Three Nigerian teenage girls who were ‘abducted’ in similar ways and forced into Islam have been rescued by the police. It is speculated that they were randomly taken to be child brides. 

The teenage girls were reportedly “handed over to the Assistant Inspector-General of Police, Zone 12, Bauchi, Mr. Tunde Ogunsakin, on Tuesday, by the Shari’ah Commission in the state.” The three share identical details surrounding their disappearance.

On March 6, 2016, 13-year old Blessing Gopep, who was to be on her way from a holiday trip in Jos suddenly disappeared. She was abducted by two men identified as Iliya and Umaru in Bauchi State.

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On November 19, 16-year old Linda Christopher disappeared in Tarsha Durumi village. The secondary school student is believed to have been abducted by a man named Mallam Shagari. Linda departed from Enugu, south-east region of Nigeria to meet up with her parents in Bauchi.

And on January 3, 13-year old Progress Jacob, was abducted. It is believed that Progress was kidnapped by a man identified as Mallam Musa in the Yelwa, Sabon Kaura area, Bauchi State.

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Progress reportedly went to church in the morning but did not return. The aunt, Ms. Gobet made a report to the traditional ruler and the local police authority. She made a statement at the police station but all efforts proved futile. Instead the aunt says she got a letter from Bauchi State Shari’ah Commission, “informing her of Progress’ conversion to Islam.” In the same way the parents of the afore-mentioned girls also received similar letters.

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With joint efforts by the media and the police, the girls who have been missing for months now, were announced on Tuesday to have been released. The commissioner of police, Bauchi State Police Command, Mr. Baba Tijjani, also mentioned that the girls opted to be converted on their own. In any case he says the investigations are still on to get to the root of the matter.

“The police have asked the Shari’ah Commission to bring the abductors involved because the girls didn’t walk to the commission by themselves; someone brought them.”- PUNCH

Progress says she was not molested but communicates through signals. The 3 girls are currently undergoing medical examinations. This will not be the first time a teenage girl is abducted like this. All suspicions point to the possibly that the abductors wanted these teenage girls as child brides.

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