After 70 Years, This Lovable Couple Finally Get The Wedding Photo Shoot They Never Had

The Romaire Couple Love Story– Ferris and Margaret Romaire had no photos from their wedding day on November 24, 1946. They were high-school sweethearts.

To celebrate their 70th wedding anniversary, their granddaughter Amanda Kleckley planned a photo shoot to re-enact the wedding pictures.

No one had a camera at their wedding ceremony which lasted for 15 minutes and so sparsely had pictorial memories of that beautiful day.


Amanda got in touch with photographer Lara Carter and the photo shoot was scheduled for October 12 in Pearland, Texas.

The 2 aged couple, who like keeping things simple, took out time indeed to make the shoot worth it. 90-year old Ferris looked handsome in his suit and tuxedo while 89-year old Margaret was gorgeously dressed in a lavender gown and white veil.

Huffington Post marked the overwhelming joy of the couple to have come that far as they smiled from ear-to-ear.


“You can see the love between them in the way they interacted with each other and laughed together as we would go from the different poses,”

“They are a beautiful example of what marriage is meant to be.”

– Lara.

When asked the secret of their long lasting union, the Romiare couple had their views on how to make it work.

Ferris said the key was “giving each other space and respecting one another” and also “admitting when you are wrong, except that Margaret is never wrong!”

On that note Margaret concurs that a “good apology” was vital in nurturing and growing the nuptial union.

Lara also said:

“If you ask Margaret she would say, ‘saying you’re sorry, except that Ferris has a hard time doing that!”

“If a problem came up they solved it. It was more important to compromise and move on than to be right. Two was always better than one!”

“They still live in the same home they built for a growing family 65 years ago.”

“They didn’t have lots of money, but they had lots of shared values ― the love of children, a good work ethic, a strong faith in God and a sense of humor.”

The Romaire Couple now have 4 children, 8 grandchildren and 8 great-grandchildren. How else can one describe a 70-year old fulfillment.