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Formally called Rap Monster, RM gained popularity as an Asian songwriter, music producer, and rapper. He is best recognized as a group member with the BTS also known as Bangtan Boys, and his South Korean fans know him as Rapmon. Though he was a stellar student who excelled in all facets of academics, the young RM took to rapping like the proverbial duck to water which informed his decision to make it his lifelong career. Before joining BTS, the famed rapper began as a solo artist performing with several local groups.

After he joined BTS, RM emerged as the leader of the group as well as the songwriter and lead rapper. He has gone into collaborations with both Korean and foreign rappers, releasing tracks that eventually went viral on social media. The Korean native is also involved in endorsements for big names such as ‘K’hawah’ coffee. He gained popularity on TV with his talk show titled Hot Brain: Problematic Men and has graced the pages of several magazines as one of the most promising rappers of South Korean origin.

BTS Member RM’s Bio

Being born in Ilsan-gu, Goyang, South Korea makes RM a South Korean national; he was born on the 12th of September 1994 and was given the birth name Kim Nam-Joon. His parents’ identities are not known, but the famed rapper spent his formative years in Seoul alongside, Kim Geong Min – his younger sister by a few years. During his days in the primary school, the emerging rapper was quite taken in by uniforms and thus dreamed of becoming a security guard in a housing society.

He is a Broadcasting and Performing Art major from Global Cyber University. RM ranked among the top scores in the South Korean national school exams with a TOEIC score in excess of 900. The exceptional student is known to have an extraordinary IQ of 148.

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His days in school saw the famed rapper mastering both Japanese and his native tongue; his fluency in English is all thanks to American sitcoms like Friends which he loves to watch. His English was enhanced when he self-taught himself while studying in New Zealand

With his stellar academic performance, RM’s parents wanted him to join a regular profession, but the kind of company he kept and his natural love for music prevailed and he managed to get the better of his parents who later endorsed his career as a full-time-rapper.

Facts and Everything You Need To Know

What Did RM Do Before Fame?

His interest in hip-hop was sparked at the age of 11 after the budding musician heard Epik High’s “Fly. He discovered that the track brought him comfort which made him decide to into the genre. After his school teacher introduced him to famous American rapper Eminem, RM’s interest in lyricism was heightened, he was hard at work printing and sharing lyrics with friends regularly.

He became hooked on writing lyrics, according to RM; poetry turns into lyrics when combined with music. During his debut year in middle school in 2007, the rising star commenced rapping in several local amateur hip-hop circles with his debut self-composed recording created with the aid of Adobe Audition. His first concert was accomplished in 2008 as he started performing more in the underground Korean hip-hop scene with the identity Runch Randa, releasing a handful of songs and also collaborated with fellow underground rappers, like Zico.

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His Career with BTS

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RM became part of the famous K-pop group BTS in 2013 and later became known to fans as Rap Monster. He wasted no time in making his debut in June of the same year with his first single album called 2Cool 4 Skool featuring the hit number No More Dream. The songwriter takes the credit for a good number of lyrics which he wrote for the group, later emerging as the group leader as well as the main rapper.

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Between 2014 and 2016, the young rapper partnered with both local and foreign talents to release some popular singles that went viral on the internet. Such songs include the likes of Bucku Bucku with MFBTY – the hip-hop group, Please Don’t Die’ with Warren G, and Fantastic Four’s soundtrack with Marvel.

How Did The Rap Monster Nickname Come About?

RM took on Rap Monster as a name during his idol trainee days. Though fans take it to mean that the young star raps like a monster, he in actual fact derived the name from the lyrics of a track written by him and inspired by San E’s Rap Genius. In a verse of the lyric, San E opted to be referred to as a rap monster since he wraps without stopping. Feeling that it was really cool, the famed rapper assumed the moniker but later adjusted it to RM in November 2017, after deciding that the name no longer represented who he was and the music he makes.

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