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At first glance, Roberta Colindrez looks like just another fast-rising Hollywood star. However, the Mexican-born actress is so much more than that. She is one of the most well-known queer actors in the industry and has featured in several LGBTQ themed productions. Colindrez isn’t afraid to take on sexually-elastic roles, especially those of Latina origins. The actress is courageously using her craft to challenge stereotypes and to give voice to a community that is underrepresented in Hollywood.

Roberta Colindrez’s Bio

Roberta Colindrez was born in the North American country of Mexico. Her exact date of birth is not known. There is also a paucity of information with regard to her educational background or early childhood. The actress has however disclosed that even though she was born in Mexico, she relocated to the United States as a child and subsequently grew up in various parts of Texas, including Houston and Austin. Colindrez has also revealed that she was quiet and shy as a child and spent most of her time watching people rather than interacting with them.

Roberta Colindrez first fell in love with acting at the age of 12. According to her, she and her brother wanted to take the same elective and theatre was the only class which could accommodate both of them. They, therefore, enrolled in the class and what started out as a mere academic requirement soon turned into an all-consuming passion. Upon graduating from high school, Colindrez packed her bags and moved to the Big Apple to pursue her acting career. She endured some tough times while starting out and had to do various odd jobs (including waiting tables) while searching for a breakthrough.


Roberta Colindrez commenced her professional career in 2006, appearing in a neo-futurist off-Broadway play titled Too Much Light Makes The Baby Go Blind. Since this impressive debut, Colindrez has gone on to appear in several other theatrical productions such as Mala Herba, Water, Song for the Disappeared, Hamlet and Fun Home. Fun Home is a musical which revolves around a lesbian protagonist, Bechdel, her discovery of her sexuality, as well as her relationship with her gay dad. In the play, Colindrez originated the role of a self-assured and confident young lesbian named Joan. Fun Home was quite successful as it clinched five Tony Awards, including the award for Best Musical. It also won the 2016 Grammy Award for Best Musical Theatre Album. Colindrez has since disclosed that her role in Fun Home changed her personally as it helped her to accept herself for who she is.

Roberta Colindrez has also successfully diversified her career to the screens. On the big screen, she has featured in movies such as One Dollar Poem, Otis under Sky, Beautiful Dreamer, Birdman or The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance and Ms White Light. On the small screen, the actress has featured in TV series such as Girls, Gotham, Unforgettable, Boardwalk Empire, I Love Dick, The Deuce, and Vida. The latter is a Starz drama about two sisters, Emma and Lyn, who are fundamentally different in character. The two sisters are however forced to reunite after their mom dies and they return home for her funeral. In the series, Colindrez played the role of Nico, a bartender, as well as a potential love interest for Emma. Vida premiered in 2018 and has received generally positive reviews. It also received an award for outstanding comedy series at the 2019 GLAAD Media Awards.

Roberta Colindrez
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Roberta Colindrez has not disclosed much about her family. Her parents’ names are still unknown; there is also no information as to how many siblings she has. The actress has however revealed that she has Honduras and Argentinean heritage. This means that one of her parents is from Argentina while the other is from Honduras. The Vida star has also disclosed that she has a brother but his name remains unknown. Despite these paucity of information, there is no doubt that Colindrez’s family would be proud of all she has managed to achieve for queer people of colour in Hollywood.

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Roberta Colindrez’s Personal Details and Relationships

Robert Colindrez is openly queer. This means that she doesn’t identify as a man or woman. It also means that her sexual orientation is homosexual. A look at Colindrez’s career will reveal that she mostly takes on roles that mirror her real-life circumstances. She has revealed that this was not a conscious decision on her part but that she never shies away from playing characters that challenge entrenched stereotypes. When it comes to her love life, Colindrez is possibly single as she has not disclosed the presence of any special someone in her life.

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