Renee Sloan- Biography, Family, Facts About Scott Baio’s Wife

Renee Sloan has been on stage as a stuntwoman, actor and wife to television director, producer and American actor, Scott Baio. All through her years as an actress, she has featured in movies, television reality shows, and programmes but had her big break with the 1998 soap opera ‘Baywatch aired on NBC Network. More so, Sloan has been a fighter, she fought through a brain tumor and an early case of cancer pulling through with the support and help of his husband, Scott Baio. In order to know more facts about her, kindly continue with the next paragraphs.

Renee Sloan – Biography

Renee Sloan was born on 24th of December 1972 in Tennessee, the United States of America with the birth name, Peaches Renee Sloan. She is the penultimate of the three kids with a younger sister, Brandy Sloan.

As regarding the details of her education, she initially bagged a degree from the London School of Economics and political science before pursuing a Masters degree in Business Administration from the same school.


It is still unclear the particular year and period the actress decided to divert from her initially planned career into acting. But Renee Sloan, from the obvious, is a sensational actor known for the movies, Murder-set-pieces and The girls next door. She is amongst the few actresses who is said to have had a gradual and steady rise in their acting career when compared to glams like, Millie Bobby Brown, Bailee Madison, Mackenzie Foy who started as child actors and have grown their career. She started as a professional stunt woman and body double in several Hollywood movies.

Sloan has been featured in many famous movies and television shows like Scott Baio is 45….And Single. She has strolled through the corridor of modeling by working as a professional swimsuit model for many brands.

Her sense of creativity and hard work has also moved her into the field of business as she owns some brands like Whipped Couture, Sloan’s Stones, and Bel-Air Bling. It has been said that her big career break came from the American popular television series Baywatch. With the television program running for 12years, it subsequently made her taste a more defined level of fame.

Meanwhile, during the early days of her illustrious career, Renee Sloan had to fight a brain tumor. In 2010, she was reported to be in the early stages of cancer, but five years later, precisely in 2015, it was revealed by her husband that she was diagnosed with brain tumor sometime that year. Well, what seemed like a very bad period soon became brighter after she passed through her cancer treatments and came out successfully.

Renee Sloan’s Family

Born into the family of William Sloan and Beverly Stacy in Tennessee, U.S.A. She has an elder brother; Bryan Sloan and a younger sister; Brandy Sloan.

Renee Sloan married her longtime boyfriend, Scott Baio who has been in the movie business for quite a long while. They tied the knot on the 14th of September, 2007, over a decade ago.

Renee Sloan
Renee Sloan and Scott Baio

The wedding was aired for the second season of VH1’s Scott Baio is 45… and Single. Meanwhile, Renee was already pregnant with twins before her nuptials but unfortunately, one of her unborn children died during pregnancy. Sadly, this left the couple to be parents of only one child; a daughter named Bailey who came to be on November 2007. Currently, the couple lives at San Diego California.

Net Worth

Renee Sloan has had significant breakthroughs in acting but most significantly, her chunk of financial worth was gained from her popular series program; Baywatch, which ran for over 12years. Baywatch added a considerable number of revenues to her bank balance. Tv programs such as the Scott Baio is 45…and Single series, all sprang up to her worth. It is estimated that her net worth is pegged at $3.5 million.

Facts About Scott Baio’s Wife

Renee Sloan is a former Playboy playmate who played a role in two playboy documentaries in 2002: Who wants to be a Playboy Centerfold? and Inside the playboy mansion.

Sloan was previously married to a mystery man before her current husband. With him, she has a daughter named Kalyn LaNae Sloan born in 1989.

Height And Weight

Despite the fact that Renee Sloan is a mother of two, she still maintains her body size and weight. She stands at 5 feet 3 inches tall and maintains a body weight of 56 Kg.

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