A List of Robie Uniacke’s Past Relationships Before Rosamund Pike and His Business Endeavors

From his struggles with drugs to failed relationships and a financial crisis that affected his reputation, Robie Uniacke’s profile is undoubtedly an interesting one. He is a mathematician and businessman who sprung to the limelight following his romance with A-list actress Rosamund Pike.

Yet, despite his relationship with the high-profile actress, facts and truths about Robie Uniacke remain elusive. It has made it impossible for casual observers to get an accurate picture of the man. However, we did the research, and we have compiled various details to provide a clearer picture of the man in one of Hollywood’s longest relationships.

Uniacke Was in Two Marriages Before Meeting Rosamund Pike

His name rings a bell thanks to his long term relationship with Rosamund Pike, whom he has been dating since 2009, however, it is not the businessman’s first notable relationship. Before meeting the Gone Girl star, he was married to two women – Emma Howard and Rose Batstone.

Robie Uniacke and Emma were Married for Five Years

His first marriage to Emma Howard, the daughter of the late Earl of Carlisle, began in 1983 and lasted until 1988. Emma was eight years older than him, and Robie, in the early days of their relationship/marriage, worked in search of a Spanish treasure in the ocean. Their marriage produced one child, a son named Robie Jonjo Uniacke, but their marriage is not renowned for their child nor Emma’s noble background.

Within one year of their marriage, Robie and Emma Howard were undergoing rehabilitation for heroin addiction. Their drug addiction was a problem the couple found hard to kick, and contributed to their deeply unhappy marriage, ultimately leading to their divorce.

His Marriage to Rose Batstone Produced Three Children

Next was Rose Batstone, an interior designer with whom he had three kids Hector, Olive, and Florence. Like his first marriage, Robie and Rose’s marriage was also short-lived. As a couple, they were close friends with notable British personalities like Hugh Grant and Eric Fellner.

Robie Uniacke
His daughter, Olive, is great buds with Daniel ‘Harry Potter’ Radcliffe: image source

No one knows exactly why they parted ways, but their offspring, Olive, has hung around in the news. Olive is a close friend of the British film star, Daniel Radcliffe. She once worked as a production assistant for Warner Bros. Studios and has more than 15 production credits to her name.

Robie Uniacke and Pike Have Been Together for More Than a Decade

Robie Uniacke
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They say we mature with age, and that might be the explanation for Robie Uniacke’s longtime relationship with Rosamund Pike, considering his failed and torrid past. Robie and Rosamund reportedly began their relationship in the latter parts of 2009. Like Robie, Rosamund had been in a few relationships too, with Joe Wright and Simon Woods.

Still, many were left wondering why she was with the businessman. It turns out among a variety of reasons that it is because he is articulate and ruthless, and is the most interesting person she had ever come across. Whatever other reason there are, it has been enough to keep them for more than a decade, longer than any of their respective relationships or marriages.

The Couple Share Two Children Together and May Never Get Married

Robie Uniacke and Rosamund Pike’s relationship went up another level in 2012. The couple welcomed their first child, Solo Uniacke, on May 6, 2012. About two and a half years after, they welcomed their second child, Atom Uniacke, on December 2, 2014.

Despite having two children together, the couple is no hurry to get married. Pike, who is usually the only one to engage the press when it comes to their relationship, says they are enjoying starting a family without being married. In her words, she found it interesting to break the rules by having a baby without getting married.

Robie Uniacke
Robie and Rosamund image source

Aside from his partner’s “exploring a departure from social norms,” Robie offered his insight into the subject by publicly wearing a T-shirt with the quote ‘Marriage is Gay.’

Will the couple ever get married? It may never happen. However, with more than eleven years together, there is no denying that Robie Uniacke and Rosamund Pike are enjoying their lives as a couple. The couple alongside the rest of the family live in London.

Robie Uniacke, a Math Nerd Since Childhood, Once Ran 3 Businesses Concurrently

The British businessman was born in 1961 to Robie David Corbett Uniacke and Jennifer Sally Cunningham. Known as a mathematical researcher, his interests in the subject date back to his childhood days in primary and secondary school. It stayed with him right to his college years, Eton College in Windsor, England. The exact timeline of his career post-college remains elusive to the media. It did, however, include a career as a businessman. As one, he was in charge of as many as three companies in 2008.

The IT consultancy company, Pale Fire Ltd, joined the list in 2010, following its establishment. For years, he was the company’s director, until a series of financial problems forced him out of the position. His commitment to using the pursuit of knowledge to better his life is not limited to business and math. He is also bilingual, with a fluent grasp of English and Mandarin, a quality he has now reportedly passed on to his children.

He Left His Pale Fire Position Over Allegations of Fraud

One other thing that has become known about Robie Uniacke is that he is a man open to skirt the law. Uniacke’s IT consultancy company, Pale Fire Ltd, established in 2010, was declared insolvent and dissolved in 2016. Investigations launched into the company’s collapse revealed that Uniacke, who served on the company’s board, had defaulted in his tax payments of up to £179,602 to HMRC.

The investigation also further revealed that he also overdrew a large sum from the company’s account. More so, he used more than half of the company’s business money for unauthorized personal use. After pleading guilty to the allegations stated in the liquidator’s report, Uniacke was consequently disqualified as the company director.

Since the 2016 saga, details of Robie Uniacke’s business endeavours have been scarce, and chances are he may have retired from active business leadership.

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