Noteworthy Things About One on One Star Robert Ri’chard’s Filmography and Personal Life

Famous for playing athletic personalities for which he has been outstanding, Robert Ri’chard gained popularity for the excellent display of his athletic prowess in movies such as Coach Carter. He is well-known in the movie industry for the relative success he has been able to achieve at his age.

Kick-starting his acting career at the age of 13, Ri’chard has featured on numerous movies and TV series. His extensive filmography includes fame-gaining roles in the sitcoms One on One and Cousin Skeeter and has given him a dating history with famous women.

Robert Ri’chard’s Early Life and Path to Hollywood

Robert Ri’chard was born on January 7, 1983, in Los Angeles, California, to Beverly Ri’chard, a gym instructor. His father’s identity remains unknown, although rumor has it that he is a former basketball player. The American actor is of Louisiana Creole descent, blessed with a great and distinctive look.

Ri’chard attended Palms Middle school in Los Angeles, California. He completed his higher education from Loyola Marymount University. The famous actor is an ardent sports fan, and he loves playing basketball, baseball and football. But having made his acting debut at the age of 10, the love for the art took root and became his professional path.

He Made His First Onscreen Appearance in a TV Show

Robert Ri’chard made his first appearance as an actor when he was just ten years old. While we know little about his family, it does suggest they were supportive of his interest from an early age. His debut came in an episode, Married…with Children, of Where I Love in 1993. He did not appear in another show for three years when his acting career went into full gear. He made a series of appearances in multiple episodes of different TV shows, until 1998.

In 1998, Robert Ri’chard began his appearance in one of two major roles of his career thus far, playing as Bobby Walker in Nickelodeon’s Cousin Skeeter. He starred in 52 episodes of the show, playing the smart and well-behaved foil to his cousin, Skeeter, who is full of mischief.

Robert Ri'chard
Robert in Cousin Skeeter: image source

Other notable TV show credits in the early years of his career include My Wife and Kids, Touched by an Angel, and Once and Again.

Robert Ri’chard’s First Big Screen Role was in Coach Carter

Compared to his presence on television, the Los Angeles-born actor has a limited presence on the big screen. He made his first appearance in a feature-length film in 2001, as Marcel Ste. Marie in the TV movie, The Feast of All Saints. Four years after, he made his debut on the big screen in the sports film classic, Coach Carter.

Starring alongside movie icon, Samuel L. Jackson, he played his son, Damien Carter, to modest critical acclaim. The film itself was critically well-received, with multiple award nominations. His performance is considered a small part of its success. Over the years, he has made other film appearances in House of Wax, which was an equally popular project that brought his face to the mainstream.

Also, he appeared in The Comebacks, Louis, Kinky, and several indie films. So far, the actor has appeared in 16 feature-length films. According to his IMDb page, he will appear in at least five more, like Loosey, California Love, and My Brother’s Keeper, where he will play Donnie.

One on One Remains His Most Successful Project

In terms of presence in a popular mainstream program, Robert Ri’chard’s role in the UPN sitcom, One on One, as Arnaz Ballard, remains his most successful role to date. Just as he was entering into the peak years of his career, he got cast for the part in 2001.

As Arnaz, he played an aspiring rock star with a mixed ethnicity who had a massive crush on Breanna, played by Kyla Pratt. Robert played the role across all 113 episodes, making him one of the prominent faces in the 2000s black sitcom.

Interestingly, despite the exposure the show gave him, he never won an award or received a nomination for it. It did, however, give him the leverage to pursue and secure roles in other shows like Veronica Mars, Meet the Browns and establish a steady presence on camera.

He Has More Than 60 Credits in His Filmography with Six Award Nominations

In terms of superstardom, Robert Ri’chard is yet to find the key to open that door in Hollywood. But as a regular player, with consistent appearances and paycheck, he has been a success. Since making his debut in 1993 and becoming a full-time actor three years after at the age of 16, he has recorded more than 60 credits in his filmography.

Not many actors can say the same, and it is why he still elicits glee from viewers who have been following his way since he was a teenager. Aside from having a plethora of credits in his filmography, he also has multiple award nominations, six to be exact. His first was a Young Artist Award nomination for his performance in the TV movie, In His Father’s Shoes. It also earned him a Daytime Emmy Award nomination.

The bulk of the remaining four goes to his performance in Cousin Skeeter, all from the Young Artist Awards. Ri’chard has also received award recognition for his performances in Light it Up and Alley Cats Strike. His only wins so far, is the Daytime Emmy Award win, for playing Clay Crosby in the TV movie.

The Actor is Also Financially Well-Off

A steady and consistent career in front of the camera has kept Robert Ri’chard from the throes of regrettable Hollywood stories, at least financially. His career has helped him to an estimated net worth of $400,000, earned from his career on television and film.

He might not be rich or comfortable by Hollywood standards, but the actor has been able to keep the lights on and live a modest life, thanks to finding his passion as a teenager.

Robert Ri’chard is Dating a Former Boxer

Robert Ri'chard
Robert and Meg: image source

Since at least October 2017, Robert Ri’chard has been dating Meg Ellspermann. We don’t know much about how they met, but they have been a couple for over three years. Meg Ellspermann is a retired competitive boxer who is the founder of the wellness and health company, Elite Performance Medixine. She is a graduate of the University of Arizona, where she studied microbiology.

We cannot speak to the quality of their relationship today, the two of them. However, they have freely shared photos of each other on their Instagram pages, expressing their affection for one another.

He Used to Date Kyla Pratt and Vivica Fox

Concerning his love life, Robert has been linked to several women over the years. However, he is known to have dated two of his co-star actresses, Kyla Pratt and Vivica Fox. His love affair with Kyla began in 2003 when they were working together on the set of the TV series, One on One. In the following year, the duo called off the relationship for reasons best known to them.

Robert Ri'chard
Robert Ri’chard with Vivica Fox in Chocolate City: image source

Just like his previous relationship, Robert Ri’chard met Vivica Fox on the set of Chocolate City, where she played the role of his mother. Not long after, the pair began dating. The news of their affair caused an uproar on many celebrity news sites as the actress is 20 years older than Ri’chard. The couple dated for a year before heading their separate ways.

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