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Though Riz Ahmed is mostly known as an actor, he is also a rapper and activist. He has made a name for himself in the film industry for the work he puts into his acting. Ahmed’s career in the entertainment industry has lasted for more than a decade and in the short time he has spent being an actor, Ahmed has managed to put out some award-winning performances which have gone on to prove how talented he is.

Riz Ahmed’s Bio

Rizwan Ahmed was born on the 1st of December, 1982 in Wembley, London. He was born into a family of good repute with a direct familial connection to Sir Shah Muhammad Sulaiman, the first person from India to become the Chief Justice of a high court during the colonial rule of India and a commentator of science. He is also a descendant of Mulla Mahmud Jaunpuri who was one of the foremost scientists and philosophers of the 17th century.

Members of Riz’s family had originally moved from India to Pakistan and then his parents moved to the United Kingdom in 1970 choosing to settle in London. His father worked as a shipping broker while his mother’s occupation is not known. The Ahmed family are Pakistani Muslims and Riz was brought up in the ways of his culture and religion. He has an older brother, Kamran who works in the Psychiatric field.

For high school, Riz Ahmed attended the Merchant Taylors’ School in Northwood and from there, he went on to Oxford University where he studied Philosophy, Politics, and Economics.


After Riz Ahmed was done with his degree at Oxford, he decided to train in acting; this he did at Central School of Speech and Drama. He got his first role in a film in 2006 with the role of Shafiq in The Road to Guantanamo. Ahmed’s career was slowly taking off with a few minor roles until he landed a role in the 2014 thriller, Nightcrawler. The actor was cast opposite seasoned actor Jake Gyllenhaal and for his performance, he was on the nomination list of a number of awards that year. He played the role of Rick who is the assistant to a journalist who goes to any lengths to get a good story. He was one of seventy-five people who auditioned for the role. One of the ways he prepared for his role was by spending time with homeless people.

Another major role Riz Ahmed has had is that of Bodhi Rook in the 2016 Star Wars film, Rouge One. He was also cast in the anti-hero film, Venom as Carlton Drake. But the biggest role Riz Ahmed has had is in the miniseries, The Night Of. He played Nasir “Naz” Khan and won three major film awards for his performance. In that year he became the first person who is a Muslim and Asian to win the award of Outstanding Lead Actor in a Limited Series or Movie.

This actor’s legacy in acting has spread to theoretical aspects of film. Two men in the UK, after listening to a speech given by Ahmed on the representation of Muslims in film, decided to propound the Riz Test, which has been compared to the Bechdel Test. The Riz Test was created to measure Islamophobia and to identify the nature of Muslim representation in the acting industry.

Riz Ahmed does not only have a thriving career in film but in music as well. He is part of the hip-hop group, Swet Shop Boys and he also leads a solo career as a rapper, where he goes by the name Riz MC.

Riz Ahmed
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Personal Life: Married, Wife, Girlfriend

Information about Riz Ahmed’s life revolves around his acting, music and the activism he does for Muslims, especially the Rohingya people and the representations of Muslims in the British Parliament, particularly in the House of Commons. There is no available information about his love life and the actor has remained mum about this aspect of his life.

Riz Ahmed’s Height

Riz Ahmed is 5 feet and 8 inches tall, which makes him a person of average height. He also weighs 70 kg. With a chest measured at 38 inches, waist measured at 30 inches and biceps of 13 inches, he has an undeniably impressive physique.

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Net Worth

The films Riz Ahmed appeared in up until 2018 have made $2.4 billion and he can be credited for the success of some of these films with the impressive performance he delivers in each movie. His net worth is currently $3 million and it is sure to grow in the ensuing years if he maintains his career trajectory.

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