This Is Why It Is Silly To Lay Your Life Down For Politicians

If you’ve ever heard that there are no permanent enemies in politics, then you heard well. In fact you have a pretty good idea what this article is all about. African politicians are not to die for.

During the 2015 Nigerian general elections, the campaigning formula employed by the 2 major opposition parties – PDP & APC was out of the world. Never has there been that level of slandering and aggression exhibited by politicians in Nigeria. Who would have thought that the pictures currently circulating on social media would ever be possible?

Last weekend, at a function in Ebonyi State, the eastern region of Nigeria, Former president of Nigeria, Olusegun Obasanjo and former first lady, Patience Goodluck Jonathan were spotted together. The stunner was not that they were together but that they actually felt very comfortable and cozy with each other.

Recall that Obasanjo was strongly against the return of former President Jonathan and had publicly endorsed President Buhari. On the other hand, Patience Goodluck did not spare any APC supporter in her campaigns.

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A serious look at the pictures brings up the question, why do people fight and kill themselves over these politicians? Is it really worth it?

As a matter of fact it has never been worth it to sacrifice your peace and person for anyone’s personal political struggle. During elections, there seems to be vacancies for thugs, sycophants and puppets. People who will be manipulated to make things happen for the self-aggrandizement of these politicians, the ‘creme de la creme’ of the society. Unfortunately, such people are only useful for as long as the race is on.

It has been said that Nigerians often take political tussles farther than the core protagonists involved. There are times we hear that 2 or more supposed political arch enemies were spotted chilling and having a nice time together. On the other hand, the followers of these ‘arch enemies’ fight, hurt and go as far as killing each other. It was once reported that a woman killed her spouse over a political disagreement. I bet if the woman sees these pictures circulating at the moment, she would regret her actions ten times over.

Most African politicians have not lived up to that point where it is considered an honor to die for any of them. There is nothing wrong in owning your political views. The only harm is when we go too extreme for people whose words have never been their bond.

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