Roger Miklos – Bio, Family Life And Profile Of Darrell Miklos’ Father

Roger Miklos spent his youthful age maintaining law and order as a police officer in cities like Reno, Nevada, Arrowhead, California, and the Bahamas in Nassau. Upon his retirement at the end of his career, he ventured into the seas as a treasure hunter where he made acquaintances with the likes of Kip Wagner and Astronaut Gordon Cooper who made his discoveries worthwhile.

Although Miklos has long taken his last breath on earth, his exploits on the sea have become a story trail for many. Read along to get acquainted with his biography, profile and the family life of the legend.

Roger Miklos – Bio, Profile

The retired police officer who became a treasure hunter, Roger Miklos was born in the year 1942. A source pegs the exact date as of January 6, although the date was not confirmed nor discredited by the subject during his time on earth. While his date of birth may be in doubt, it is an open secret that he was born in Summerland Key, Florida and was raised in Cleveland, Ohio all in the United States of America.

Not much is known about his childhood and educational accomplishments of this American other than the simple speculation that he just attended high school before he became a police officer.

The actual date he joined the police force is unknown, but sources say his career as a police officer stared in the 70s. As a cop, Roger worked in different American cities which include Reno in Nevada, Lake Arrowhead in California and even working with the DEA in Nassau, the capital of Bahamas.

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The relentless ex-police officer’s thrill tilted towards possible treasure discovery at the bottom of the sea which pushed him closer to the ocean and sea in his quests. He moved to Cocoa Beach in Florida with his family, after very long research through treasure books which he read, he took his metal detector and set out in the ocean in search of coins.  Following a long spree in the ocean, he was noticed by Kip Wagner, a retired carpenter that had kept close eyes on him and had towed the same path sometime in his life. He was said to have roamed the Florida beaches for more than seven years before discovering the wreck of the El Capitan in eight feet of water in an isolated cove in 1958. Wagner offered Roger a job, a position Roger described as a “peon”. The duo formed a formidable team which helped Roger Miklos to stabilize himself as a professional treasure hunter. Roger excavated shipwreck sites in search of treasures. While on duty, he also met another hunter by name, Astronaut Gordon Cooper.

He recorded many challenges as a treasure hunter, according to him, in the summertime, he had to dive with ice cubes inside the swim vest to keep the body temperature down, lest he sweats so much underwater and dehydrated. He also stated that he had broken almost every tooth in his mouth like most other divers, by getting slammed up against the boat by the wave.

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Despite his many travails in his new found profession, Miklos recorded many discoveries, the notable one being the discovery of artifacts from a treasure ship called the Atocha which was lost off the Florida coast in 1622 with a cargo conservatively estimated to be worth $60 million. While alive, Roger Miklos appeared on the show The Merv Griffin Show. He also made appearances on Cooper’s Treasure – a discovery channel show.

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After about four decades as a treasure hunter, Roger retired and eventually passed on from, a cardiac arrest at the age of 76 on February 19, 2018, in Iraran, Texas not without teaching and handing over the craft of hunting to his son, Darrell. Roger’s remains were laid to rest on April 4th, 2018, with a memorial service held at the Key West United Methodist Church in Key West in his honor.

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Family Life Of Darrell Miklos’ Father

Roger Miklos
Darrell Miklos with two daughters

Roger Miklos was born to William and Marie Miklos. He has siblings; two brothers named Darrell and Bill and a sister named Judy. There is no other information as regards to the professions of his parents and his siblings. Roger in his own right grew up, married and had a family of his own. His first marriage brought forth his four children namely Laurie, Darrell, Kelly, and Kim.

His second marriage with his wife Sheila did not produce any child until his death. He inculcated the craft of treasure hunting on his son, Darrell Miklos, a television personality and treasure hunter who also stars on Cooper’s Treasure and has been doing well for himself. His son reportedly has a net worth of $1.5 million.

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