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Success in the entertainment industry is a long shot. While most people assume simply having the talent is enough, the charisma and looks to market your talent to a mass of people large enough to achieve commercial success is also very important. It is the second side of the coin that many do not possess. In order to hedge one’s bet, it helps to be a multi-talented act, able to draw in the crowd from various niches of the industry, which is what Rodney Carrington has achieved. Rodney is famously a country music artist, one of the most popular genres of music in the United States and he is also a comedian and an actor. Learn about the Texas-born comedian below.

Rodney Carrington – Biography

For a long time, Texas was home to Rodney Carrington who began his music act in his birth city. He has now grown from bars to television shows. Rodney’s career is the culmination of a dream that started when he was a child. Having been born to his parents in Longview, Texas in 1968, He was raised there and continued to live there long after he reached adulthood, attending schools like Pine Tree High School then proceeding to attend college at Kilgore College.

Seeing that Rodney Carrington grew up in Texas, one of the United States southern states where country music is popular, it wasn’t a surprise that he found himself becoming a country music singer with six studio albums. But before he became a country music success, Rodney was a comedian. Right from a young age, he went from bar to bar in any venue that would accept him to perform on their stage.

Through his stand-up routines, which often incorporated his singing talents, he got a job on a local radio station, especially the popular radio show, The Bob and Tom Show. It was his performance on the show that gave him the much-needed exposure to get eventually signed by Mercury Records Nashville.

His first album, which was released under Mercury Records was titled Hangin’ with Rodney in 1998. It was his first professional record and his debut as a professional country singer. The album contained works showcasing his comedy and singing skills and it peaked at number 73 on the Top Country Albums.

Feeling that Mercury Records Nashville wasn’t the best fit for him and his aspirations, he moved to another label, Capitol Nashville and released his second album, Morning Wood in 2000, under the label. His decision to sign with Capitol proved to be a smart choice as the album was a success. It broke into the Top 20 Country Albums in the country and the album’s singles charted on Hot Country Songs. The album gave Rodney the national exposure he craved and he went on several tours around the country.

The success of Morning Wood necessitated a follow-up album and it was released in 2003, titled Nut Sack. The album contained another successful single, Don’t Look Now which peaked on the Hot Country Songs chart at no. 60. Throughout his career, Rodney Carrington’s success has enabled him to work with other country music stars such as Willie Nelson, Toby Keith.

His success also led to his acting debut on his own sitcom, “Rodney.” The show which ran on the ABC network for two seasons was largely based on his life. Till date, Rodney has released six major albums, with his last being a 2009 Christmas album titled Make It Christmas. He has remained with Capitol Nashville till date.

Net Worth

Years of knocking doors and fighting his way to appear on stage at different venues in Texas has led Rodney to national success. The Longview-born comedian who has been a professional entertainer since 1998 now has a total net worth of $6 million.

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Wife and Divorce

Rodney Carrington
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Carrington’s success came with a full life for a long period of them. He got married to Ter Carrington in 1993 and their marriage lasted 18 years, producing three children in the process – Same, George and Zac. The couple got separated in 2010 and by 2012, their divorce was completed. They have however maintained a friendly relationship, raising their three children together.

Weight Gain

A painful divorce reportedly resulted in a rapid weight gain for Rodney Carrington. The weight gain, which medically is considered to be a result of depression has seen Rodney gain several pounds in recent years. He currently has a weight of 84kg standing at a height of 5 feet and 10 inches.

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