Rio’s Olympic Venues: Barely Six Months Later, Everything Is In Ruins

The Olympic games are always picturesque with impressive sweeping Olympic venues that look good on and off camera. Billions of dollars are often spent to achieve this look and the 2016 Olympic games held in Rio de Janeiro was no exception to this frenzied setup.

It is estimated that the overall cost expended in setting up the Olympic venues for Rio 2016 is up to around $12billion. At the time, Brazil’s economy was reeling as the country was in a huge recession that saw the salaries of state workers being held up frequently. Still, three billion dollars of the estimated cost is supposed to have come from Brazil itself while the rest of the money was sourced from other avenues.

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With that money, Brazil set about the glorious tradition of trying to host the best Olympic games ever and even with all the murmurs prior to the game, few people would have been hard pressed to argue that the Olympic venues were not scenic and ready to go when the games came into town.

An Olympic legacy is often the reason given behind the heated struggle that exists among countries to host the Olympic games. Barely six months after Rio 2016 was completed, however, Brazil’s Olympic legacy is a huge letdown.

Olympic Venues

Rio’s Olympic Venues In Ruins

New photos have emerged revealing just how much the scenic Olympic venues have fallen into disrepair and ruin. The arenas are crumbling, the stadium was looted just last month and even the aquatics stadiums that were used in both the Olympic and Paralympic Games are currently ar a sight to behold. Electricity is turned off due to the pile up of unpaid bills that are said to total nearly $1 million.

Olympic Venues

All these negatives are nothing like the big plans that were had for the structures constructed for the Olympic games afterwards. For instance; the taekwondo arena was meant to be converted to a school, the athletes’ village was supposed to be turned into luxury homes (to date, only a small fraction have been sold) and the aquarium was due to be dismantled and turned into two schools. All these have, however, not happened.

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A suffering populace is left to question the wisdom of hosting the Olympic games in the first place. Already, in newspaper states, authorities are predicting a budget shortfall of $1billion this year, with the state budget likely to be $6billion short. The state owes about $10billion in loans and unemployment in the Brazilian capital has doubled since the Games, while GDP has fallen by 8.4 per cent.

Olympic Venues

In the face of such drawbacks, it is hard to justify the reality of a Rio Olympic legacy especially not to public employees who in the midst of the hardship have had their wages and pensions cut by 30 percent as the state grapples with the economic crisis.

Olympic Venues

The question which remains, though, is whether this is the fate of any country which takes on the Olympic games or did Brazil bite of a lot more than it could chew and leave its citizens choking?