Rasheeda Yehuza; Dare To Live Out Your Dreams

Rasheeda Yehuza is the 25 year old, 2015 Future Awards winner for Africa’s prize in technology. She is a Ghanaian software developer and social entrepreneur. Rasheeda Yehuza grew up in Tamale in Northern Ghana. She graduated from the St. Mary’s Senior High School, Accra, going on to study Computer Science at Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST), where she is also currently running a Master of Philosopy, Computer Science program.

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The brilliance of this young woman probably stems from the fact that she went, and continues going, against the status quo, attempting things in a field that was at the time she began, not seen as an appropriate place for a woman – especially a young woman.

She reveals that her interest in computers started from the rather tender age of 8 when she became fascinated with automated programs and desired to build her own website after being introduced to the worldwide web. Her family however, preferred that she study Medicine. At a crossroad that many youths of today are sure to have faced, she secretly took the admission into the undergraduate programme for Computer Science offered by KNUST at the expense of another admission to study Nursing at a different university. Her parents, however, accepted her decision when she finally informed them.

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The well deserved Future Awards prize was given to her based on her work in Tech Needs Girls Ghana, which is a science mentorship scheme for girls, as well as her work with Nasara Tech, a company she founded in 2013 that is charged with creating tech-based solutions for problems in local communities.

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Rasheeda Yehuza dazzles with an impressive list of achievements inclusive of the creation of, among others, the Nasara voting system (an innovation aimed at improving conduct of elections by electronically simulating the manual voting process), Buju hunt and Sphere attack (free computer games available on softpedia), Nasara mobile (a platform that provides bulk sms services) and a host of other tech projects.

Say what you may about her, Rasheeda Yehuza is living her dreams and daring to do more at every turn. Already she is a Mandela Washington Fellow in Business and Entrepreneurship at the University of Nevada-Reno in U.S.A, a Kumvana Fellow at Engineers Without Borders, Canada and an inspiration to anyone watching, that dreams can come true.

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