Here’s How Robert Gant’s Sexual Orientation Influenced His Roles and Facts About His Boyfriend

When same-sex marriage was legalized in all fifty states of the United States of America in 2015, something shifted in the cultural landscape of the country and the world at large. The 26th of June declaration gave people like Robert Gant the freedom to express who they really are, even though he came out as gay years before it was legal.

While it was a crime to be in a homosexual marriage at some point, actors like Robert Gant were portraying the realities of homosexual people in films and television shows. The actor has played a pivotal role in the representation of gay people throughout his career, even when it was not widely accepted to be gay and we often wonder if the characters he plays are somehow influenced by his sexuality.

Did Robert Gant’s Sexuality Influence his Role Choices?

Robert Gant joined the cast of Queer as Folk in 2000. The show is based on a British series but it was remade for American and Canadian audiences. It became the first TV series to represent the lives of homosexuals, especially in lead roles.

Gant played Ben Buckner on the show, a gay college professor who also had HIV. When his character got married to his partner on the show’s fourth season, it became the first homosexual marriage in an American television show. This was indeed one of the groundbreaking things that happened on the show.

When Queer as Folk ended in 2005, he went on to star in the 2008 film, Kiss me Deadly. In this film, he played Jacob Cane, a gay spy. Just like the events in Queer as Folk, this was a first in movies too. Prior to Gant’s portrayal, no one else had played the role of a spy who was also gay.

Following this, Robert Gant’s next homosexual character was when he played Todd Crimsen in the Netflix television show 13 Reasons Why. His character was a gay man who was one of the fathers of a recurring character, Courtney Crimsen played by Michele Selene Ang.

Gant’s role on Queer as Folk was a principal one but the actor still found a way to perform on other shows and movies. CSI: Miami, NCIS, CSI: NY, and Billy’s Dad is a Fudge-Packer are some of the television shows and movies he has appeared in.

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It is not certain how much of an influence his sexuality had on the roles he chose to play but it was clear that Robert Gant was willing to do the work that very few actors were not so willing to do at the time and it counts for something. Supergirl, Good Trouble, Popular, Criminal Minds, and Dead Space 3 all featured the actor.

The Actor Came Out in 2002

When Queer as Folk started to air, naturally, there were questions about the sexuality of all the show’s actors, including Robert Gant. The speculations were so rampant that on the CNN show, Larry King Live, Larry King pronounced that Gant was straight on the 24th of April, 2002.

However, in a July publication of The Advocate – an LGBT magazine, where Robert Gant was interviewed, he came out as gay. This instantly quelled all rumors and put all speculations to rest.

Who Is He Dating?

Robert Gant
Robert Gant and Davis Image Source

Although Robert Gant was unable to keep a lid on his sexuality, he has managed to keep a very low profile when it comes to the people he may have dated or had relationships with. This is unlike some of his other counterparts.

There is only one person who is known to have dated the actor and that is Kyan Douglas. Douglas, just like Gant, works in the entertainment industry as a stylist and television personality. He has been very vocal about his sexual leanings and is known for the work he did on Queer Eye as a grooming expert. The two dated for a very short time but their relationship was not made public.

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Meanwhile, rumors have made the rounds on social media about Robert’s relationship with a man called Davis. Davis is known to have planned the actor’s 50th birthday in 2018; the two have also been seen together a couple of times. However, this does not prove that they are an item.

Robert Gant Joined The Actors Guild When He Was 10

The start of Robert Gant’s career is commonly believed to be in 1994 but the actor had a very small role when he was 5 in the show, The Young and the Restless, and another small role in Step by Step. Gant had mad love for performance and acting, and to have access to more roles, he joined the Screen Actors Guild when he was only ten.

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As he grew older and pursued a different career path by studying English Literature at the University of Pennsylvania, as well as going to Law school at Georgetown University but he continued to express his love for the arts. He did this by performing in theatre productions and being a part of the Gilbert & Sullivan Society in Georgetown, where he also participated in a number of their projects.

He Moved to Hollywood To Become A Lawyer

After law school, Gant accepted a job offer at Baker & McKenzie, one of the biggest law firms in the world. He was to work in their Los Angeles branch, but as fate would have it, the branch closed shortly after he joined them.

This was the push he needed to become serious in his career in acting. He was already in Los Angeles at the time, so transitioning from law to Hollywood was an easy walk for him.

In the year Robert Gant decided to fully commit to acting, he got his first major appearance in the television show Friends where he played Jason, one of the two men Phoebe was dating, on the 23rd episode of the show’s third season. He has other small roles in television shows and movies such as Providence, Teaching Mrs. Tingle, and Becker.

Apart From Acting, Gant Owns A Production Company

The work Robert Gant does in the film industry is not limited to acting as he is also one of the owners of Mythgarden, a production company. One of their popular films is Save Me, a movie that addressed the sexual reformative promises that is a common trope in religious rhetoric about homosexuality. The film premiered at the Sundance Film Festival of 2007 before it was widely released in 2008. Save Me features Gant as one of its characters.

Robert Gant, also lent his talents to the creation of the Netflix produced Milada, a story about the first woman to be executed in the Czech Republic. Gant not only co-wrote and co-produced the film, but he was also in one of the lead roles as Bohuslav Horák.

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