Make Your Bets On Reddit Sportsbook Using Bitcoin

Reddit Sportsbook is a community for gamblers to get together and discuss aspects of gambling. All the content is community sourced which means that it is provided by users of the platform and other users then decide what content on Reddit Sportsbook is good or bad.

As the users approve a particular content on Reddit Sportsbook, the community approval causes that contributed piece to continue rising which means that the front page in not static but is continually changing with the information that is found most helpful at each instance.

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Reddit Sportsbook hopes to provide links that are helpful for most sports so that gamblers are able to get adequate info and have better chances of winning.

For a long time, sports bets were placed in person by walking up to a teller and placing one’s bet with cash then receiving cash back in the case of winnings, all done without giving out names or addresses.

It was harder to maintain the preferred anonymity in gambling on the internet because payments usually required sharing one’s personal information. Bitcoin, however, came to offset that challenge allowing anyone to send in bitcoins and receive bitcoins instantly without giving up any personal information.

Reddit Sportsbook

There is also no possibility of reversing with bitcoins so online sportsbooks do not have to worry about chargebacks and can offer better lines. Bitcoin also allows value to be sent globally, instantly.

So how can you use bitcoins to bet on Reddit Sportsbook?

  • First, you go to
  • Sign up and add your bank account in the way that you would with Paypal.
  • I will go over each step you need to take with pictures on how to start betting with Bitcoin.
  • Go to and you will be given an anonymous account but you want to add a login to it so you can return to the account.
  • Add your login and after writing out your username and password, go to the top of the page and click to create a Bitcoin address.
  • Go back to Coinbase and click on Buy selection. That will let you purchase the amount of bitcoin that you want immediately. You only need to make sure that you selected an instant buy.
  • The Bitcoin should show up in your wallet within minutes and then you can go to send Bitcoin.
  • Go back to Nitrogensports and copy the address inside the green box at the top.
  • Back again to Coinbase and paste that address in the box then type in the amount you want to send.
  • Now you have made your deposit and your Bitcoin will arrive in your account in seconds.
  • Withdrawing your Bitcoin when you win
  • Go to the left side of Nitrogen and then to cashier and find the withdraw box.
  • Go to and select my Wallet then go to my wallet address and copy it. Bring that copied address back to and paste it in the bitcoin address under Withdraw.
  • Complete the withdrawal and your Bitcoin will then arrive back in your account where you will be able to then select sell and sell the Bitcoin for USD.
  • Your USD will arrive back in your bank account on the next business day.

Some people recommend adding a middle man wallet between Coinbase and Nitrogen Sports to bet with Bitcoin. To do that you can get Mycelium for Android or Breadwallet for iOS and follow the steps there to figure out how to send and receive bitcoin.

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Participating on Reddit and Reddit Sportsbook

To join Reddit, you will have to create an account that includes a username and password (“Your Account”). In case of a need to reset your password, you should also include your email address.

There is a Reddit premium membership program, Reddit gold, that you can access by paying a monthly or annual fee, or if someone gifts you a membership. You can browse Reddit without logging in, including all the helpful gambling information on Reddit Sportsbook but you will be unable to join the conversation without logging in.