A Breakdown of Rob Gronkowski’s Career Stats, Girlfriend and Career Earnings

Rob Gronkowski is an American National Football League (NFL) star who since making his debut for The New England Patriots in 2010, has not only won some titles in the NFL but he also has broken some records using his towering height in the tight end position. Though he is arguably one of the most injured players in the club, he always bounces back with good ratings at end of the season. Rob has featured in 5 Pro Bowls, 3 Super Bowls, and was used as a starter for the Patriots, big win of the Super Bowl XLIX.

Rob Gronkowski’s Early Life and Career Beginnings

Rob was born as Robert Paxton Gronkowski on the 14th of May 1989 to Gordon Gronkowski and Diane Walter in Amherst, New York. He is Caucasian with Polish blood flowing in his veins. Fortunately, Rob is not the only sports lover in his family, his four brothers Chris, Dan, Glenn, and Gordie Jr. were all equally active in Sports in their own days. The boys were all trained in their family gym by their father Gordon who set them on the path of sports early in their heydays. It is also said that his great-grandfather was five-time cyclist-winner Ignatius Gronkowski in the 1920s representing the United State of America.

He had his first three years of high school at the Williamsville North High School where he played both basketball and football. His High school football performance in that 3 years had him record 36 pass receptions for 648 rushing yards with 7 touchdowns on the offensive. Rob equally made about 73 tackles and 6 sacks on the defensive angle. He later got named as the All-Western New York first-team and All-State second-team player for that season’s outing.

Rob Gronkowski later moved to suburban Pittsburgh where he completed his senior year of high school in Woodland Hills High School. He continued playing football for his school’s team and got recognized for his efforts as the SuperPrep in a variety of publications from the Pittsburgh Post Gazette, Patriots News, Tribune Reviews to mention but a few.

When it was time for college, the young footballer joined the University of Arizona Wildcats football team where he started on a good note in his freshman season. Rob Gronkowski recorded 28 pass receptions, for 525 yard rushes and 6 touchdowns. In all, his college career saw him play a total of 22 games from which he recorded 75 receiving receptions in 1, 197 yards with 16 touchdowns. But for a back surgery which he had, Gronkowski would have had a better draft stock in his junior season in 2009.

Rob Gronkowski’s Professional Career Stats and Injury Report

Luckily for him, on the 25th of July 2010, in the second round of the 2010 NFL Draft, he was picked by the New England Patriots after which he signed a 4-year contract estimated to be $4.4 million with a signing bonus of $1.76 million.

As the seasons progressed, so did Rob’s productivity on the field improve. This saw him making astonishing passes and catches such that he was in 2016 rated the 2nd best wide receiver after Odell Beckham Jr. who plays for the New York Giants. He also got his 2nd Super Bowl win in 2016, though he was out for some time due to surgery but recovered soon enough to finish the season with 3 touchdowns, 25 pass receptions for 540-yard rushes for which he was rated the 23rd player in the NFL Top 100 list.

Rob Gronkowski career stats so far has seen him record a total of 483 pass receptions for 7,317 yard rushes with an average percentage of 70.4% and 77 touchdowns with 4 recorded fumbles.

Rob has a long history with injuries especially football injuries perhaps owing to the ruggedness of the game, and has suffered various types of injuries along the way; right from his College days till date. Some of the injuries include: Pedal Ankles sprain in  January 2012, Inguinal Hip Pull in September 2012, followed by back, Arm Forearm fracture in November of the same year. Later he also had a head Cranial Concussion in 2013 and 2018. Rampant among his many seasonal injuries is the Knee MCL Tear, which he seems to have experienced more often on the field.

What is His Net Worth and How Much Has He Earned as Salary?

The Star of the New England Patriots is estimated to have earned $10.5 million in 2017 with $2.5 million as bonuses, his salaries, bonuses, and caps have been on the rise since his debut. In 2011 he signed a 6-year contract worth $54 million. Rob once explained in his book that he has never touched his salary or earnings from the NFL but has consistently invested all of it.

He equally enjoys a slew of notable endorsement deals from brands like Dunkin Donuts, Nike, BodyArmor Sports Drink just like his buddy Tom Brady. Gronkowski uses his endorsement earnings to meet his needs and settle his bills. Besides the endorsement deals, Rob Gronk as he is popularly called by his teammates has other things going for him that generates income. In 2012, he launched his own frosted cornflakes brand Gronk Flakes; they are found in shops and Super-marts.

He has a foundation called the Gronk Nation Youth Foundation; a part of the proceeds of the sales of Gronk Flakes goes here. 2015 saw him teaming up with Zynga to promote a mobile app NFL Showdown: Football Manager.

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Gronkowski has equally authored a book titled, It’s Good to be Gronk! A memoir about himself and his career. He is ever busy with one thing or the other. 2016 was no exception, he launched his energy drink Gronk which is distributed by Coca-Cola. These are just a few of his investments, there are possibly a lot more to come from him. 

The NFL Star Is Not Married But He Has A Model Girlfriend

Rob Gronkowski
Camille Kosteck and Rob Gronk: Image Source

The handsome and outgoing man, described as very kind and a fun person by his teammate Tom Brady, is still very much single and not yet married. He has been in a long-term relationship with the cheerleader and SI Swimsuit Model Camille Kostek and they seem besotted with each other.

Though they seem to be too busy with their personal stuff of late and it is not clear if the duo has quietly parted ways. The dashing hulk has not been seen with his known beau together in public places, but there has still not been any rumors of his having an affiar recently.

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