Roger Mudd
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This is a man rocked the world of broadcasting and journalism. Coming from an extremely educated background, he seemingly followed the line of success of his parents and past generations. Roger Mudd is a retired journalist and news anchor that worked for various television networks during his time. He was so skilled at what he did that he was bestowed multiple awards including 5 Emmy Awards. After the unfortunate and sad death of his wife, people were worried that he may not be able to cope with living without her, but it turns out that this veteran is stronger than we imagined. Many years after he lost his wife to a heart attack, he seems to be doing fine and still conquering life.

Roger Mudd’s Biography

His full name is Roger Harrison Mudd and he was born on the 9th of February, 1928 in Washington DC, United States of America. The name of his father is John Kostka Dominic Mudd who was a map maker in the United States Geological Survey and was the son of a tobacco farmer. His mother’s name is Irma Iris Harrison, she served as Lieutenant in the US Army Nursing Corps. She also served in the physiotherapy ward of the Walter Reed Hospital as a duty nurse. It was there that she met John Dominic Mudd.

For his education, Roger Mudd received the best of it and this no doubt helped him in attaining success in his chosen field. In 1950, he attended the Washington and Lee University where he received a B.A. degree. Interestingly, he was classmates with published and renowned author, Tom Wolfe. In 1953, he went on to the University of North Carolina to attain an M.A. degree. Being an ever active student, Roger was also a member of the fraternity group known internationally as Delta Tau Delta.

Facts About Roger Mudd

His Career

Roger Mudd’s professional career in journalism officially began around 1953 when he worked for The Richmond News Leader as a writer and later, a summer replacement. The first story with his by-line was run by The News Leader on the 19th of June, 1953. In his early days, he worked with the radio station WRNL radio where he gave the newscast at noon every day. One funny incident from his time at WRNL that Roger would later recount in his memoir “The Place To Be” was when he had laughed recklessly into the microphone after mixing up the news about the failing health of the pope (Pope Pius XII). He was saved by an engineer at the station.

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This incident, however, did not affect his work at the station in any way as he continued to work hard. Eventually, the station appreciated his good work by giving him his own daily broadcast which was called Virginia Headlines in 1954. It was definitely something he deserved and served as a boost for his future career in journalism. Some people might say that Washington is the headquarters of journalism and we have no choice but to agree and apparently, so did Roger. He moved to Washington DC in the late 1950s and got employed to work as a reporter for WTOP news. In 1957, he crossed a major milestone by producing a TV documentary that lasted for a half hour on the need for airport number 3 in Baltimore-Washington Metropolitan Area.

Roger Mudd worked as a news anchor and correspondent for NBC News and CBS News with his most recent employment before retirement being an anchor for The History Channel. This news icon retired from journalism and broadcasting in 2014 although he is still actively involved in the production of documentaries for The History Channel.

Roger Mudd’s Net Worth

Roger’s exact net worth has not been revealed, most likely because he hasn’t disclosed it. But it won’t be a stretch that over the years of his journalism career he amassed an impressive wealth in millions, and several reports on the matter seem to share the same sentiment.

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Roger’s late wife E.J Spears

Roger was married to a woman named E.J Spears and their marriage produced 4 children; three sons and one daughter. One of his sons is a popular songwriter and singer called Jonathan Mudd. His wife E.J Spears died in 2011 after suffering a heart attack.

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Is He Related to Philip Mudd?

Even though they share the same last name, Roger Mudd and Phillip Mudd are not related in any way. Philip Mudd is the former deputy director of CIA Counterterrorism Center and a current security analyst for CNN. Not only are the two not related, but their career paths also do not have similar paths either.

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