything, every man

25. Adimchinobi

  • Meaning: I am in God’s hand
  • Significance: Compassion, generosity, reliability

26. Chilota

  • Meaning: God remembered
  • Significance: It’s a name given to a child after a long delay in childbirth, or the birth of the child coincides with a long-standing expectation of something important by the family

27. Chizurum

  • Meaning: God is enough for me
  • Significance: satisfaction with self and God

28. Chidumaga

  • Meaning: God leads me
  • Significance: A situation orchestrated by God not man

29. Chimamkpa

  • Meaning: God knows my quest; God knows my needs
  • Significance: Reliance on God who knows all things

30. Chikasiemobi

  • Meaning: God has comforted
  • Significance: the child who bears this name is a source of comfort to his family after they have gone through a series of misfortune

31. Chiebuigom

  • Meaning: God has lifted me
  • Significance: Upliftment from a previous miserly condition

32. Chigboromogu

  • Meaning: God fought for me
  • Significance: God comes to the rescue of the weak

33. Chikwado

  • Meaning: God’s approval
  • Significance: God’s support is paramount

34. Chikelue

  • Meaning: May God make me whole
  • Significance: Desire for perfection

35. Chibuoyim

  • Meaning: God is my friend
  • Significance: God is the best companion

36. Chinanu

  • Meaning: God hears
  • Significance: Answer to prayers

37. Ejimchiemeonu

  • Meaning: Priding in God
  • Significance: One ought to be proud to have God

38. Diokpa or Okpara

  • Meaning: head, firstborn boy
  • Significance: Leadership. Boys who bear this name often possess confidence and leadership traits, with the ability to organize and lead the people who rely on them, just as is expected of the first sons of every family in the Igbo land.

39. Diarachindu

  • Meaning: Live for God
  • Significance: There is always a reason to live

40. Ejiofor

  • Meaning: My hands are clean
  • Significance: Uprightness in all things. Boys who bear this name cannot be harmed by ill-meaning individuals because their integrity will always speak for them.

41. Ekwueme

  • Meaning: One who says and does
  • Significance: Reliable, trustworthy

42. Ekperedike

  • Meaning: The prayer of a great man
  • Significance: An answer to a great man’s prayers

43. Emeribe

  • Meaning: As my mates are treated, I would like to be treated
  • Significance: Equity for everyone

44. Enyinnaya

  • Meaning: His father’s friend
  • Significance: Boys who bear this name always share a striking resemblance with their fathers, both physically and in their behaviors. They serve as a reminder of their fathers.

45. Eziamaka

  • Meaning: The family home is good
  • Significance: Family first at all times

46. Ejikeme

  • Meaning: It is not by power
  • Significance: Boys who bear this name have an easy approach to life, believing that situations will always align themselves with their expectations

47. Emenike

  • Meaning: Not by might
  • Significance: Easy going

48. Eweremchi

  • Meaning: I got God
  • Significance: God over everything

49. Esomchi

  • Meaning: Walking with God
  • Significance: Trust in God’s directives and plans

50. Echezona

  • Meaning: Do not forget
  • Significance: This name is a reminder to the boy bearing it never to forget his root or humble beginning

51. Chinahuzor

  • Meaning: God sees the way
  • Significance: God will see the way ahead of you.

52. Ewelike

  • Meaning: Not by strength
  • Significance: Caution. One should always think things through and not force situations

53. Gbazuagu

  • Meaning: One who walks the entire community
  • Significance: A life of exploration and sojourning

54. Hanyechukwu

  • Meaning: Leave it in God’s hands
  • Significance: Reliance on God for help or salvation

55. Ikeobi

  • Meaning: The strength of the family
  • Significance: This male child is the backbone of his family, the one they always turn to in times of crisis.

57. Isiawele

  • Meaning: Lucky head
  • Significance: Good fortune. This name signifies a life full of luck and free from strife

58. Ifedi

  • Meaning: There is plenty
  • Significance: Affluence

59. Ikpeazu

  • Meaning: Finally, at last
  • Significance: This name is significant to a good fortune that has long been awaited. The birth of this baby boy has been long desired by his parents who have mostly borne female children in the past

60. Izigorauwanibuchim

  • Meaning: Showing the world that you are God
  • Significance: God never fails those who trust and believe in him

61. Kachiside

  • Meaning: As the Lord has written
  • Significance: God’s plans will always come to pass

63. Nkemakonam

  • Meaning: I won’t lack what is supposed mine
  • Significance: What rightfully belongs to one can never elude him, no matter what happens.

65. Nwabugwu

  • Meaning: A child is a thing of pride
  • Significance: Honor is conferred on anyone who bears a child

66. Nnabuenyi

  • Meaning: Father is great
  • Significance: The presence of the father in a family is very important

67. Nnamdi

  • Meaning: My father lives
  • Significance: This name signifies the reincarnation of a dead father, either of the baby or any of the baby’s parents. It means that although the father is dead, he still lives in the child

68. Obijekwu

  • Meaning: The heart will speak, and or the family’s home will decide
  • Significance: A person’s heart and background influence the decisions he makes in life

69. Ozoemena

  • Meaning: Another shouldn’t happen
  • Significance: A cry for relief. This name is a supplication that no more mishap befalls the child’s family. The male child who bears this name probably came after a lot of children have been borne and buried in the family in quick succession. His birth is a supplication to the gods that such a thing should not happen again with the newborn child

70. Okeahialam

  • Meaning: Let my share not pass me by
  • Significance: Possession

71. Okezie

  • Meaning: well created
  • Significance: Perfection in creation

72. Okonkwo

  • Meaning: Boy born on Nkwo market day
  • Significance: Culture. The child that bears this name is a representative of the Igbo traditional fourth market day, Nkwo

74. Okorie

  • Meaning: Boy born on Orie market day
  • Significance: Culture. The child that bears this name signifies the second market day of the Igbo culture, Orie

74. Okeke

  • Meaning: Boy born on Eke market day
  • Significance: Culture. The boy that bears this name is symbolic of Eke, which is the first market day in Igbo culture

75. Obi

  • Meaning: Family home
  • Significance: Family. The male child who bears this name is likely the first son of his father and so he represents the family.

76. Obiedika

  • Meaning: The heart endured much
  • Significance: The strength of the heart to endure had times

77. Ogugua

  • Meaning: Consolation
  • Significance: Comfort. The male child who bears this name is a consolation to his parents after many misfortune

78. Okenna

  • Meaning: Father’s share
  • Significance: Heir

79. Obimnetochukwu

  • Meaning: My heart rejoices to the Lord
  • Significance: gratefulness to God

80. Olisaeloka

  • Meaning: God has thought well
  • Significance: God’s intentions aligned with the desires of man

81. Ochiudo

  • Meaning: He who chases peace
  • Significance: Need for peace

82. Oguchinalurum

  • Meaning: The fight God fights for me
  • Significance: God fights for his people

83. Obigwe

  • Meaning: The heart of the people
  • Significance: Favor. The male child who bears this name is well-loved by family and friends

84. Ochuba

  • Meaning: Scouting for wealth
  • Significance: The desire to avoid poverty pushes this male child to seek wealth. The male child who bears this name is likely born into a poor family and is looked up to as the one who will bring wealth into the family.

85. Obikelu

  • Meaning: The heart created
  • Significance: A man’s reality is orchestrated by his heart’s desires. Because a man is the product of his thoughts and wishes

86. Obigbo

  • Meaning: Heart of the Igbos
  • Significance: The male child that bears this name is well-favored by his kinsmen and the Igbo tribe in general

87. Onyeisi

  • Meaning: The head
  • Significance: Leadership,

88. Omenka

  • Meaning: craftsmanship
  • Significance: Skillfulness. The male child that bears this name is very handy with tools and anything construction

89. Oguguamaka

  • Meaning: Consoling is best
  • Significance: The heart seeks relief and comfort from the agonies of life

90. Okemdinachi

  • Meaning: My share is in the Lord
  • Significance: Trust in God for success

91. Sinobichukwu

  • Meaning: From the Lord’s heart
  • Significance: The child who bears this name is seen as a gift from God

92. Ugwu

  • Meaning: Mountain, integrity, or respect
  • Significance: Repute. This name represents a male child with great dignity who commands great respect

93. Uwazurike

  • Meaning: The world should rest
  • Significance: This name is an answer to prayers to stop the world from talking or taunting

95. Umeh

  • Meaning: strength
  • Significance: Strength, bravery

95. Uwajimetochi

  • Meaning: The world praises God because of me
  • Significance: The male child who bears this name is a reason for everyone to be grateful to God

96. Uwabunkeonye

  • Meaning; Whose is the world
  • Significance: The world is only temporary and should not be hoarded by anyone

97. Urudinachi

  • Meaning: Gain is in the Lord
  • Significance: Satisfaction in serving the Lord.

98. Ugwumsinachi

  • Meaning: My prestige is from the Lord
  • Significance: God-given dignity or honor

99. Utokanachi

  • Meaning: More sweetness in the Lord
  • Significance: Serving God is a sweet pleasure

100. Zimuzo

  • Meaning: Show me the way
  • Significance: Seeking a clear path or destiny

The Historical Significance Attached to Some Igbo Names for Boys

There are specific names given to boys in Igboland that have unique significance. Some of these names and the history behind them include;


Okeke is the name given to a boy child born on Eke market day as the history and culture of the Igbos may have it. The Eke market day is the first of the four market days that makes up a week in the Igbo weekly calendar. As instituted in the Igbo culture from time immemorial, the market day has come to stay. The history behind this naming was traced to 1300AD-1390 AD during the reign of the king of Nri.


Nworie was also coined from the second of the four market days, Orie. That also makes up the four market days in Igbo land. Nworie also is given to a boy child as the Igbo culture demands.


Any male child born on Afor market day is automatically named Okafor in Igbo land. The Afor market day is the third of the four market days that make up a (izu) week in the Igbo calendar. Once these market days are completed, the Igbo believe the week is already gone as they await the unfolding of another week that begins with the Eke market day.


The last of the four market days is the Nkwo market day. Which also marks the end of the week as believed by the Igbos. Any child born on this day is named Okonkwo. The unique significance of these names also holds a stand amongst chiefs, nobles, elders, and royalties in Igboland.


This historical Igbo name translates to mean “(my) peers are not God.” The name is often given to someone who didn’t start excelling in life as early as when his or her peers started or someone who was looked down on but later started doing well. In a twist of fate, good fortune begins to smile on the person.

Dinta or Ogbuagu

In Igboland, not every child can bear the name Dinta which means hunter. In the olden days, not everyone could be a hunter because hunting was a sacred job and it was handled by a family or bloodline of brave men. It is done specifically by the males and if a boy child is born into such a family as the first son, he is supposedly named Dinta or Ogbuagu.


This name in Igbo simply means ‘let the hand-carry a child’. It’s a name given to a boy child in Igbo land due to circumstances the expectant parents had endured before the birth of the child. Situations like parents being agonized or mocked for childlessness before they finally conceived might inspire this name. After the boy child is born, the parents will hold their child in their arms with an exclamation saying “my arms have carried my child” and thus the name of the boy child in Igbo, Akakuru.


As with many other Igbo names, the name Nachikambi reminds the bearer and whoever that is referring to him or her that the bearer has his abode in God. The name is often given in admiration for the Igbo God’s provisions and sustenance of his people, especially during difficulties.


This name in Igbo simply denotes that the situation surrounding the birth of the child is heartwarming, in this case, it could be in reference to wealth. To express gratitude, goodness’ kindness, and the massive love they received, they named the boy child, Ifedi which means ‘there is plenty.’

Diokpa or Okpara

The name ‘Diokpa’ is traditional in Igboland {head} and is not deliberated since it is a unique name for a first boy child in the family. Some other parts of Igbo land with a different tone of the Igbo language would prefer to name their first boy child ‘okpara’ or ‘opara’. This name is specifically given to be the boy child that occupies the first posiion among the male children in the family.


This name seems to have faded out except for a few individuals who were born many years ago and still go by the name. The name translates into a question “asking for what.” Though it sounds confrontational, it is also asking for peace as it seeks to find the relevance of any struggle between any two persons. This name is typically given to people who were born during a time of an unwanted conflict, especially in a family.


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