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Confused on which career to focus on, Rhea Seehorn chose to be an actress over being an artist despite the fact that she had been trained by her grannie and father to be the later. That singular decision had not only made her one of the most outstanding actresses in this recent generation but also had made her one of the stars to look out for in most television drama, shows, and sitcoms. She earned deserved credits to her name for her many performances on set before going back to her first love – becoming an artist – in the later years of her life. Find out more about her in this article.

Who Is Rhea Seehorn? Age

Rhea Seehorn is an American actress popularly known for her role as Kim Wexler in the television and crime drama series, Better Call Saul. She previously played roles in NBC’s Whitney, ABC’s I’m With Her and TNT’s Franklin & Bash. She was born on May 12, 1972, in Norfolk, Virginia and lived in various cities while she was growing but currently resides in New York.

Her interest in arts were all inspired by her father and grannie who were lovers of arts and in no short distance, Rhea decided to learn to paint, draw and make architectural designs from them. It was while at college that she took interest in acting and was also introduced to contemporary theatre. She later bagged a bachelor’s degree in art from George Mason University in 1994.

Meanwhile, ascertaining a choice of career for the actress was quite not an easy task as she contemplated between becoming an artist or an actress. She would go on to chose the later after her father died and left her a note insisting she pursued whatever dream she wanted to, which prompted Rhea to take her first bold steps as an actress appearing in the movie, A Case Against Karen (1998) where she played as Shari. The following year she made yet another outstanding performance in the movie, Why Spain? and subsequently played as the pitcher in the short film, The Pitch and also in The Gentleman (2000) that same yearOther movies she appeared in includes  I’m With Her (2003), Shaggy Dog (2006), Whitney (2011), Inside Man2 (2018), and a few more others.

Apart from her roles on lengthy movies, Rhea Seehorn has made a few more appearance on television series and shows. Currently, she plays as Kim Wexler in the crime drama series, Better Call Saul. Her other television roles include, I’m with Her (aired from 2003-2004), Head Cases (2005), Romy and Michele: In the Beginning (2005), The Singles Table (2007) and so many others.

Partner, Married, Husband

Rhea Seehorn is one of the few actresses in the entertainment industry who prefers keeping all the details about their love life under the radar. According to records, Rhea had been in an unpublicized relationship with Graham J. Larson not until 2015 when the two were spotted together at the premiere of the drama crime series, Better Call Saul. At first, a lot of her fans thought he was just one of her male friends not until Rhea cleared the doubts of many in a public interview where she stated that she was in a relationship with the real estate agent, Graham.

Rhea Seehorn
Rhea Seehorn and Graham J. Larson

The two were introduced to each other by fashion designer Mary Alice Haney who is Seehorn’s best friend and Graham’s ex-wife. With Mary, the real estate agent, Graham has two children.

Currently, Rhea Seehorn and Graham J. Larson are said to be engaged and are working towards taking their vows in the nearest future. We wish them the very best and hope to hear of their wedding bells soonest.

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Net Worth

Even though Rhea Seehorn hasn’t made plenty of appearances in lengthy movies, she has added a lot of television roles to her repertoire. It is no doubt that she has put in her very best in most of her appearances on set and has stolen the heart of her fans in most of her television drama appearances.

Aside from her ordeals in the entertainment industry, Rhea has also made a few pennies as a visual artist. She has been honored for her performances and has also played as a brand face for a few organizations. It is believed that the actress’ net worth falls at $3 million.

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