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Though relatively a fresh-to-screen face, Reina Hardesty already has an impressive résumé from credits both on the small and big screens. More so, having worked on both sides of the camera, Hardesty has arguably established herself as a budding star to watch out for. Here’s a detailed insight into the professional and personal life of the actress/cinematographer; more than just her age and details of her early life, find answers to most of the questions often asked about Reina below.

Reina Hardesty Bio (Age)

Reina Hardesty is a Californian born on January 4, 1996. While it is uncertain if the actress of Asian descent has other siblings, it is common knowledge that she and her older brother were raised by their parents (Greg Hardesty and Manako Ihaya) in their hometown of Orange County. There is a dearth of information regarding Reina’s academic endeavors. While it is believed that the actress had a conventional basic education, it is uncertain if she went to college.

Reina Hardesty debuted on the acting scene in the mid-2000s. Her earliest work in the entertainment industry was as a cinematographer in some short films in 2015, although the movie credits are not properly documented.

2017 was presumably a breakthrough year for the actress, as it marked the beginning of her works in front of the camera. Reina debuted as an actress on the small screen after landing a role as Stella Namura in the original series StartUp aired on Crackle as well as the role of Aspen Fairchild in the Netflix drama series Greenhouse Academy. That same year, Hardesty also portrayed the Young Maxine character in the TV movie LAid.

Height and Other Things You Need To Know

Reina Hardesty who has enviable physical features is not one of your tallest or shortest favorites. The actress stands at a height of 5 feet 4 inches. Her weight and other body measurements have not been disclosed. Below are more facts about her life.

  • Text-Happy Teenager

Though she is relatively new in the acting industry, Reina Hardesty unexpectedly made headlines as a teenager while living with her family in Lake Forest. In January 2009, Reina hit the national spotlight after her father Greg wrote about his text-happy teenager in the Orange County Register, where he worked as a reporter.

Reina Hardesty and dad Greg
Reina Hardesty and her dad Greg: image source

According to the shell-shocked Greg, his daughter almost accumulated a scary phone bill after racking up over 14,500 text messages in just one month. In other words, the young teenager sent one message every two minutes on the average. But for an unlimited texting contract which she was luckily signed to at the time, Reina’s parents would have paid a huge phone bill that month. The 13-year-old Reina who told her parents that she just liked to talk, later admitted that the habit resulted from constantly texting her four close friends. However, the teenager’s actions earned her a restricted use of her mobile.

According to Reina’s father, he wrote the story not to make a mockery of his child but in the hopes of getting parents and children to create a proper balance in the use of telecommunication gadgets. Considering how the world is going increasingly technological, Greg’s report was regarded as a good case for both parents and children in managing the way minors could cope with growing digital trends.

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  • Who’s Her Boyfriend?

Since she came into the limelight, many have been curious about Reina Hardesty’s love life and relationship status. However, the actress has proven to be one of those public figures who prefer to keep details of their personal lives under wraps. Consequently, there are no public records of Hardesty’s dating history.

However, the actress was sometime speculated to be dating an internet star identified as William Haynes, given that they were often seen together on social media. But the rumors didn’t hold water for long as Reina and William’s relationship is confirmed to be platonic. Going by the uncertainty of Hardesty’s relationship status, it is safe to say the actress is perhaps single and ready to mingle. Regardless of Reina’s choice to keep her love life private or public, fans hope she eventually finds true love someday.

  • Social Media Presence

Reina Hardesty is very active on social media. While she may not be present on all popular social networking sites, the actress keeps her teeming fans abreast with tidbits of her life on Twitter and Instagram.

  • Hobbies

Among other interests, Reina Hardesty unwinds through various fun activities. Particularly, the actress finds pleasure in traveling and discovering new places. As revealed on social media, she once vacationed in Puerto Rico in the year 2017.

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