Renamo Fighters Cause More Mozambicans To Flee To Zimbabwe

More than 2,000 people have fled the political unrest caused by Renamo fighters in Mozambique. Most of these displaced persons have found refuge in the Chipinge district of south-eastern Zimbabwe. Renamo fighters have caused an insurgency in Mozambique for two years now against the ruling Frelimo party. The number of Mozambicans fleeing to Zimbabwe is a drastic increase from the previous tally which was less than 800 in August. The camp which the Mozambican refugees are dwelling in is in itself below par. There are water and food shortages in addition to other glum conditions. SEE ALSO: President Buhari Says Nigeria Will Be Great Again According to a report in the Manica Post newspaper, some of the Mozambicans brought along their cattle in a bid to sell them off for some money. Yet, they are unable to. renamo fighters “We used to cross back and collect food supplies but the situation is tense and we can’t risk going back. Our food stocks are running dry and we had reports that our homes were burnt down by the bandits,” the Manica Post quoted 27-year-old Zacharia Mhlanga, as saying. SEE ALSO: More Friction Among Boko Haram Terrorists  The uprising in Mozambique was caused as a result of the opposition Renamo rejecting the election result two years ago. The Renamo fighters have waged attacks on homes, government officials, hospitals, and more.

Renamo: political party cum insurgent group

Resistência Nacional Moçambicana (Renamo) is a Mozambican political party that doubles as an insurgent group. The group is currently headed by Alfonso Dhlakama.

It was formed in 1975 as an opposition against the Frelimo communist regime. It was made a political party when the ruling Frelimo made Mozambique a multi-party system.

Renamo previously carried out a war in Mozambique that went on for 16 years. The fights, which began in 1976, ended in 1992, following the signing of the Rome General Peace Accords. The war claimed a million lives.