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Reuben Foster has not only hit the headlines because of this athletic prowess as an American footballer who plays the position of a linebacker for the San Francisco 49ners, but he has also topped the news as a result of his estranged father’s criminal records and the alleged accusations of his ex-girlfriend of domestic violence. It has not been quite easy for the footballer but he still has his head in his games. Reuben has managed to put his very best in all his games despite all the injuries he has incurred both on the field and the emotional family ones. A rundown of the article below tells more about his ordeals and life in general.

Who is Reuben Foster?

Reuben Foster is a professional American footballer who plays for the San Francisco 49ners. He occupies the position of a linebacker with the team, a position he also won an award (2016 Butkus Award) for while in college. Regarded as the nation’s best linebackers during his time, it was with ease he got drafted in 2017 in the first round of the National Football League (NFL) draft.

He was born into a loving home on April 4, 1994, but as time went on his parents couldn’t tolerate themselves leading to his dad’s disappearance from their home. As a result of this, Reuben was single-handedly raised by his mother.

Troup County High School was one of the schools Reuben Foster attended, later he became a student at Auburn High School. While at Troup County High School, he took a keen interest in football and poured his heart into the game. By the end of his freshman season with the school team, he totaled 110 tackles and topped his record with 112 in his second year. He grew in his skills as the years rolled by and made an impressive count of 185 tackles, 34 tackles for loss including 18 sacks. For his senior year, Reuben spent them it at the Auburn High School, he joined the football team and in a snap, mastered all the tactics behind the game. By the end of his stay in the school, he was awarded the Defensive Most Valued Player honors.

Despite joining the Auburn’s football school team in his senior year, he was rated as the number one linebacker of his class by ESPN. He initially chose the University of Alabama over a few choices he had but later decided to commit to the Auburn University. Surprisingly, he went back to his choice of committing to the University of Alabama. With the Crimson Tide, he proved his worth throughout his stay in the school. Subsequently, he was later drafted in the first round of the 2017 National Football League draft by the 49ners. Reuben inked a four-year contract worth $9.03 million with a signing bonus of $4.71 million and $6.87 million guaranteed.

His first shot with the 49ners was in a game against the Carolina Panthers, he scored 3 solo tackles in addition to a deflected pass in that game. Also, the NFL star incurred an injury in that game. He returned to the field after missing out in five games and recorded his first career tackles. Reuben Foster has appeared in several other games with the team and has shown his relevance in most of them.


Reuben’s family became infamous in 1995 after his father, Danny Foster shot his mother, Inita Berry Paige and baby Reuben when he was just a year. His mom had him tied at her back when his father took the shot. Danny’s acts have been said to be as a result of his disagreement with Inita. It was quite an ugly experience for Inita as Reuben knew nothing that was going on, he only grew to understand the ugly circumstance as both survived, however, Reuben had to undergo a shoulder surgery as a result of this.

The following year, his father, Danny was locked up but like the person he was, he broke out of jail and took to his heels. Prior to his escape, it was said that he wrote a letter to the warden explaining his victory and escape plans. After he escaped he settled in Maimi Florida, changed his identity but still maintained his notorious acts. Nemesis later caught up with him, he was caught and is currently serving jail time. Records have it that he was sentenced to 30 years imprisonment and his release date would likely be in 2035. This may imply that he may never ever watch his son play live on the field.

On Reuben’s part, he just didn’t have many words to say to Dany, in his words, he said he has forgiven him but he really wanted answers to the reasons why his father would have shot at him. He has tried to maintain a relationship with him as the two are said to often exchange letters.

His Girlfriend and Daughter

Reuben Foster
Reuben and daughter; A‘Zyia

After Reuben Foster’s altercation with his ex-girlfriend and baby mama; Elissa Ennis, he seems not to be interested in anything called relationship or love right now. He is currently focusing on taking total responsibilities as a father to his daughter, A‘Zyia (born in 2009) and his career.

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His relationship with Elissa was quite jolly at the beginning but no one knows why she took up claims that the footballer battered her. Later on, she disclosed that her initial claims were all lies. Of a truth, the two are no longer together but they have created a balance with their different parental roles for their daughter.

Height and Weight 

Ruben has an athletic build, he has sure worked on his physique to attain that. He stands at 6 feet 1 inch or 1.85 m and has a balanced weight of 103kg or 227 lbs.

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