Your Right Hand Should Be Your Smartphone Hand From Now On

A report which was commissioned by the Nordic Council of Ministers has reached the conclusion that if you hold your phone in your right hand and therefore use your right ear during a call, you are likely to get much better reception, so you really should make your right hand your smartphone hand.

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We have left behind the huge clunks with antennas sticking out that were our first contact with cell phones, phones these days are much slicker and have the antennas which are necessary to catch radio signals hidden within their compact casings.

Although the hidden antennas make phones more design-appropriate, users of new smartphones have no idea where the antenna is and cannot knowingly keep it clear of obstructions.

Phone companies do not tell where they are hidden and taking phones apart are not necessarily helpful because different manufacturers put the antennas in different places.

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What all that means is that we have a preferable smartphone hand. To find out that smartphone hand, Gert Frølund Pedersen of Aalborg University placed the phones inside a sophisticated testing space that could measure signal strengths.

The report’s conclusion was;

“For many phones, the voice communication performance depends strongly on which side of the head the phone is used, For the measurements on data services … the variation in performance is still significant, but not as large as for the voice measurements.”

Of course, when you use your phone mainly where signal strength is high, all this data does not really matter. If signal strength where you are is shaky, however, you should probably favor your right hand as your smartphone hand or even better, just get a hands-free set.