Revelations About Benedicta Gafah’s Alleged Marriage, Divorce and How It Got to The Media

Mirror Girl, Odo Asa, Adoma and I Know My Right are some of the movies that feature the talents of Ghanaian actress, Benedicta Gafah. She is a multiple-award-winning actress who has had a long career in Nollywood that has spanned over a decade.

As a person who works in the entertainment industry, it is not unlikely that Gafah makes a lot of appearances in the news. One of the more interesting news stories that have circulated about the actress has to do with her alleged marriage. The supposed divorce that ensued was one that made headlines and only drew more attention to Benedicta Gafah’s life.

Benedicta Gafah’s Mysterious Husband Is Based In The United States

In 2020, the public got the very surprising news that popular Ghanaian actress, Benedicta Gafah had been married. This caused an uproar because the actress has a long list of past lovers that were quite visible in the media but the identity of her husband was a mystery.
His existence in Gafah’s life only came to be known after the actress was accused by politician and businessman, Kennedy Agyapong of having a relationship with the clergyman, Bishop Daniel Obinim.

This revelation opened a can of worms for the actress. A man known as Kwaku came out with claims that he is married to the actress. According to him, his marriage to Benedicta Gafah happened in 2016. It was eventually revealed that the couple had a very small and private ceremony that took place at Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly. However, Kwaku and Benedicta Gafah’s marriage did not even last up to a month as it ended barely 3 weeks after exchanging marital vows.

With regards to his personal information, there is not a lot of information available on the identity of this man, all that is known of him is that he lives in the United States as a ‘Borga’ – a word used to describe a Ghanaian who lives a very lavished life abroad. His full name is also not known; he is only known as ‘Kwaku’, which is what many use to link him to the Ghanaian actress.

An Infidelity Scandal Ended The Alleged Marriage 

According to the revelation made by Kwaku, his marriage to Benedicta was short-lived because he had caught her having sex with Bishop Daniel Obinim. This was what drove him away from the marriage. Although it still remains an unsolved puzzle why he did not say anything about the marriage or the circumstances around the divorce until the Ghanaian politician’s public allegations about Benedicta.

More so, there have been other shocking revelations concerning this alleged marriage. Kwaku made additional claims that the actress refused to sign the divorce papers he sent to her. According to him, she is demanding that he pay her GHC 30,000 first. Kwaku also claimed that the actress aborted their baby because of her affair with Bishop Daniel Obinim.

Benedicta Gafah
Benedicta, Hon. Kennedy (up) and Bishop Daniel Obinim (below): image source

How Did The Media Find Out About The Divorce?

While news of Benedicta Gafah’s relationships in the past has been made public, there has been no mention of her getting married or divorced. News of the alleged marriage and scandalous divorce only came to light after the accusation of Hon. Kennedy Agyapong, with fans speculating that her marriage most liked ended because of her relationship with Bishop Obinim.

However, Benedicta Gafah has refuted all the claims that have been levied against her, from the marriage to her relationship with Obinim. The actress has stated that she had been in a relationship with Kwaku many years ago but it ended and it was not her fault the relationship ended. Apparently, Kwaku was a married man with 3 kids and his wife had confronted her when she found out that they were dating. Gafah had been sent pictures of his marriage certificate and children, all of which prompted her to leave the relationship.

Prior to being contacted by Kwaku’s wife, she had been making plans to marry him but they had not finalized the arrangements. Her family had been skeptical about their relationship and were not fully sold on the idea of her marrying him. At that time, she was still adamant to go through with the marriage before the ultimate revelation was made by Kwaku’s legitimate spouse. The existence of his wife was the final nail in the coffin of their relationship.

Her side of the story came out due to the extent the honorable’s accusation and Kwaku’s claims were gaining momentum. Gafah had to come out to clear the air and the first time she actually spoke on the rumors of her divorce was when she responded to a fan who left the comment – “I heard that your husband left you”, on one of her social media posts; to which she said, “As long as my family is concerned I have never been married”. More so, on the alleged relationship with Daniel Obinim, the actress has said that she has only visited his church once. According to her, she had gone to pick up her aunt, who is a member of International God’s Way Church which was Daniel Obinim’s church.

Benedicta Gafah Is Most Likely Single At The Moment

Sometime in October 2020, high life musician – Bisa Kdei, and Benedicta sparked rumors of a budding romance between them when a video in which the pair were all lovey-dovey trended online. In the video, Bisa was singing his song, ‘Sika’ which had very lovely lyrics about taking his love interest on vacations to Dubai and Hawaii. However, the pair have not revealed if they are actually a couple since the video was released.

Apart from this latest rumor, Benedicta Gafah is believed to have dated several top Ghanaian celebrities include Maxwell Mawusi, Ohene Kwaah Jeffter, and Charles Asumadu. Some of her relationships have also been quite controversial and she has reportedly been in a very abusive relationship. However, at the moment, Gafah seems to be taking things a bit slow on the dating scene, and though it’s possible that she could be in a relationship, she has decided to keep that fact hidden.


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