Rob Portman
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Rob Portman is a United States Senator, who is noted for his keen financial ingenuity. A very influential and successful politician, he had served in the George H. W. Bush administration for 2 years, from 2006 to 2007. Rob Portman is full-fledged Republican and an attorney. He won his first election with an 18 point difference to clinch the Ohio Senator seat as their representative in 2010; an office he assumed in January 2011 after he was sworn in.

The amiable Senator has about 50 bills that he has sponsored in the US Senate and he is a great advocate of worker’s reforms, welfares, and tax reforms among others.

Senator Rob Portman’s Early Life and Career Beginnings

Robert Portman was born on the 19th of December, 1955 in Cincinnati Ohio to William and Jane Portman. His father owned a company which started from a humble beginning with 4 employees and grew to a staff strength of over 300 employees.

He had his early education in Cincinnati Day School and later studied anthropology in Dartmouth College. It was in Dartmouth College that he began to develop an interest in politics. He graduated from college and attended University of Michigan Law School where he bagged a Law degree.

Portman started working in the U.S government in 1989 during the George H. W. Bush’s administration, where he served in the capacity of a deputy assistant. He was also charged with directing the Legislative Affairs of the White House – an office he held and manned successfully from 1989 to 1991.

As a politician, Rob Portman had his first electoral victory when he won a seat in the U.S Congress in 1993. He pooled 70% of the total votes while his opponent, Lee Hornberger of the Democratic Party had just 29% votes. He held this political office for 10 years being re-elected five more times in subsequent elections.

In 2005, Portman was appointed by President George W. Bush as the United States Trade Representative. He was also handed the position of Director of Office of Management and Budget – an appointment he eventually, resigned from in June 2007 then proceeded to partner with a law firm in Cincinnati Ohio in November that same year.

He also contested for a seat in the United State Senate in the 2010 elections and won. he was re-elected in 2016. Senator Rob Portman is comfortable with his earnings; from investments in real estate to hotels, his net worth is estimated to be within $6.7 million to $14 million

Family Life

Rob Portman
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Senator Portman is married to Jane Dudley whom he met on a blind date; she was a Democrat before their marriage in July 1986. She stated that her conversion to being a Republican was due to her husband’s agreement to become a Methodist. Rob and Jane have 3 children who names are: Joseph Dudley also called Jed, William whom they also refer to as Will, and Sarah sometimes referred to as Sally.

Interesting Facts About Senator Rob Portman

1. He Has Never Lost An Election

Rob Portman has never lost in an election in his political career so far. He won in his first attempt in 1994, for a position in the US House of Representatives and was victorious in his subsequent campaigns for the same position in 1996, 1998, 2002 and 2004 in all, defeating his Democrat opponent, Charles W. Sanders, four times in a row.

2. He Preps Republican Candidates

He preps Republican candidates for political debates by assuming the position and mimicking the opposition candidates. He has mimicked Democrats like John Edwards, Lamar Alexander, Al Gore, Joe Lieberman, and even Barack Obama. He has also written about 12 pieces of legislation that has been passed into law during the Bill Clinton administration.

3. His Son Is A Gay

Portman had to change his stand as regards gay marriage, after discovering that his son William Portman was gay. William opened up to his parents about his homosexuality in 2011.

Senator Rob Portman had been a strong advocate against same-sex marriage as at 1996, he went as far as co-sponsoring an Act prohibiting gay couples from adopting children. He conceded after his son came out clean about his sexuality and he has had a change of heart about gay marriage and has become a supporter of the course in recent years.

Moreover, Portman is also a strong advocate of the Preventing Violence against Women and Human Sex Trafficking.

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4. Owns An Inn Inherited From His Grandparents

He owns an inn which was pioneered by his grandparents along with his two siblings – Wym, his brother and Gina, his sister. The inn is called the Golden Lamb Inn, situated in Cincinnati and it has had over 12 different Presidential visits since 1803, making it one of the oldest owned businesses in Ohio.

5. He is a Hunter, Soccer Coach and Canoe Racer

Rob has enjoyed and participated in hunting seasons for years, and he once coached his daughter, Sarah, in soccer games and till date, still makes out time for indoor soccer coaching.

Rob Portman has most of his life been a canoe racer, a hobby he has grafted one of his sons’s into; he has actively participated in the Ohio River Race which, he and his son have won their division thrice already.

Other Facts…

In the course of his career, Portman has visited various countries amongst them are Afghanistan, India, UAE, Israel, Germany, Italy, Jordan, Burkina Faso, South Korea, and Italy and he speaks Spanish fluently.

His only brushed off with the law was, when he got issued a ticket for making a wrong turn. He has proved himself as loyal to his friends, in times of crisis, as he openly defended his former colleague and friend Brett Kavanagh; whofaced sexual assault charges enroute his confirmation as US Supreme Court Justice. Rob Portman stated his belief that drinking is a common human vice and that his friend Brett Kavanagh should not be crucified for his honesty in admitting this weakness.

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