Richard Christy Net Worth And How The Heavy Metal Drummer Made A Fortune

When you think of Richard Christy, you think heavy metal, you think music, you think comedy, and you think talent. This multi-talented American is a drummer, actor, and radio personality who is popularly known for being a drummer in multiple metal bands as far back as the early 90s. He is also known for being a part of the popular The Howard Stern Show after the departure of Stuttering John Melendez in 2004. Richard Christy is one man who has surely worked very hard to get to where he is today and one has to wonder what Richard Christy’s net worth would be.

His full name is Thomas Richard Christy Jr. and he was born on the 1st of April 1974 in Fort Scott, Kansas City, United States of America. His father, whose name is unknown, served as a member of the armed forces during the Vietnam war while the details of his mother are unknown. He describes his childhood as being raised in the middle of nowhere seeing that his town has a population of about 146 people. Small as his town was, it wasn’t too small for him to get introduced to rock music. He credits his love for rock music to his aunt who had gotten him albums by the rock band Meat Loaf when he was just four years old and he had been blown away. He spent his childhood saving for and purchasing rock albums to listen to.

He attended Uniontown High School located in Kansas City and while he was there, he played for the school band on the snare drum and the tympani. He was on the school marching band and even wrote a song about his experience on the band named Forever Marching on. He almost went to college and by almost, we mean he had wanted to study music in the university but about a week to his resumption in school, he had decided to instead join the band, Public Assassin as their new drummer in Springfield, Missouri.

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If you’re wondering how much Richard Christy’s net worth is and are also wondering how he has amassed a fortune over the years, then you’re in the right place because those details are thoroughly examined in this article.

How The Heavy Metal Drummer Made A Fortune

Richard Christy’s major source of money is music. For a long time, he served as a sort of freelance drummer, playing for multiple heavy metal bands. He began his professional music career in 1992 when he was only 18 years old, playing for the Missouri band Public Assassin who needed a drummer. In 1995, however, the band separated due to some differences amongst members. In 1996, he formed his own band named Burning Inside and they even released a demo tape containing six songs. He also played for a local metal band called Acheron.

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In 1997, he auditioned for and began to play for the popular metal band, Death. In fact, Richard Christy described the band’s album The Sound Of Perseverance as the album that he is most proud of. With the band, he toured Europe for about four months, with a performance in The Netherlands at the Dynamo Open Air Festival with an audience size of 350,000 people. He also played the drums on the album The Fragile Art of Existence by the band Control Denied owned by his friend Chuck Schuldiner who died in 2001 from brain cancer.

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In 2004, he won the contest organized by Howard Stern to replace Stuttering John Melendez on his show The Howard Stern Show and he relocated to New York to focus fully on the show. Now let’s look at Richard Christy’s net worth.

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Richard Christy Net Worth: How Much He Is Worth

Richard Christy

This American drummer and radio personality has amassed quite an impressive wealth over the years. Richard Christy’s net worth is estimated at 200 thousand dollars while earning an annual salary of $75,000. He gets paid for drumming with various bands across the country but also gets a steady income from his work as a radio personality on The Howard Stern Show. He has also appeared in and directed a couple of movies as well as lent his voice as a voice actor to shows including Uncle Grandpa and Rick and Morty.

Even though he now earns handsomely, it’s interesting to know that money didn’t always come easy to this rock star. When he toured with the band Public Assassin, the money he was getting from music was not enough to sustain himself so he had to augment his income by becoming a resident electrician in Springfield.

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