Has Robin Dearden Retired From Acting and What Is The Secret of Her Long Marriage to Bryan Cranston

Fame is something almost everyone craves for at some point in life. It can either be gotten through a successful career in entertainment or marriage to a famous personality. For Robin Dearden, the popularity she enjoys today comes from a mix of the two. She is an accomplished actress and television personality who came into the limelight following her marriage to the Hollywood giant, Bryan Cranston.

Although her works as an actress are not as extensive as that of her beau’s, Robin Dearden is still revered for both her movie and TV appearances. More so, it is believed that she currently enjoys widespread exposure because of the numerous cameos she had as a budding actress. The most interesting part is that her love story began on the set of a TV show. Let’s tell you more.

Robin Dearden Began Her Acting Career in 1977

Robin Dearden made her acting debut in the late 1970s when she was a few years shy of 20. At the time, she was cast on The Krofft Superstar Hour, but it was in a very small role. Shortly after that, she was cast in another show, and this time, it’s The Incredible Hulk, where she played another small role as Joleen Collins, having very few lines.

In 1978, the aspiring actress landed a role in a television series, David Cassidy – Man Undercover, where she took up the role of Carol Summers. The following year, Robin starred in the TV series, Family, where she portrayed the character of Peggy. This was later followed by several other small roles in movies like Trouble in High Timber Country, Fugitive Family, and The Asphalt Cowboy, before she came into prominence with Magnum, P.I.

Magnum, P.I Ushered Her Into the Limelight

Robin Dearden bagged her first major role when she was cast on the popular television series, Magnum, P.I. (1980). On the show, which ran for 8 seasons, she played Lexi Ziller. Although it was a small role, she appeared in more than one episode of the show. Her outstanding performance in Magnum, P.I. brought Robin to the attention of many filmmakers. As a result, things started to look bright for the actress, and she started getting longer appearances on television shows and movies.

In 1985, she starred in the comedy film, Stitches, and three years later, she was cast in another film, a 1988 action-packed movie, Big Turnaround. Robin was subsequently seen in films like Last Chance (1999), The Shrink Is In (2001), Wooly Boys (2001), Myron’s Movie (2004), Illusion (2004), and Grounded for Life (2005).

Robin Has Had Fewer Roles in Recent Times

Since the inception of her career, Robin Dearden hasn’t been in too many productions. However, the few projects she has appeared in have established her as an outstanding actress in the industry. Her most recent appearances in film and television are in some small voice acting roles. For instance, in the animated television show, Fantasy Hospital (2016), she voiced the character of Chief Knuckles. But before that, she made a cameo appearance in the 3rd season of Breaking Bad in 2010, playing the role of a highly emotional woman.

Although the actress has over time exhibited talent in her field, she has not been very active lately. This ultimately indicates that Dearden has chosen to take a step back from the acting world. However, she has not outrightly announced her retirement from acting, which still leaves a glimmer of hope that she might just resurface on the big screen any time soon.

She Met Her Husband On The Set of Airwolf 

Robin Dearden has been cast in several small roles, and in the late 80s, she was cast to play a hostage on the TV series, Airwolf, Bryan Cranston played the villain who held her at gunpoint. On his part, Cranston is a prolific actor, whose career in the film industry features work he has done as a screenwriter and producer. He is mostly remembered for the work he did on Seinfield, Malcolm in the Middle, and Breaking Bad, where he played a chemistry teacher turned drug lord.

After their first meeting on the set of Airwolf, the original nature of their relationship, which was a professional one, transitioned into something romantic about a year later when their paths crossed again. They maintained a very close relationship for the next five years before tying the knot on July 8th, 1989.

As of now, the amazing couple’s marriage has already spanned over three decades, and they are still going strong. However, Cranston’s marriage to Robin Dearden is not the actor’s first attempt at marriage as he has been married in the past. He got married to a writer named Mickey Middleton in 1977. A few years later, in 1982, their union hit the rocks, and the duo went their separate ways after their divorce was finalized.

With regards to Bryan and Robin’s ongoing marital bliss, it is not known how both of them have been able to stay married for this long in an industry famed for its high rate of failed marriages. However, we do know that keeping their personal lives away from the media has been a huge contributing factor. The incredible pair is regarded as one of the most iconic and successful Hollywood couples.

Robin Dearden’s Daughter Is Also A Hollywood Star

Robin Dearden and Bryan Cranston’s marriage produced a lovely daughter named Taylor Cranston, who was born on February 12, 1993. Taylor has chosen to continue in the path of her parents and has taken up a career in acting. She is an alumnus of the University of South California, where she majored in theatre, graduating in 2015.

Robin Dearden
Robin Dearden with husband Bryan and daughter Taylor: image source

Since 2010, the beautiful Taylor has been in the film industry, and she is widely known for her role in the Television show Sweet/Vicious. She has also made appearances in several short films, which include Calling, The Fourth Wall, The Cigarette, Smash Face, and Heartthrob. Beyond that, Robin’s daughter has also donned the hat of a film producer as seen in Red-Handed, where she served as its co-producer. Unlike her mother, Taylor’s career started on a positive note, and she keeps getting roles in high profile movies and TV shows. With her versatile skills, there is no doubt she would launch into mainstream fame anytime soon.

More so, Robin Dearden has enjoyed a very long and successful career as a television and film actress, but the wealth she has amassed is no match for the rapidly growing net worth of her daughter. As of this writing, Robin’s exact net worth has not been published. However, her daughter is speculated to have a net worth as high as $7 million. Also, her husband, Cranston, seems to be a high earner in the industry with a whopping $30 million.

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