Rio Olympic stars

You have heard it all before. Now these Rio Olympic stars are living proof – Tough times don’t last but tough people do.

These Rio Olympic stars have proved that bad times will eventually give way for the good because… things can only get better if you believe.

It is so easy to imagine that the champs that we know have everything going on well for them but that is not always true. Many celebrities from all walks of life have testified to dark moments in their lives when they thought the the end was near. However they soon realized that there is much more to life than all the hurt that we feel at certain moments.

As the world applauds the greatest Rio Olympic stars as they make their wins, the media equally took out time to research into their lives to discover that it was not all rosy at some points in their lives.

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Significantly, Simone Biles, Kayla Harrison and Michael Phelps have experiences you might care to know about. These are their stories:

Simone Biles:


The young American athlete and swimmer is currently warming up for her 5th medal at the Rio Olympics. Already she has won 3 gold medals at the games. Where did all that tenacity come from? Let’s see…

Simone Biles was born to a single mother who battled with substance abuse. Together with her 3 other siblings, Biles was moved from foster care to foster care at a very tender age.

On one particular occasion the greatest gymnasts of all times recalled that one of the foster homes they stayed in was not so nice. According to her the family had a trampoline but they weren’t allowed to play on it.

Eventually, her maternal grandparents put an end to the sad situation. In 2001, they legally adopted Biles and her siblings; raising them like they were theirs.

With that foundation, Biles grew and has become a world acclaimed super star at just 19 years. Simone Biles is the most decorated gold medalist in world championship gymnastics history.

The young lady has now become a hot cake when it comes to signing endorsement deals worth millions of dollars. Biles is one of the most watched Rio Olympic stars at the moment.

Kayla Harrison:


In 2012, Kayla made history as the first American to become a Judo gold medalist. Remarkably Kayla won the gold medal with a dislocated knee.

More than the knee the American woman is a survivor of sexual abuse. She had willingly shared her part of the story with the public.

“Sexual abuse is such a difficult subject because it does things to the mind and to the development of a young person that you can’t really see. “

“There are no scars on me, there’s no injury, you can’t physically see that I’m wounded. But when you’re 10 or 12 years old, and you go through something like that, it changes you. It changes you as a person. It leaves scars all over your heart.”

“I was at the point where I was ready to run away, I was ready to kill myself.”

Somehow the Judo fighter, re-discovered a greater purpose to live; all thanks to rehabilitation and a good support system. Kayla is now an advocate, speaking out for those who are going through what she did as a child.

Surviving the abuse, Kayla who made a come back to the Rio Olympics interestingly won a gold medal. In her words,” NO ONE WILL BREAK ME.”

Michael Phelps:


And here he is, Michael Phelps,”the most decorated Olympic athlete of all time from swimming in four Olympiads.”

Of all the Rio Olympic stars, Phelps appears to be the only one with the leading number of Olympic gold medals. With his victory at the ongoing Olympic games, Phelps has a total number of 22 gold medals.

Who would have thought that the champ at one point considered suicide as the only way to end his misery? Phelps’ parents divorced at the age of 9. Sadly he never fully got over the trauma.

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In 2014, the swimming star revealed to ESPN that he had battled suicidal tendencies. He considered himself irredeemable,

” How many times will I mess up? Maybe the world would be better without me.”

“I had no self-esteem. No self-worth. I thought the world would just be better off without me. I figured that was the best thing to do- just end my life.”

Fortunately a Christian colleague encouraged him to give rehab a try while reading Rick Warren’s book titled The Purpose Driven Life. After that Phelps testified thus:

“[The book] turned me into believing there is a power greater than myself and there is a purpose for me on this planet.”

“This is a new journey. I truly can’t wait for the next chapter of my life. And I don’t know the last time I’ve said that.”

Always remember, there is light at the end of the tunnel and the cloud always has a silver lining… Don’t give up no matter what!