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Born in Spring Valley, California, in 1985, Reginald Alfred Bush (a.k.a Reggie Bush) is an American football player, film producer, and philanthropist. Until his retirement from professional football in 2017, Bush had spent most of his career in New Orleans Saint; bagging several accolades including; All-Pac 10 Newcomer of the Year (2003); Walter Camp Award (2005); Doak Walker Award (2005); SN College Football Player of the Year (2005); All-Pro (2008); Offensive Player of the Week (2006, 2011, 2012) and was nominated for “Male Athlete of the Year” at the BET Awards for 2007 and 2009.

With such profile in American football, one would think the father of three wouldn’t switch roles. However, multiple endorsement deals from Adidas, General Motors, Pepsi, Pizza Hut and the Subway restaurant chain has made Bush more of a “media face” than an athlete. Currently, he remains the NFL player with the most endorsement deals, second only to Peyton Manning the brother of Eli Manning and Cooper Manning.

Reggie Bush’s Professional Career

Following a flourishing college career, Bush, to the shock of many, declared himself as eligible for the NFL draft in January of 2006, forgoing his season at University of Southern California (USC). Fate smiled on the newbie as he made an impressive performance at the USC’s post-season pro day showcase; running the full 40-yard dash in 4.33 seconds.

According to draft analysts, Bush was likely to be the first overall pick in the draft for that year. A prediction that went sour when Mario Williams, a defensive end from North Carolina State University, was signed a night before the draft by Houston Texans. This sparked heavy criticism from several sports analysts including ESPN commentator Len Pasquarelli who called Houston’s failure to pick Bush as one of the biggest mistakes of NFL Draft history.

Reggie Bush was later selected by The New Orleans Saints in the second overall pick for that year. Fans were agog with excitement. in the close of that week, Reebok declared over 25,000 pending requests for Bush’s jersey; despite his jersey’s number not being determined at the time. On April 26, 2006, barely 3 days to the draft, Bush signed a multi-year endorsement deal with Adidas to promote football and training gear for the sporting wear company ahead of the launch of cleats in 2007.

Net Worth

While many athletes seem to go broke within few years of retirement, Bush has vowed never to be one of those. In 2015, the film producer got into another real estate value chain of  “flipping” houses. In a joint effort with other athlete-friends, Bush acquired an $8.95 million home in Beverly Hills, with the intention to give the 4,691 square foot property a facelift, for more returns of course.

Sources believe that upon retirement Reggie Bush’s total earnings from active football accrued to over $30,000,000. His current net worth stands at $14 million.

Beverly hills aside, Bush reportedly owns multiple properties around the world including a gargantuan mansion in Oakland County, USA. Acquired in 2013; the property is valued at around $4.2 million dollars. He also boasts of a fleet of exotic cars like Bentley, Chevelle, Ferrari, Plymouth, and Lamborghini.

Insights into his family: What yo know about his wife, Children and past relationships

Early on in his college career at USC, Reggie Bush got involved with WWE Diva Eve Torres. In 2007, by some stroke of fate, Bush got romantically involved with reality TV star Kim Kardashian after being formally introduced to each other in that year’s edition of ESPY Awards. Their love ship hit rocks in July 2007, only to resume barely two months later in September of the same year.

Reggie Bush
Reggie Bush and Wife; Lilit Avagyan

In 2010, Reggie dated country singer Jessie James. A year later, Armenian Dancer, Lilit Avagyan caught Bush’s fancy and the two began a relationship that saw to the birth of their first child on May 6, 2013; a daughter they christened Briseis. The love birds exchanged vows on July 12, 2014, in San Diego, California; Reggie’s State of birth. Exactly one year later, Bush and Avagyan welcomed their second child, a boy this time, Uriah. And on September 2, 2017, they had their second son, Agyemang.

While it’s okay to call Avagyan a mother of three, that wouldn’t be so accurate for Bush. The name Regina Exposito didn’t sound so familiar to most fans of “Reggie” until February of 2017. In a series of social media posts, the Miami cocktail waitress revealed a day-old infant believed to bear a striking semblance with Briseis, Bush’s first daughter (with Avagyan). Needless to say, she attributed the child’s paternal origins to none other than…you guessed it.

Bush reportedly offered Exposito $3 million to have an abortion, but she decided to keep the baby. Whether or not there was an exchange of money is still unclear. What’s clear however is, this won’t be Exposito’s first shot at “Baby Mamahood.” Exposito has played mistress to former NBA star Alonzo Mourning in the past and tried getting pregnant by him. Though that didn’t work out.

Reggie Bush’s Philanthropic Acts

Right from Hurricane Katrina, US’s costliest natural disaster, Bush’s philanthropic gestures has been evident. Within his first few months as an NFL player, Bush made considerable donations in providing relief materials and welfare for the worst-hit population of the Gulf Coast.

Through Adidas, Reggie Bush donated over $56,000 for special needs children to attend schools that specialize in educating teens with learning issues.

Reggie Bush is also involved with The Birthday Party Project; celebrated in ten cities across the US. Its sponsors believe that children should be given extra care and should be celebrated, especially those who struggle with abuse, trauma and have no obvious means of having a decent birthday celebration. Since 2012, the Birthday Party Project has organized over 2,000 birthdays with about 20,000 children in attendance.

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