Robie Uniacke

From struggles with drugs to failed relationships and then to a financial crisis, Robie Uniacke’s profile is undoubtedly an interesting one. He is mathematician and businessman who sprung to the limelight following his romance with A-list actress Rosamund Pike. Read on to discover why the celebrity partner is presumed to be living his best yet.

Robie Uniacke – Bio (Age)

There is a scarcity of information regarding Robie Uniacke’s exact birthdate, parents, family background, early life, and elementary education. However, it is no secret that the British businessman was born in 1961. Uniacke had his tertiary education at Eton College in Windsor, England. His mathematical interests date back to his childhood. Though he is the partner to a statuesque figure, Uniacke apparently prefers to live under the radar. Just like his personal details, Robie is also discrete about his professional life as there is a dearth of information about his endeavors as a mathematician and businessman.

Relationships, Marriage, and Children

Robie Uniacke is in a long term relationship with famous actress Rosamund Pike. The pair who became an item in 2009 has gone on to make a family without officially tying the knot. Robbie and Rosamund’s relationship has produced two sons – the first, Solo was welcomed in May 2012 and the second, Atom followed in December 2014. It is uncertain if the couple who prefer to take things gradually and break some societal norms are planning to ever get married. Nonetheless, they have shared an inseparable bond for nearly a decade and continue to wax strong together.

Robie Uniacke and Rosamund Pike
Robie Uniacke and Rosamund Pike: image source

Robie Uniacke’s relationship with Rosamund Pike is not his first celebrity romance. Prior to the actress, he had tried his hands on marriage twice. His first marriage was to Emma Howard, the daughter of the late Earl of Carlisle. Robie and Emma tied the knot in 1983 and together, they had a son Robie Jonjo. However, the union was shortlived as both parties went their separate ways after a few years. Next was Rose Batstone, an interior designer with whom he had three kids Hector, Olive, and Florence. Like the first, Robie and Rose’s marriage was also shortlived. It is perhaps the sour experiences from his previous marriages that have influenced his current relationship style with actress Rosamund Pike.

Robie and Rosamund share one thing in common. They have both been in failed relationships. The actress was previously in a romantic relationship with her colleague Simon Woods, but after two years, the actor who doubted his sexuality shocked many when he came out as gay. He later got married to Christopher Bailey, a creative director at Burberry. Pike later moved on and dated a Hollywood executive Joe Wright. Despite dating for four years and even an engagement, things apparently didn’t also work out for the duo as they never made it down the aisle. Rosamund’s longterm relationship with Uniacke is believed to be her first outside the entertainment industry.

Robie Uniacke’s Net Worth

Robie Uniacke’s earnings from his various endeavors are unknown. Besides the fact that his IT consultancy company Pale Fire Ltd went bankrupt in 2016, not much is known about Uniacke’s financial portfolio. There is no information readily available about his net worth.

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Interesting Facts About Rosamund Pike’s Partner

  • Financial Crisis

Uniacke’s IT consultancy company, Pale Fire Ltd which was established in 2010 was declared insolvent and dissolved in 2016. After investigations were launched into the company’s collapse, liquidators revealed that Uniacke who served on the company’s board had not only defaulted in his tax payments to HMRC but also overdrew a large sum from the company’s account. More so, he used more than half of the company’s business money for unauthorized personal use. After pleading guilty to the allegations stated in the liquidator’s report, Uniacke was consequently disqualified as the company director.

  • Height

Robie Uniacke who is known for his slim physique stands at an average height of 5 feet 9 inches, complemented by weight of about 65 kg. His other body measurements have not been disclosed.

  • Addiction

Robie Uniacke previously struggled with drug addictions. In fact, he and first wife Emma Howards were both heroin addicts which is believed to have contributed to their divorce. The ex-couple spent some time in rehabs at various times. The former drug addict has reportedly recovered and is currently living a sober life.

  • Sinophile

Robie Uniacke is a bilinguist who speaks fluent English and Mandarin. Interestingly, he is also doing a good job of teaching his children Chinese.

  • Social Media

Unsurprisingly, Robie Uniacke does not have an active social media life. Our investigations reveal that he is absent on popular platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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