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Rick Harrison is a reality show personality and an adept businessman. He jointly owns Las Vegas’ popular pawn store called Gold and Silver that was established in 1989. His store is the focal point of the show titled Pawn Stars. The show serially documents the activities that are carried out in a high-class pawn store. To know more about the businessman and TV star, read his profile below.

Rick Harrison’s Biography

He was born and named Richard Kevin Harrison in Lexington, North Carolina to ex U.S navy official, Richard B.Harrison, and Joanne R.Harrison on the 22nd of March, 1965. He has 3brothers; Joseph Kent Harrison, Christopher Keith Harrison, and a sister diagnosed with the Down syndrome at birth, Sherry Joanne Harrison. Sherry, however, died when she was 6 years. In 1967, Rick’s father who was serving in the U.S navy had a job transfer and the entire family had to relocate to San Diego, California.

At the age of eight, Rick Harrison endured severe epilepsy resulting in him being bedridden for a long while. In order not suffer gravely from boredom and idleness; he resorted to antiques and daily cultivating the art and act of reading thereby fuelling his interest mostly in physics and everything that has to do with history. His family moved once more to Las Vegas, Nevada in 1981. On June 25, 2017, He lost his dad after a battle with Parkinson’s disease.

Just like other areas of his life, Rick’s career is full of experiences. He was enthusiastic about anything related to business, at 10thgrade; he abandoned his schooling at Taft Middle School, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma in pursuit of more money. Rick’s interest in business was inspired by John. D. Fitzgerald eight-part children’s read titled The Great Brain. Rick started the Gold and Silver pawn shop with his father after the family’s real estate business failure. In 2005, the pawn shop was beginning to gain popularity as it was recorded to have been making seven hundred thousand dollars in interest from loaning three million dollars.

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Gold & Silver Pawn Shop made its first feature in the Comedy show in 1923 titled Insomniac with Dave Attell. After the show received some sort of acceptance, Rick Harrison relentlessly recommended the idea of a television show that illuminates what happens in a pawn shop and after four years of waiting, the history channel finally bought the idea.

The show’s original name was Pawning History but was changed to Pawn Stars, which was a good choice as it helped the show’s name to blossom with popularity because the play on words gave it a nice ring. In addition to this Harrison has other business endeavors such as the new strip mall, Pawn Plaza located along the Vegas Boulevard just on the south side of the pawnshop which attracts customers. And also his speed trivia game Rick Harrison’s Trivia Challenge is great and available for download anywhere. He performed different parts as a TV personality; Rick is an amazing orator and a great writer; he published his book titled License to Pawn in 2011.

Is Rick Harrison Gay Or Married To A Wife?

Rick Harrison
Rick & Wife, Deanna: Image Source

Rick Harrison is not gay and there is no record or any admission from him stating otherwise. At 17 years, he met his first wife, Kim and married her in 1982, but the couple dissolved their marriage shortly after they had Adam in 1985.

In 1986, Harrison got married to Tracey, his second wife whom he met on an arranged date but in 2011, the union ended in a divorce. On the 21st of July, 2013 in Laguna Beach, California, Rick got married for the third time to Deanna Burditt who has also been divorced twice.

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Who are His Kids?

When Harrison was 17, he got his first wife Kim pregnant but she lost the baby at the early stage of her pregnancy. Currently, he has three sons: Corey who is also known as “Big Hoss”, Adam and Jake Harrison. He had Adam and Corey with Kim during his first marriage, while he had Jake with Tracey. His third marriage gave him three step-daughters from her previous marriage, therefore, making him a father of 6 children.


Rick Harrison stands at a height of 5 ft. 9” with a weight of 110kg. He has a regular hard-core exercise routine that he does under the scrutiny of a strict coach although he does not aim at having the stereotypical sexy and masculine physique that people go to the gym for.

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What is Rick Harrison’s Net Worth?

He is worth approximately eight million dollars. The successful business magnate was able to pile up his wealth from his work in the pawn store where he gained unique skills and also from dropping out from school at an early age to involve in sales of fake designer bags from which he was recorded to have gained more than two thousand dollars weekly, He is popularly known as “the spotter” because of his distinct ability to spot undervalued merchandise anywhere.

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