Real Madrid Is The Most Valuable Soccer Team In The World – Forbes

According to Forbes, Real Madrid is the most valuable soccer team at the moment. In other words, Real Madrid is the richest football club. The club is worth over $300 billion with a whooping $694 million in annual revenue.

For the 4th time in row, Real Madrid is taking the top spot for the year as the richest football club in the world. It is interesting to know that in 2004, the soccer club was estimated to a worth of $3.44 billion (£2 billion).

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Following closely on the list is Barcelona with an estimate of $3.549 billion. Manchester United takes the 3rd spot with a $3.317 billion net worth.

AC Milan with an estimate of $825 million is at the 12th position; followed by Paris Saint-Germain at $814 million; Inter Milan takes the 16th spot with $559 million; and Newcastle United at the 2oth spot with $383 million.

According to Forbes, the 20 richest football clubs are worth a summative average of $1.44 billion. This shows a 24% increase from last year.

Real Madrid ranks as the world’s second richest sports team, after Dallas Cowboys American football team, which has a net worth of $4 billion (£2.77 billion).

These are the top 20 most valuable soccer team according to Forbes: 

10. Tottenham

Net Worth: $1.017 Billion (£704 Million)


9. Juventus

Net Worth: $1.299 Billion (£900 Million)


8. Liverpool

Net Worth: $1.548 Billion (£1.07 Billion)


7. Chelsea

Net Worth: $1.661 Billion (£1.15 Billion)


6. Manchester City

Net Worth: $1.921 Billion (£1.33 Billion)


5. Arsenal

Net Worth: $2.017 Billion (£1.4 Billion)


4. Bayern Munich

Net Worth: $2.678 Billion (£1.85 Billion)


3. Manchester United

Net Worth: $3.317 Billion (£2.3 Billion)

Most Valuable Soccer Team

2. Barcelona

Net Worth: $3.549 Billion (£2.46 Billion)

Most Valuable Soccer Team

1. Real Madrid

Net Worth: $3.645 Billion (£2.52 Billion)


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11. Borussia Dortmund $836 Million

12. AC Milan $825 Milion

13. Paris Saint-Germain $814 Million

14. Schalke 04 $655 Million

15. Atletico de Madrid $633 Million

16. Inter Milan $559 Million

17. West Ham United $542 Million

18. AS Roma $508 Million

19. Napoli $396 Million

20. Newcastle United $383 Million