Rich Orosco Biography – Net Worth, Husband and Children

When Rich Orosco and Julie Benz got married in May of 2012, their marriage became another Lovelock on the longstanding Hollywood tradition of producers marrying actresses. While the reasons for such a pattern isn’t farfetched, what remains a surprise, however, is the individuals involved. Although he hasn’t enjoyed the level of celebrity-status his actress wife has seen, Rich Orosco is popular within his own circle and has a good track record as one of Hollywood’s ace producers.

More than a producer, Orosco also works as a marketing executive on several large branding projects such as The Ellen DeGeneres Show and Two and a Half Men. Plus he has worked for companies like Warner Bros. Television and Paramount Pictures. Find out more about Orosco via his biography, net worth, wife and Children below.

Rich Orosco’s Biography

Although he has Mexican roots, Rich Orosco was born in the United States on a date that has not been specified. Also, it is not clear who his parents are and if he has any siblings, however, we know that he was raised in a middle-class family and attended high school in the US. Following graduation from high school, Orosco attended the University of Texas, Austin (UTAUS) where he earned a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Marketing.

Orosco’s film career dates back to 2003 when he began working as a professional brand manager and marketer for industry giants like Paramount Pictures Home Entertainment. While there, he worked behind the scenes on profitable franchises such as the widely-watched Mission Impossible and Star Trek. He was part of the incredible team that made Nickelodeon’s Rugrats the kind of success it became. Rich Orosco also spent six years (2000-2006) working as an Executive Director of Advertising and Promotion for CBS Paramount Television; on their show, Entertainment Tonight. It was within this period that The Insider was launched.

Not one to be stuck in one place, Orosco soon joined Warner Bros. Television where he rose to become Vice President (Marketing). Under his watch, several successful programs were launch and marketed including, George Lopez (2002), Two and a Half Men (2003) and TMZ on TV (2007). He also helped in running marketing campaigns for shows such as Ellen: The Ellen DeGeneres Show (2003), and The Tyra Banks Show (2005).

In 2011, Rich Orosco worked as executive producer on World Series of Boxing; a show which aired on Fox Sports West. That same year, he also produced the films, The Incredible Ferrigno and Bosslady. But it didn’t end there, Orosco’s veteran’ status also saw him work as General Manager of Los Angeles Matadors and as a brand expert for the Los Angeles Football Club. With so much to look back on, Rich Orosco co-founded the talent and entertainment brand management company, Firebrand, which he manages to this day.

Details of His Wife and Children

Rich Orosco.
Rich Orosco and his Wife; Julie Benz

When Rich Orosco married his heartthrob, Julie Benz, on May 5, 2012, they were only making official what they’d began four years earlier. The duo started their love journey when they first met in 2008. They got engaged in June 2011 after which they took marital vows about a year later. So far, there have been no divorce stories popping out of their corner.

While this marriage may be Orosco’s first, so it seems the same is not the case for his wife. In 1998, Julie married a fellow actor, John Kassir. but the marriage was dissolved nine years later. The marriage produced no child.

Rich Orosco’s Net Worth

Rich Orosco’s many years of production, brand management, and entertainment has surely earned him enough income to last him for more than a lifetime. Although there are no specific publicized figures about the earning of men and women his caliber, we do know that he earns and is worth a heck of a lot. According to sources, however, the annual take-home of a Film Producer in the United States averages $58,180. We also know that his wife, Julie Benz is worth over $6 million. Julie Benz is best known for her roles in American television series such as Dexter, Angel, and Buffy The Vampire Slayer.

Height and Body Measurement

Rich Orosco has a fit, athletic build; he stands 5 feet 4 inches (1.63 meters) tall and weighs 56 kg. He has sleek black hair and blue eyes. His biceps, arms, and chest measure 24-32-35 inches.

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