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When the 2005 NFL draft saw Robbie Gould go undrafted, he lost hope of ever being a part of the league. This had also been brought on by the fact that the teams he signed up with as an undrafted free agent at various times were never patient to see him play his cards. Soon, frustration set in and got a good hold on him making him take the rash decision to leave the pigskin sports and started working for a constructing firm. How ironical!

While on his self-acclaimed football exile, the Chicago Bears reasoned that Robbie Gould has a future in football, deliberated on making an offer to him and subsequently welcomed him with open arms to the Soldier Field. He joined the team and there were no regrets as he stayed put with them for over 5 years. Afterward, he moved on to play for other teams in the National Football League (NFL) and in all, has never failed to impress on the gridiron. He sure knows how to pull out the best in himself.

Robbie Gould’s Bio

There are not many details available about the place kicker’s upbringing and growing up. That’s not surprising as it is said that the player is a reserved and quiet person, he is not a big talker. Nevertheless, we know that Robbie Gould is one of two children born to Cheryl and Robert Gould. His brother’s name is Chris Gould. Robbie is amongst those born in the most celebrated month in the world, he was born in the month of Christmas (December), precisely on the 6th in the year 1982.

His father gained expertise as a soccer player during his heydays and is regarded as a three-time All-American Soccer player. In his bid to bring out the best in his boys, Robert often took his boys, Robbie and Chris to the Central Mountains School field to teach them the rudiments of the game. He groomed his boys and those tiny little lessons birthed the Robbie Gould of today.

Having gained the basics from his dad, when it was time for high school, Robbie stood out amongst his peers in Central Mountain High School playing football, soccer, basketball, and ran track. Robbie furthered at Penn State University, progressed academically and was also one of the pivot stars with the Nittany Lions. While in College, everyone thought he would tread the path of his dad as a soccer player as he was also good at the game, instead, he chose to play American football. By the end of his stay with the Nittany Lions, he totaled 115 extra point attempts and 39 field goal attempts.

NFL Career

Despite Gould’s impressive records as a student-athlete, he didn’t qualify for the 2005 National Football League (NFL) draft. Initially, that didn’t deter him from building his career as he wanted, so he accepted the offer given to him by the New England Patriots to play as their kicker that year. Soon after his contract ended with them, he joined the Baltimore Ravens but was later waived. This act was quite discouraging for the versatile sportsman, so he opted out of football to work in a construction company.

Robbie Gould returned to the NFL in 2005 after the Chicago Bears made an emergency replacement with him for their Kicker, Doug Brien who incurred an injury in one of their games. In Robbie’s first game with the team, he recorded his first NFL field goal and his first win. He played at his best and shattered the record of the most consecutive field goals set by Kevin Butler as he recorded 26 consecutive field goals during the 2006 NFL season. That same period, the footballer emerged as the NFL Special Teams Player of the month and he was also voted as the NFC’s kicker for the 2007 Pro bowl competition.

The Jersey Shore, Pennsylvania born footballer proved his worth with the team in his following games and his prolific form landed him a five-year deal extension with the Bears. He recorded a career winning goal in a game against the Carolina Panthers. On and on with the team, he made a lot more wins than losses. Robbie Gould had his fill with the Bears and moved on to play with the New York Giants, he played briefly with the team and joined the San Francisco 49ners.

Till today, the 49ners have never regretted their decisions to sign him to their team. He has shown everything he learned from his past teams and has worked greatly in improving himself in most of his games. Also, Robbie was voted as an alternate for the 2018 Pro Bowl.

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His Wife and Kids

Robbie Gould
Robbie, Lauren and the boys

Robbie Gould found love in the arms of a waitress; Lauren. While she served Robbie and his friends who came to chill out at one of the cozy places in Hilltop, she caught his attention and that was it, their love story began.

Details about their relationship are not anywhere near the spotlight. No one would have known about their union if Robbie didn’t accidentally mention their wedding plans in an open interview. From what we gathered, they had a very quiet wedding in the month of February 2013. Their union is blessed with two sons.

Robbie Gould’s Height and Weight 

Robbie is best described as one of the many NFL players who have an average height. If he was to be a male model, his height of 6 feet could have been described as perfect but as an American footballer, he is considered to be of an average height. He weighs 84kg.

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