How to Romance a Kenyan Man

It takes a great deal of forethought, care and creativity to afford true romance. You need to identify unexpected and exciting ways to show your love for that other person. As such it’s almost impossible to be romantic without feeling insincere. You’re likely to try too hard to impress and this can sometimes look awkward and theatrical. But you can’t give up. It doesn’t matter whether you are just starting a new relationship or trying to freshen up your 10-year relationship, you need to be spontaneous with your gifts and present in a way that the other person finds attractive. Our men are profitable lovers and it will benefit you greatly to learn how to romance a Kenyan man.

If you’re dating a Kenyan man, here are 20 tips to try out;

How to Romance a Kenyan Man

1. Take showers together

Surely, there couldn’t be a better way to show him that you have nothing to hide from him than to have a bath together. Allow him to rub your back.

2. Whisper in his ear

Instead of walking past him and saying, “You look great in your new suit,” bend a little and whisper it in his ear.

3. Cook for him

For Kenyan men, the heart is somewhere deep down in the stomach. You can eat in the cafeteria, it’s no crime; but when you cook for him, you get closer to his heart.

4. Dress him

Make it a surprise. Wake up early, pick his clothes for him and as soon as he’s ready to get dressed, be the one who puts everything on him! yes, everything down to the shoes.

5. Undress him

Many women have succeeded with this method; it works like a charm. Whether or not you are also coming from work, take his tie off, remove his shoes and watch the love grow.

6. Kiss every part of his body

You’ve probably kissed his cheeks a thousand times so something will have to change. How about kissing around the collarbone just beneath the ear?

7. Buy him a gift

Gifts work wonders. However, you’ll need to learn what kinds of gifts turn him on. Jewelry and electronics are some of the best.

8. Bring him roses

Everyone loves roses; they are just so refreshing. It gets even better if you can present it as a surprise package placed somewhere in his drawers.

9. Find out his favourite cologne and wear it every time

Cologne is like a magnet; if he loves it, he’ll always want to stay close to it. You can always start by going shopping together and letting him help you pick one.

10. Hold him with hands inside the back of his shirt

This posture comes with so many advantages. It allows you to look into each other’s eyes and makes it much easier to kiss.

How to Romance a Kenyan Man: Strategies, Tips & Secrets

11. Sit and talk in underwear

You’ll need a quiet place, away from crowds so even if it was at the beach, try to find some peaceful corner. Being in your underwear affords you both the much-needed skin to skin contact which aids bonding softly.

12. Don’t wear underwear and let him find out

How about walking past him in a see-through dress that reveals your curves like he’s never seen them before? Kenyan men enjoy such moments.

13. Write poetry for him

This is a bit old-styled but you can draft a poem or just a letter, put it in an envelope and place the envelope somewhere you’re sure he’ll find it.

14. Go for a walk down the beach late in the evening

Walking in the dark just the two of you is another great way of romancing. Some even walk in the middle of the night. Just ensure you’re safe enough.

15. Hug him often

Hugs are natural. It’s actually recommended that you should hug him as much as you can. Don’t stop hugging just because you already did it in the morning.

16. Give random gifts

You don’t always have to bring him pizza even if it’s his favourite. He will never deny the gift but it becomes less exciting, more boring and easily predictable.

17. Wear his clothes

Let him find you in his socks or his short pants. He wants to see you in them; he’s not just saying it.

18. Massage him

They say touching increases the connection between people. It’s a complicated chemical process but yes, it works. Massage gives you all the time to do this.

19. Tell him he’s the only man you ever want

Let it come from your heart. It also helps to tell him “I love you” often

20. Make love

If you are to romance a Kenyan man, it is never complete without making love. Relationships where there is no love-making never last long and tend to have petty arguments.


There are probably a thousand more  tips out there on how to romance a Kenyan man, but these 20 should be enough to get you started with your beloved Kenyan man.

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