Roberta Bobbi Raffel – Bio, Facts About Marcus Lemonis Wife

Until early 2018, Roberta Bobbi Raffel was just a regular businesswoman striving to make ends meet. But after her marriage to a business magnate and reality TV star, Bobbi’s life has presumably changed for good. Best recognized as a celebrity spouse who became famous in her later years, she is the woman in whose arms Marcus Lemonis found love for a second time. While there is abundant information readily available about her magnate husband, not much is known about Roberta. Find out amazing facts about Marcus Lemonis’ wife.

Roberta Bobbi Raffel – Bio

Going by public records, it is apparent that Roberta Bobbi Raffel is a pretty private woman. While there is no information about her exact birth date, birthplace, parents, family background, early life, and education, we do know that she was born on the 21st of September.

She was flung to the limelight following her marriage to business tycoon Marcus Lemonis. More so, Bobbi Raffael is believed to be about 20 years older than Lemonis who was born on November 16, 1973.

Although her professional endeavors before she met Lemonis are unknown, it is no secret that Bobbi is a businesswoman with strong ties in the fashion industry. It was during a business rendezvous that she and Marcus met, after which he bought over her business. She is believed to have previously worked as a sales manager overseeing logistics in the fashion scene.

As the significant other to a business tycoon, Raffel is quoted to be one of Lemonis’ top business partners and has heavily invested in his company. Besides supporting her husband’s business endeavors, Bobbi is presumed to be running her own business. While her exact earnings and net worth have not been disclosed, we do know that it is meager compared to that of her husband. From his business ventures, Marcus Lemonis has amassed a huge fortune as his net worth is currently estimated at $900 million.

Facts About Marcus Lemonis Wife

  • Marriage

There is also a dearth of information about Roberta Bobbi Raffel and Marcus Lemonis’ romance. Unlike Bobbi who prefers to keep her personal details under wraps, her magnate husband has been gracious enough to share tidbits of their love journey. The couple is believed to have first crossed paths sometime in 2016 during a business event at the COTERIE trade show.

Interestingly, it was Bobbi Raffel who made the first move by offering to sell her fashion business to Lemonis. Her future husband obliged and purchased the business which is now known as ML Fashion group with retail stores and designer brands. Thereafter, the couple established a romantic bond and today, the rest is history!

Bobbi Raffel and Marcus Lemonis
Bobbi Raffel and Marcus Lemonis: image source

About a year into their relationship and on Christmas, the business tycoon popped the big question in a secret Santa gift bearing a customized wedding ring. Bobbi and Marcus sealed their journey to forever in February 2018 by exchanging marital vows in an intimate ceremony attended by family and friends. The couple had initially planned to wed in Montecito, California, but later made a switch to the Hotel Bel-Air in Los Angeles, due to mudslides and fires in Santa Barbara.

Going by their lovey-dovey romance in public and on social media, it is safe to say the celebrity couple has found true love in each other’s arms. Just like their professional lives, both parties have admitted to their willingness to make the lifetime commitment a success. Despite the glaring age difference, love continues to conquer for the couple who currently live happily together in Chicago, Illinois.

Roberta Bobbi Raffel leads a private lifestyle and hence, there is no record of her past relationships or marriage. On the other hand, her magnate husband’s relationships have always been headliners. Prior to Raffel, Lemonis was married to Ila Penfold. The pair tied the knot in 2003 but eventually parted ways in 2017. Lemonis has also been previously linked to Bethenny Frankel, The Real Housewives of New York City star.

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  • Children and Grandchildren

As earlier hinted, there are no records of Bobbi Raffel’s past relationships nor family background. But our investigations reveal that she has children and grandchildren. If her social media posts are anything to go by, it is safe to say Raffel has an adult son and daughter who have also expanded the family lineage with their own kids. More so, Bobbi is presumed to share a close bond with her daughter who was conspicuously present at her wedding with Lemonis.

  • Social Media Presence

Judging by Bobbi Raffel’s social media profile, we can safely say she is not so private after all. While she may not be present on all popular social networking platforms, fans can connect with Bobbi on her Instagram account where she readily flaunts special family photos.

  • Height

Despite her presumed age, the blonde-haired celebrity spouse has enviable physical features. Roberta Bobbi Raffel stands at an average height of 5 feet 6 inches and weighs about 59 kg. While her other body measurements are unknown, it is apparent that Bobbi has maintained a good physique over the years.

  • Her Husband, Marcus Lemonis

Originally from war-torn Beirut, Lebanon, Marcus Anthony Lemonis was raised by US-based Greek adoptive parents Leo and Sophia Lemonis. He is a graduate of political science with a minor in criminology from Marquette University in Milwaukee.

After graduation, the self-made millionaire, TV personality, and business tycoon made his fortune in the RV business. He is currently at the helm of affairs of a $3 billion empire which is a fusion of FreedomRoads and Camping World – a top company that deals in RVs and assorted camping gears.

As a reality TV star, Lemonis is best recognized from the CNBC reality show The Profit, where he uses his in-depth knowledge and experience to help struggling businesses. The businessman has also featured on NBC’s Celebrity Apprentice and ABC’s Secret Millionaire.

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