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Amidst many successes, Ray J rise to fame has not only been linked with his career but several other interesting facts about his personality has also spurred him to fame. To mention, his singing, acting, songwriting, and entrepreneurship abilities are one of the many ways he hit the spotlight. But, his relationship and love chaos with one of the Kardashians suddenly prioritized his being on the media. Follow us as we tell you all the facts you need to know about Ray J.

Who is Ray J From Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood?

He was born William Ray Norwood Jr. in McComb, Mississippi on January 17, 1981, as the younger brother of award-winning American singer and actress Brandy and as a cousin to rapper Snoop Dogg. Although Ray spent his early years in Mississippi, however, his family later moved to Los Angeles, California, where his career took off.

Coming from an entertainment grounded family, it comes as no surprise to see Ray J’s excellence in music. When he was 14, in 1995, the music star signed up with Elektra Records where he released a 15-track debut album before he was later dropped by the label. Undeterred, he kept making music and later signed up with Atlantic Records, through which he released his second album, This Ain’t A Game in 2001.

From then, his popularity began to increase and he also collaborated with other top artists including Timbaland, Ric Rude, Rodney Jenkins Dark Child, and R. Kelly, among others. He went on to release his third album “Raydiation” through his own label, Knockout Entertainment. Upon release, the album debuted at forty-eight on Billboard 200 and also sold over 400 thousand copies in the US.

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Not forgetting to mention that at a young age, Ray J also launched his acting career with television appearances in 1989. He first started appearing on TV commercials for several companies and later on, he moved to the family sitcom, Sinbad, where he acted as a foster son from 1993 to 1994. He also co-starred with his sister Brandy on the show, Moesha until 2001 when the show ended.

Ray J subsequently featured in several other movies such as Mars Attack, Steel, and Christmas at Water’s Edge, to mention a few. He also added to his fame with his appearance on a reality TV series, Love and Hip Hop – a show that brought him close to Princess Love who in 2016 became his wife.

What is He Famous For?

From the moment he developed a flair for entertainment and took part in it, he gradually drew fame to himself. His music, acting career, and his being a TV personality have summed to who he is and what has made him famous over the years. However, here’s an insight into what has made Ray J Famous.

1. Love and Hip Hop Reality Show

This media franchise which captures the lives of certain hip hop and R&B stars, showing their professional as well as working lives, has contributed to making Ray J known. The show has a cast of over 200 stars including celebrities whose lives the show is centered around. The show made its debut on the 6th of March 2011 as a pilot of the show Keeping Up with the Jones’s. It has continued in 2019 for a 6th season with possible spin-offs in view also.

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2. Relationship with Kim Kardashian

Ray J
Ray Jay and Kim

Ray J had a romantic relationship with Kim Kardashian who is currently married to Kanye West. However, after their relationship ended, a sex tape of the then couple was released. The video was released by Vivid Entertainment and Kim eventually got a $5,000,000 settlement and dropped the case while Ray J got very famous for it.

3. Celebrity Big Brother

In January, Ray J was a housemate on the 2017 Celebrity Big Brother although he spent only 8 days in the house and was upset that despite his reason for leaving he was not accepted back. He had left the house in order to meet up with a dental appointment, but his premature exit from the house disqualified him from receiving the ₤250,000 paychecks.

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4. Ray Jay Owns Two Companies; Raytronics Inc and Global Inc

Ray J has also taken to entrepreneurship and owns two companies; Raytroniks Inc and Raycon Global Inc which engage in portable electronic devices. Raytroniks provides a range of products for everyday use including electric bikes, smartwatches, fans for smartphones and the Scoot-E-bike which he developed himself. Raycon, on the other hand, is a multi-million joint venture with Cowboy Wholesale, which uses their leading distribution to expand the market of the Scoot-E-Bike. They also deal on other associated user and environment-friendly electric-based products which include Bluetooth audio, drone, and others to increase lifestyle efficiency.

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