Rise Of The Planets…

Not of the Apes.

Astrologists have confirmed that the 5 bright planets; Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn will align on our skies from January 20th to February 20th. The last time this happened was between December 15, 2004 and January 15, 2005. The 5 planets will align the sky diagonally although not at first but eventually. A similar occurrence is also bound to happen in August, between the 13th and 19th.

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Jupiter will be the first to show up, followed by the others. According to the Baltimore Sun, remembering that Mars has a red tint, Venus is really bright, Saturn is golden-looking and Mercury never appears far from the horizon is tantamount to distinguishing these planets that will appear as ‘stars’. The planets are considered morning planets and are likely to show up in the mornings before dawn but the exact timings will vary between locations.

Venus, the brightest planet and third brightest celestial body after the sun and moon will be visible in all parts of the world before dawn according to Earthsky.org. It would be positioned on the South Eastern part of the sky.

Saturn will appear close to Venus. Another tip to spotting these planets is remembering that the waning moon, what is otherwise known as the old moon will sweep past Venus and Saturn.

The Waning moon will also shine close to Jupiter between January 26 and 27. Jupiter, the second brightest planet  will be positioned high in the sky and very easy to spot.

No Need For Telescopes

Worthy of note is that the planets will be visible to the eyes — no need for telescopes or other optical instruments. Although these instruments can be used for a more distinct view, there’s no need to splurge your savings on a pair of binoculars because your eyes will do just fine. However, get a camera because Dr. Alan Duffy, a research fellow at Swinburne University in Melbourne, Australia, told Australian Geographic that the alignment is “something well worth seeing.” and we’re sure you do not want to miss any moment.

For precise information on best location and time in your region, you can check out free stargazing apps on the Google Play Store or Apple Store.

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