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Rob Dyke has been able to harness his ability to entertain people into a money-making venture. He is one of the upcoming YouTubers with bright prospects. Rob abandoned his career in law to focus his attention to his YouTube Channel which was created in 2012. Most of his uploads follow the theme of horror, comedy and the dailies, besides this, Rob has a special thing for serial killers and this reflects in the stories he puts up on his channel. His fans love the scariness and laughter that his channel dishes out, so it’s no surprise that his Channel has millions of subscribers.

Rob Dyke’s Bio

Rob Dyke, who is now called Rob Garavan was born in the late 1980s; on October 28, 1987. His birthplace was Massachusetts in the United States, where he was also raised; his ethnicity is Caucasian. Not much has been said about his childhood days or his family, but it is known that Rob had a good educational background. He obtained a GED Certification in 2008 and also schooled at Mount Wachusett Community College in Gardner, Massachusetts where he studied criminal justice.

Shortly after his graduation from college, he took up a job that covered criminal justice as a private Investigator among other things. In September 2012 Rob created a channel for himself on YouTube following which he left his practice in law to fully pursue success as an internet personality. He started out with short videos and comedies like PewDiePie, but didn’t seem to be doing well as he was only able to fetch about 20,000 subscribers. Then came the opportunity to be featured in a video of YouTube King ‘Household Hacker’; this was a major breakthrough for him as a lot of attention came his way.

Rob then started up ‘Why Would You Put That on the Internet’ in 2013. This series pulled in flocks of fans to his channel, probably because fans were actively engaged in the page content; they were given the opportunity to send in videos they felt were funny or awkward, from which Rob selected the best and uploaded. This way, he records entries of about 100 videos each week from his followers.

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Another popular series of his is titled Seriously Strange, its content follows awkward and scary themes as seen in the Serial Killer Files, Twisted Tens and Caught on Camera. With the large fan-base, he has gathered over time, Rob Dyke has launched other YouTube Channels including Zombie Horse and Your New Best Friend.

Personal Life

Fans always have keen interests in the relationship status of stars. In the case of Rob Dyke, his personal life is a mystery as he is not known to have had a wife and has not mentioned a love interest in his conversations. It might be safe to say that the internet celebrity is single. His career takes most of his attention.

Rob Dyke changed his name to Rob Gavagan because he perceives his name as a possible lesbian slander. To avoid future controversies, and for the safety of his channel, he decided to switch his last name to Gavagan. He stated that videos that carried his name on his YouTube channels were demonetized by YouTube, so he only felt the appropriate response was to change the name rather than fight back. Moreover, Rob Dyke was a legal name and not a nickname. He also thought it would be awkward to have “DYKE” written across a screen if he ever gets to host a show.

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6 Things To Know About Rob Gavagan, The YouTuber

1. Unlike other vloggers, Rob maintains a good rapport with his co-vloggers. Members his clique include Matthew Santoro, BobisWeirdTv, Hungry Lights, Moonshine Bonanza, Daym Drops and Household Hacker.

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2. Rob is active on all major social media platforms except Facebook. His main YouTube Channel has about 2.7 Million Subscribers, his other channel Zombie Horse, has over 142K subscribers, his Instagram handle @robgavagan has about 89.9k followers, and his twitter account @speakseasygavagan has over 170k followers.

3. Rob earns a good income; considering his fan base, the crazy number of views -476 Million on his Channels, and his net worth of $500 thousand, Rob Dyke is believed to be earning a wholesome income from his vlogging career.

4. Rob is quite tall, he stands at a height of 6 feet 4 inches or 1.93 meters which compliments his great body build.

5. He has obvious tattoos on his body; a number of them are seen on his hands, wrist, and arms as well.

6. Rob has a good sense of humor; following his vlogs and uploads on his channel, his creative and comedic abilities are made obvious.

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