How to Romance a Kenyan Lady – 20 Ideas To Make Her Tickle

Kenyan women are some of the most beautiful on the face of the planet. But they are also some of the hardest to please. If you’re going to successfully romance them, you’d better be prepared to work your socks off. You’ve probably heard of Kenyan men crossing over to Uganda in search of love. They aren’t doing it for fun; those who’ve had the chance to date Ugandan ladies admit that the grass is far greener on the other side. But if you have this Kenyan lady who means everything to you and you are ready to do everything to keep her by your side, don’t despair. Kenyan ladies rank the small gestures quite highly so we’ve compiled a list of 20 simple but very romantic ideas on how to romance a Kenyan lady and help you win her heart again and again.

How to Romance a Kenyan Lady and Ideas To Make Her Fall in Love

1. Take her out shopping

Kenyan ladies love shopping so you can always take advantage of this. Be the judge as she tries out new accessories such as earrings and makeup.

2. Bring her flowers even if it’s not valentine’s day

Flowers to ladies are what electronics are to men; they love them so much. She’s always waiting for the next one.

3. Cook together

Even if you have never cooked before, you can help with chopping the onions and dicing the beef. Still on the food part, do you know that chocolate has a special effect on women. From research it has been reported to improve sexual function. So consider getting her some bars of chocolate some times.

4. Dance together in the kitchen

Pull her over and do little rocking as soon as your favourite jam is played on the radio. Turn up the volume a little bit and show her your latest moves.

5. Look into her eyes

Eye contact works like magic. But then not all ladies find it romantic. However, even if she doesn’t enjoy it, she’ll blush away so sweetly.

6. Help with house cleaning

Women generally find it romantic when men contribute to general cleanliness around the home. You can start by cleaning the rooms while she washes the dishes.

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7. Watch a movie, cuddled together

Pick one of your favorite movies, play it and turn off the lights. Scary movies and love-themed stories will work best. As you get into the movie, softly draw her close to you and giver her some warm cuddling. Planting sweet kisses on her neck will definitely send sweet shivers down her spine. At this stage, she will be yearning more and more for your love.

8. Call her just to say “Hello” and “Have a great day”

It tells her that she never escapes your mind. You don’t always have to say “I love you.”

9. Watch TV together

Kenyan ladies are huge fans of soap operas. Watching her favourite program beside you can be a great experience.

10. Sit on the bench together holding hands and tell her a story

Finding time for her alone is considered so special. Make up a good story or tell her about how you used to hunt early in the day.

11. Leave her a note on the bathroom mirror

You are aware she’ll be at the mirror at some point in the day. Before you leave the house, write-up a note with the words “I Love You!!” and stick in on the mirror. You shouldn’t make this a routine she can always predict to come across. Women like surprises so do this surprisingly and in different occasions. She will subconsciously admit you know how to romance a Kenyan lady or she in particular.

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12. Do her laundry

You can do it together or do it while she’s away. Iron a few of her favourite clothes; she’ll appreciate it

13. Watch the sunset together

Sunsets are quite a beauty. Watching with her as the golden rays disappear beneath the horizons is something both of you will enjoy.

14. Buy her a card that speaks on your behalf

Pick a card with the words “You are the best thing that ever happened to me. I’ll love you forever.”

15. Drive together

Even motorbike rides are great. Let her drive or ride if she can. It’s so much fun.

16. Listen to her

Women know men as people who worry so much about themselves and very little about others. Prove her wrong; show her you’re ready to hear everything she has to say.

17. Make her laugh

There are several things you can do to make her laugh or smile and laugh. Many women enjoy tickling, some enjoy witty jokes and others love when you sing badly. All these will help you in mastering how to romance a Kenyan lady.

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18. Make a fool of yourself

Do something stupid just to get her attention. Clash cladding is a great way of doing this; you know that green socks are a no-go unless you’re an athlete, but you put them on just so she can laugh loudly.

19. Some good love-making

Most Kenyan girls say they quit relationships either because there was no love-making or the love-making was way below average. Make them always want it as this will convince her you are a caring partner who knows how to romance a Kenyan Lady.

20. Win the lottery

Kenyan ladies will love you if you are poor, but they will love you, even more, when the wallet is full. If she can always count on you financially, she’s yours!

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Not every tip on this list will work for everyone. Find out what works for you and practice them often for greater results on how to romance a Kenyan lady.

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