Ridiculous: Whites Now Want To Be Black

All the while, it has always been blacks wanting to look white because of the general misconception that the western look is superior to that of the Africans. Surprisingly, the reverse is beginning to happen as it was recently observed that some white teenagers, precisely Japanese teens who are going extra miles to make themselves look like Africans, from their hair down to skin colour, and other significant areas. It was however discovered that this is linked to their quest to look like African-American Hip hop  stars who have been proven to be successful and famous in that field of endeavor. They refer to the trend as “B-Styling or Black lifestyle”. Who knows, this may help to eliminate the colour prejudice belief of the whites against the blacks.

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However, in as much as appreciating other people’s culture is healthy and should be promoted, it is quite disturbing and not commendable for one to try becoming what he or she is not and can never be. The saying that “a leopard cannot metamorphose into a jaguar nor can a jaguar into a leopard” remains a fact: Both are beautiful, unique creatures with individual traits to be admired but one cannot become the other nor would they even attempt to. But, man is the only creature that will never accept this fact, and will continue to do some strange and ridiculous things in other to effect some unnatural transformations.

Below is the an excerpt from an account of the lifestyle of Hina, a young Japanese woman who works at a trendy Tokyo boutique called Baby Shoop, and is a strong devotee of the said B-Styling, as reported by Dutch photographer Desiré van den Berg:

Hina, for example, visits a tanning salon every week to darken her skin. I was surprised these tanning salons even exist, because in Japan it is a classic beauty ideal to have your skin be as pale as possible. 

Just to be clear: Hina is 100 percent Japanese and naturally has a pale skin. She is only dark because of the sunbed and the use of really dark foundation. B-stylers also listen to hip-hop, and visit special African hair salons to get braids or curly hair. These salons are usually found in Tokyo’s ghettos and are run by small African communities. Hina wears colored contact lenses: they are a lighter shade of brown to make her eyes seem bigger.”

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The Japanese obsession has run so deep that there are shopping malls, boutiques and beauty salons dedicated to all the paraphernalia meant to emulate all aspects of black rapper culture. Check out the following photos showing the desperate hilarious moves of white youngsters who want to look like blacks,; ranging from tanned skin, to braided hair, and African-american outfits:

B-style boutiques/shops



A group of female B-stylers


Hina Hasunuma, owner of Baby Shoop



B-Stylers in a B-Style event



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