New Study Says Mentally Strong People Do Not Publicize Partners & Achievements On Social Media

Facebook Narcissism – According to a new research from the Brunel University in London, People who do not post updates about their romantic life and personal achievements are mentally stronger than those who do.

On the reverse, those who saturate their social media accounts with downright personal details from “their diets, workouts or fitness accomplishments are usually narcissists while those who frequently post on social media with updates about their romantic partners tend to suffer from low self-esteem.”

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The research categorized them as “attention-seekers, who rely on Facebook ‘likes’ and comments to feel good about themselves.”

Psychologists at Brunel University London found that Facebook status updates reflect people’s personality traits. So they surveyed Facebook users to examine the personality traits and motives behind their updates.


The researchers and psychologists collected data from 555 Facebook users who took personality tests.

The ‘Big Five’ personality traits were – extroversion, neuroticism, openness, agreeableness and conscientiousness. On a broader sense they were grouped with regards to self-esteem and narcissism.

The research made these findings:

  • People with low self-esteem more frequently posted status updates about their current romantic partner.
  • Narcissists more frequently updated about their achievements, which was motivated by their need for attention and validation from the Facebook community. These updates also received a greater number of ‘likes’ and comments, indicating that narcissists’ boasting may be reinforced by the attention they crave.
  • Narcissists also wrote more status updates about their diet and exercise routine, suggesting that they use Facebook to broadcast the effort they put into their physical appearance.
  • Conscientiousness was associated with writing more updates about one’s children.

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The study also notes that more likes and comments gives a sense of social inclusiveness. It also agrees that some of these updates can be motivating but when overly done, points to same old Facebook narcissism and a sign of low self worth.

Psychology lecturer Dr Tara Marshall supports the finding and adds to it in these words:

“Although our results suggest that narcissists’ bragging pays off because they receive more likes and comments to their status updates, it could be that their Facebook friends politely offer support while secretly disliking such egotistical displays.”

Which do you think you belong to?