Does Rich Piana Have A Wife Or Girlfriend? Here Is Everything To Know 

Rich Piana was a renowned American bodybuilding champ, amazing YouTuber, actor and accomplished businessman. His broadcasts are filled with constant motivational speeches, exercise regimen, nutrition insights which he dished out to his loyal followers. Whilst on earth, he exuded a beautiful persona especially when interacting with his fans in every expo exhibition, this made him second to none. The former bodybuilder was once married and even had a lovely relationship before he passed away on 25th August 2017. Dig in to know more about Rich Piana girlfriend.

Does Rich Piana Have A Wife Or Girlfriend?

In his lifetime, Rich Piana had kept some relationships, two of them led to marriage. His first marriage ended due to his infidelity. Following his failed marriage, he started a love affair with Chanel Jansen, a fitness model. In 2015, Rich Piana surprised many when he broke up with Jansen then married Sara Heimisdottir who he barely knew. She is also a bodybuilder from Iceland.

The pair first connected through Facebook before they met up at a gym and as they say, the rest was history. Three months later, on 17th September 2015, they became man and wife but by the first half of 2016, the marriage had crashed. He accused her of using him to obtain a green card and stealing his money. After the marriage was annulled, Piana rekindled his affair with his former girlfriend, Chanel Jansen.

Rich Piana
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Here Is Everything To Know About The Former Bodybuilder

His Origin

Although he was commonly known as Rich Piana, he was born Richard Eugene Piana, on September 26, 1970, to a mother who was also a bodybuilder. Many reported his place of birth as Northridge while others believe his native town to be Glendale, California. At the age of six, Piana began to have a soft spot for weightlifting since he always watched his mother train.

As time progressed, Piana’s love for bodybuilding increased. He commenced his journey to weightlifting at 11 and took part in bodybuilding competitions. By the time, he clocked eighteen years, his dedication and sacrifice began to payoff leaving him with quite some titles which include the IFBB Mr Teen California in 1989.

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Rich Piana’s Professional Journey

The one time Mr Teen had competed severally since he professionally took to bodybuilding when he was 15 years and continued till the time of his death.

Aside from being a bodybuilder, Piana vied into acting, he appeared as The Incredible Hulk in the TV series Scrubs from 2001 to 2010, in Malcolm (2000-2006) as well as Generation Iron 2 – a documentary about bodybuilding (2017). He was also popular for his roles in Planet Apes (2001), Mutant: Leaving Humanity Behind among others.

Rich Piana had a great career as a YouTuber where he focused his attention giving motivational talks, sharing tips on how to be a good bodybuilder in industry and even sometimes his personal life stories.

Furthermore, the big muscled man built a viable a business comprising of merchandizes sales, customized tee shirts, shorts, pants, and beautifully designed drinking bottles and food supplements/nutrition product line known as Rich Piana: 5% Nutrition.

Accolades and Recognitions

The relentless hard work of Rich Piana paid off in the competitive industry as he was recognized with titles like IFBB Mr Teen California champion (1998), NPC Los Angeles Super-Heavyweight Champion (2003), Sacramento Super-Heavyweight champion (2009), and Border States Classic Super-Heavyweight division and overall champion (2009). He also featured in Ironman magazine’s cover page (November 1998) and the cover of Muscle Sport magazine (1998).

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How Much Was His Net Worth

When Rich Piana was alive, he earned from several sources which range from his bodybuilding, real estate investments, commercials, and his 5% food supplement business. His net worth previously estimated at $3.1 million has now be updated as $4 million as of 2018.

Rich Piana Use of Steroid

Piana came out publicly via YouTube to accept he used steroids for many years for the sole aim of having a unique well-built body since he was 18 years old. Because of the Steriods, he had different side effects ranging from hair loss, enlargement of internal organs as well as liver toxicity. Although he used the drugs, he advised people not to use them but rather develop their bodies in more natural ways.

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Height and Body Measurement

Richard Piana was indeed a big hulk who was a size plus athlete. He had a height of 6 feet and 1 inch (1.85m) and weighed about 100 to 144 kilograms. His arms alone were weighed about 23.5 inches.

Is He Dead or Alive?

With his heavy body mass, it was not surprising that he slumped into a coma without any warnings. On the 21st day of August 2017, Rich Piana collapsed while his girlfriend Chanel Jansen was giving him a haircut. Though she tried to resuscitate him before the arrival of paramedics; but after being in an induced coma for 2 weeks, he gave up his ghost on 25th August 2017, at the age of forty-six (46).

Theories were buzzing about the probable cause of death of 1dayumay as Piana was fondly called. Jansen, however, made it clear that Rich Piana was not on drugs like cocaine or heroin but was a frequent user of steroids, and caffeine supplements. She also said that before the incident, he suffered from nausea and shortness of breath.

The autopsy carried showed substantial heart disease and enlargement of some of his internal body organs. Unfortunately, the autopsy was said to be inconclusive as his actual cause of death could not be determined as his toxicology was unavailable. He has long been laid to rest at the Forest Lawn Memorial Park, Hollywood Hills.

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