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The polemical political activist, Richard Spencer has gained the attention of a wide audience across the world following his political views which have more often than not,
garnered negative responses. His political beliefs which mainly delineates movement of the white nationalist and neo-nazis has led to his being referred to as a white supremacist. He is the founder of Washington Summit Publishers and also serves as the chairman of the National Policy Institute. Richard is known to have masterminded the coinage of the term Alt-right as well as launching several websites for his numerous followers including the AltRight website.

Spencer upholds the view that the European Nations should unite and form an empire only for the white race. He propagates that people that belong to the non-white racial background should not be part of the white racial empire as he calls for European unity. His views and beliefs have been highly criticized as it seems to be in support of racial segregation. It has also stirred several violent acts on different occasions during his rallies and speeches.

As a result of the controversies surrounding the alt-right leader as well as the degree of violence observed in the action of his supporters, Richard Spencer was handed a three-year ban from twenty-six countries in Europe in the year 2014. He has also been prohibited from entering Poland by the Polish Government and also banned from Hungary by the country’s Prime minister.

Richard Spencer Biography (Wiki)

The polemical political activist was born to his parents Rand and Sherry Spencer in Boston, Massachusetts in 1978. He was raised in Dallas, Texas. His father is a medical practitioner. Spencer acquired his elementary education from St. Mark’s School of Texas. At first, he studied for one year at Colgate University before graduating with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Literature and Music from the University of Virginia. He further earned a Master of Arts degree from the University of Chicago. He then proceeded to acquire his doctorate degree from Duke University but eventually withdrew from the institution.

Richard Spencer began his career at The American Conservative magazine where he assisted in carrying out editing work. However, he was reportedly relieved of his duties following his political views that were greatly abhorred. Later on, he began working at Taki’s Magazine as the chief editor. During that time, he created the Alternative Right website for which he has credited himself as the inventor of the alt-right term.

In addition, Spencer launched his publishing firm in 2011 known as Washington Summit Publishers. He also served as the chairman of the National Policy Institute. Following his political views that support the movement of the Neo-Nazis and white nationalist, Richard Spencer has been hugely perceived to be a racist. He has also been regarded as a supporter of the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, Virginia which resulted to violence and crime, having that the rally which was organized in 2017 ended up having about 19 people injured and killed a counter-protester.

Having often been described as a threat to the safety of the public, Spencer who works as a public speaker has been restricted from speaking at many universities including Ohio University. He was a huge supporter of the 45th President of the United States, Donald Trump during the 2016 US Presidential election, hoping that Trump would advocate for alt-right policies. Richard Spencer, however, advised his supporters to move on from the Trump movement which seems to be over as he is discontented with the current Us administration.

Furthermore, the political activist has also been known for publicizing too extreme views which include that women shouldn’t necessarily be given the right to vote during elections as well as that they should not be occupying prominent positions in the society that would enable them to influence foreign policy. He went on to state that women should go back to the customary duties of home-keeping and procreation.

Net Worth

Richard Spencer has gathered huge fortune from his multiple endeavors over the years. Having worked as a chief editor along with establishing a publication firm, his various websites and substantial property holdings, Spencer is said to be worth around $185 million.

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Wife/ Girlfriend

Richard Spencer
Richard Spencer and Nina Kouprianova

Richard Spencer exchanged vows with his wife, Nina Kouprianova in 2010. They have two children together. The pair are known to have been in a tumultuous relationship as they got separated in 2016 but later reconciled in the following year. However, in 2018, Kouprianova publicized how she has been emotionally, physically and financially abused by Spencer. She was also reported to have filed for divorce from the political activist.

Richard Spencer’s Height

From physical observation, Richard Spencer seems to stand at a height that is slightly above the average height of an American male as his confirmed height has not been revealed to the public.

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