Health coverage is a vital need for everyone. The saying that “Health is wealth” is an apt one that points to the necessity of health for every individual. Independent Blue Cross or Ibxpress is a health care coverage plan that you should get to know.

Independence Blue Cross is an independent licensee of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association, which serves the health insurance needs of Philadelphia and southeastern Pennsylvania.

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An Ibxpress membership avails holders of some benefits that help them to better manage their health care needs. One of the vital parts of a health plan is selecting a primary care physician.

A primary care physician coordinates overall medical care both for you and the dependents covered by your plan; they are basically the physicians that treat you for your basic health care needs.

Whenever the need for a specialist arises, your PCP will refer you to a specialist participating in the network. PCPs choose one radiology, physical therapy, and laboratory site to which they send their patients. If you need a service your PCP doesn’t provide, like diagnostic testing or hospitalization, your PCP will refer you to an in-network facility.


Here’s how to start using Ibxpress;

Register for the member website:

The secure online member website is ibxpress.com and one can view their health plan benefit details, search for doctors and hospitals, view and pay your bill, and access value-added programs. Registration is quick and easy;  simply go to ibxpress.com, click Register, and then follow the directions.
You will need information from your ID card to register, so be sure to have it handy.

Make your first payment:

To use your health benefits, you must make your first payment. Ibxpress offers several convenient ways to pay your bill. Some members may need to make the first payment in order to receive their member ID card(s). Need it before then? View or print a copy of your member ID card on ibxpress.com.

Stay connected with text or email notifications:

You should also sign up to receive important health plan updates and reminders via email or text. IBX Wire® is a safe and secure way to stay informed about all of your health care needs — no downloads required! Sign up to get personalized health reminders, alerts on how to get the most out of your plan, and more.

On ibxpress.com you can conveniently and securely view your benefits and claims information and use the tools that help you take control of your health. Once you are registered, you can log on to ibxpress.com to

  • view your benefits information;
  • review claims information;
  • review annual out-of-pocket expenses;
  • request a replacement ID card and print a temporary ID card;
  • change your PCP;
  • view and print referrals;
  • download forms.

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Ibxpress.com also provides you with tools and resources to help you make informed health care decisions:

  1. Provider Finder and Hospital Finder help you find the participating doctors and hospitals that are equipped to handle your needs. Simple navigation helps you get fast and accurate results. Plus, when you select your health plan type, your results are customized based on your network, making it easy to locate a participating doctor, specialist, hospital, or other medical facilities. You’ll even be able to read patient ratings and reviews and rate your doctors and write your own reviews.
  2. Symptom checker provides a comprehensive tool to help you understand your symptoms — and what to do about them.
  3. Health Encyclopedia provides information on more than 160 health topics and the latest news on common conditions.
  4. Treatment Cost Estimator helps you estimate your costs within certain geographic areas for hundreds of common conditions — including tests, procedures, and health care visits, so you can plan and budget for your expenses. You even have access to tools and programs to help you make lifestyle changes by helping you get started, setting reachable goals, and giving you ways to track your progress.Personal Health Profile gives a clear picture of what you are doing right
  5. Personal Health Profile gives a clear picture of what you are doing right and ways to stay healthy. After completing the Personal Health Profile, you will receive a confidential and personalized action plan.My Health Assistant is a personal coaching tool that provides an
  6. My Health Assistant is a personal coaching tool that provides an interactive, targeted approach to healthy behavior change.Health Trackers allow you to track your blood pressure, cholesterol, body
  7. Health Trackers allow you to track your blood pressure, cholesterol, body fat, and even exercises.
  8. Personal Health Record helps you store, maintain, track, and manage your health information in one centralized and secure location.
  9. Personal Health Record is updated once we process claims received from participating providers.